Weekly diary #18: I was on a holiday

Weekly diary #18

Hi there! Welcome back into my personal weekly diary. You have probably (and hopefully haha) missed it last week. I was on a holiday for 10 days, to Fuerteventura. More than an entire week under the sun at the beach. But! I am back today with a new weekly diary for you. The week I was partly still on that holiday, started school again and threw some stuff ‘away’. Here’s weekly diary #18.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

On Sunday I came back from my holiday, that’s why I added all these days together. I was very lazy this holiday and I loved it. I slept about 12 hours a day but I don’t know why. Maybe I needed it. I sat at the pool or beach all day and then ate a lovely dinner at night. And for two days we rode around the island to see it. I read about 6 books as well. Last Monday a post came online where I wrote about one of them. I also read one fiction book as well, The Girl on The Train. It really lived up to my expectations! I can really recommend it. It even kept me up at night. I read The Sparkle, but I didn’t like it from the beginning. I have this habit: when I start a book I want to finish it. But I am working on that. I also started the book On/Off in my holiday and quit after 50 pages. This holiday was great, but not sustainable at all. We flew to Fuerteventura. I compensated my flight at Trees for All, but that’s not the solution as we all know. Hopefully, this will be the last time I flew. I also made some vegan mistakes on the holiday. I ate Tuc and biscuits until I found out they were not vegan. Then I quit! It’s a mistake but it’s okay. I didn’t go trash picking like I did on my last holiday in Gran Canaria, even though some parts of the island are very littered.

Weekly diary #18


Yesterday night I came back from my holiday and today normal life starts again. School. I have three courses this period. One of them is ‘Good Food’. Food and sustainability are very much related. We can’t have a sustainable planet if we don’t look at food production and consumption. It looks like it’s going to be a fun course! There are so many aspects to food.


I’ve though about it and want to share my waste more. I share what waste I prevent, but I should also share the waste I still have. This waste doesn’t contain waste from the groceries because I don’t get to decide over that. You can see what I threw away today below, and old make-up bag. It is quite filthy. That’s because I don’t throw away make-up, even if the packaging leaks a little bit. However, I can’t get it clean anymore and mom said it will break in the washing machine. I received it as a gift once and today I put the plastic part of the bag in the plastic waste bin and the other part in the textile trash. I also bought another new bag for my make-up. New? Yes. I bought a souvenir for my boyfriend on holiday. A bottle of local olive oil from a small village in Fuerteventura. But later I found out that packages bigger than 100 milliliter are not allowed in the plane back home. I didn’t want to waste the olive oil and so I bought a bag with small empty bottles. I put the olive oil in the small bottles, took it with me to the Netherlands and once there I but it back into the original packaging. Since those little empty bottles were in a strong plastic bag I figured I might as well make use of it. Next time I have to think better when I buy a souvenir.

Weekly diary #18


On Wednesdays there is one chore I have to in the house, vacuum cleaning. I don’t always like doing it. But I have tip for you to make it more fun! Put in some earplugs and dance while doing it. I do this all the time and it makes it so much better. I also sold another book on Marktplaats (a Dutch site for selling and buying secondhand stuff) today. That’s one thing less I own! I always ask people I know if they want to have my stuff, if they don’t I try to sell it on Marktplaats. For dinner we ate pizza today. Since I’ve gone vegan I eat pizza without cow-cheese. But today I went to the organic food store to buy some vegan cheese. I thought the texture was a little different, but it definitely gives the pizza something extra!

vegan cheese

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