Weekly diary #2

Weekly diary #2

In my first weekly diary I told you that there will be a weekly diary online every Thursday. Maybe you’ve noticed, but the past two weeks there hasn’t appeared one. That’s because I was on a holiday to Gran Canaria (and I wrote a confession about it too). Sun, sea and fun! But I’m back now! Here’s weekly diary #2.

In the plane back home something funny happened! I ordered noodles (I wasn’t as prepared that time). After reveiving the noodles the stewardess offered me a plastic bag with cutlery and a napkin. I shook my head and said: I won’t be needing those, thank you. She looked at me strange. ‘Are you going to eat noodles without cutlery?’. I held up my reusable cutlery and said: No, I have my own! She looked even more surprised and asked me why I brought those. I told her I think disposable cutlery is a waste, because we use them only once. She smiled and told me she loved the idea! She even told me she had already thought of taking all the cutlery of board after a flight and putting them in a dish washer so that they can be reused. That plan unfortunately didn’t work out but I’m glad we had that conversation and that people think about this issue.

cran canria
Gran Canaria is mooi


It was my first day back in The Netherlands. It always feels very strange to come home again. The first three hours I sweat immensely, the heat is just different in The Netherlands, very moist. But it was good to see my friends and family again! I went to the pool today. One day back and swimming again already? Yes, I feel lucky the weather allows it in The Netherlands too. My bathing suit is getting too big for me and so that means I need to go on the hunt for a secondhand one to replace it. To be continued.


Yesterday I was in Harderwijk at my boyfriend and so today I headed back to Enschede. I always travel by bike and public transportation. I’m a student and so public transportation is free. I haven’t started on getting my driver’s license and I’m not planning on it either. I don’t think a car will fit in the sustainable lifestyle I want (says the girl who just went flying, I know, but I’m working on it). For now, I can get everywhere by public transportation and so I don’t need a car.


Today I got up early to go to work. I work in a supermarket. Working early is great. This leaves the rest of the day all free. I went into the city center and went pooling with friends. We also went to McDonalds. McDonalds puts all their products in plastic. I ordered fries with ketchup, but the ketchup came in plastic. Something to improve next time. Luckily, I barely visit McDonalds. Only with friends.


Well, what can I say. I went out yesterday and so when I woke up today there wasn’t much left of the day haha! I have however made the decision to get a gym membership since the holiday has started. Let’s work out again! I totally ruined my sleeping routine and so I stayed up until way too late again.



I managed to get up at 9 am, because I wanted to normalize my sleeping cycle again. I’ve never done this in a holiday, so it’s all freaky and new. But it’s so much fun to have a long day! Today I spend most of my day crafting a tiny bag to keep my reusable cutlery in. Right now, they’re always all over my bag and this keeps them together. I had an old bag which had stains in it and so I used the fabric of that bag to craft this tiny bag. I am really proud of the end result!


I worked again until late. After work I looked on the website of our local cinema. I wanted to see if ‘All Eyez On Me’ about Tupac Shakur was still available to see. I really wanted to see it. At 21:30 the last movie displayed and so my boyfriend and I hurried to the cinema to see it. I loved it! I love Tupac’s music too and so it’s not a surprise really. Anyhow, spontaneous actions are great!


Because we were out late to the movie last night, we slept longer today. Messed up my sleeping cycle again, right. But well. We also took apart my bed and desk. That felt very good! They are both going out and I’m getting a bigger bed. I’m selling them both on Marktplaats (the Dutch E-bay), to get rid of them in responsible way. Soon I’ll only have a bed, a little cabinet and a two shelves on the wall. Really minimalistic and I love it already! At noon I went lunching at ETN for the first time. It’s a salad bar in Enschede with a vegan bakery. I had a lovely vegan wrap! Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture. I’m not used to these weekly diaries yet!


Yours sincerely,

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