Weekly diary #21: meeting at GreenLeft

Hi there, welcome back to this weekly report about my life. The past week I unfortunately missed the VeggieWorld Winter Fair, registered at the chamber of commerce and I went to a volunteering meeting from GreenLeft. Wat to read along? Here’s weekly diary #21.


Today wasn’t very special. I had school for the last time this week. It wasn’t very long, but after class I had a lot to do and so I ended up going home quite late. At night I went to handball training.


Free, yay! I edited photos today and eventually I did that for a long time. After the editing I went to the library. I handed the book I wrote about past Monday back in and took home a new one. At 6 PM there was another handball game for the World Championship handball on tv. The Netherlands played so well, a little party in our house! After that I watched some Are You The One on MTV again. I love that show and I couldn’t go anywhere because of the snow.


A 10-hour shift today and jeee it was rough. When I got home my back and feet hurt. I made a quick salad for myself and laid on the couch for the rest of the night. I had plans but I cancelled those. Also, it was still snowing and so it’s comfy to stay inside these days. Today and tomorrow there is a vegan winter fair called VeggieWorld, in Amsterdam. I wanted to go, but since I go to school during the week I work during the weekend. And so I miss out on these events. Once I get a job during the week I have more time for these events in the weekends.


I woke up at 9 AM. That is always nice. I did some homework and then I went to the handball match (I almost always have one on Sundays). We lost, again. Someone from our team also had an epileptic episode during the game so the whole thing was a disaster. I was a referee afterwards on another game. Once back home I continued on my homework and watched Greys Anatomy. The episode was really intense and had a cliffhanger. I want to watch more! Let me go back to the times of season 1, where I could watch more whenever I wanted. Now I have to wait every single week. Today I also saw a message from a friend who had volunteered at the Food Bank. So cool! I have looked at volunteering options more, but it usually takes a lot of hours per week. I don’t have those hours right now.


Today I went to school, but it wasn’t really class. We did some cooking! And it was so much fun! We had two groups and we both made soups. One group made organic soup and the other one non-organic soup. Everyone could really taste the difference. One group mostly used whole food too and the other mostly processed. The government announced code red because of the snow today and so my boyfriend and I went home then. Against all advices we did go to a nature area nearby and we had a lot of fun sleighing. In Enschede we don’t really have any hills and so this was great. That night there was another handball game from the Dutch handball ladies and it was so tense! Eventually the game got extended but they won! Yes, off to the quarter finals!


School at 8:30 AM really sucks. I have to get up at 5:45 AM and I could curse the schedule maker. After class we also sat for 4 hours on a project with our group and so the day wasn’t that much fun for me. Pff, once back home I made myself a good Falafel salad and I did nothing more since I had a headache. After dinner it was time to clear my head during handball practice and sleep.


A fun an active day! I registered at the Chamber of Commerce today! So exciting, I’ll tell you more about it later. The last time I mentioned it, was here. Then I went to school and afterwards to Utrecht. I had a sort of volunteering meeting from GreenLeft. As I told you before, I was to do something in politics and so I became a volunteer. Today was a sort of training and it made me very excited! It’s always good to be with people who share the same values. I therefore did miss the quarter final game of the World Championship handball from the Netherlands. For now I just try to ignore WhatsApp and all media because I don’t want any spoilers.

Sorry about the fact that I didn’t take any pictures, I have to work on that still. Next week I will have more!

Yours sincerely,

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