Weekly diary #23: I celebrated Christmas

Hi, here I am again! The past week I tried some more vegan products, watched 3 movies and celebrated Christmas 3 times! Want to read along? Here’s weekly diary #23.


The last school day of 2017! On these days I realize how time flies. I’m a third year University of Applied Sciences student already. Adult life is coming so close! And soon my boyfriend is going to graduate. After school I went by the Albert Heijn to buy some food for dinner. On the picture below you can see the sandwiches that I bought, which I always take with me in my reusable bag. No plastic for me and a good vegan dinner! I stayed up till late this day, let the holiday begin!


Sleeping long, yay! Now that school is over I am thinking about making a list of the things that make me truly happy. Sleeping till whenever I want is definitely going to be on that list. Sleeping long after an exhausting long week of school, who doesn’t love it? I like getting up early sometimes too, but I have to be well rested to do that. Around 1 PM I went home to Enschede by train (I slept at my boyfriend yesterday) since I had to work during the evening.


The last one to be free yesterday and the first one to start again at work today. From 7 AM till 4 PM. Then I did some more Christmas shopping and jeee it was busy in the shops. I wasn’t the only one who forgot to buy a few last things. I also bought some mayonnaise, herb butter, fish sticks, seaweed salad, chicken nuggets, soup, noodles and nori (all vegan of course). My dinner was therefore very random. Noodles with seaweed salad and soup. The vegan mayonnaise, herb butter and chicken nuggets are for Christmas, we’re eating Raclette. After dinner I watched TV all night, ahhhh.



Today I had to work, again. But before I did that we opened some presents we had lying under the Christmas tree. One of the gifts I received was a coupon from a local vegan salad bar, ETN! I love that place. Another thing I received was an Apple gift card, I am planning on buying Roller Coaster Tycoon for my iPad. I have a CD of that game too but I’m getting rid of it by selling it (just like I am doing with all my CD’s and DVD’s) and I’d rather play it on my iPad. I also got a charger for my phone. The old one died and I recycled it properly. And last but not least a vegan chocolate bar, strawberry with balsamico flavor. All things I wanted and am going to use, great! After work I went to the cinema, to Jumanji! I think everyone knows that movie, but if you don’t, watch it! It’s very good if you ask me. They made a new version and I loved this one too. I brought my reusable drinking bottle and bought popcorn in cardboard at the cinema.


Merry Christmas! I celebrated Christmas at my in-laws in Harderwijk. I travelled there by train and bus and felt quite bad for the people who do have to work these days (like the bus-driver). In Harderwijk I got some more presents. Seeds for my vegetable garden, fertilizer for my vegetable garden, tea, a coffee scrub, a tiny book about veganism, a sushi kit and coupons (for the cinema)! I tried to be gentle on a the wrapping paper so that I can reuse it again. The presents I gifted to other people were wrapped in newspapers. After the presents we played some Cluedo (board games, my favorite part). And then it was time for dinner. All my dished were vegan, how amazing!

Weekly diary #23


The second day of Christmas. My boyfriend and I went back to Enschede to celebrate Christmas at my dad’s today. Grandma and grandpa couldn’t make it because they were both sick. A lot of people around me are sick or have a cold these days. Before dinner we also went by my mom’s and played some Mario Kart, that was fun. At dad’s we ate Raclette and afterwards watched a movie, Last Vegas. It was a lovely day and I was stuffed! The vegan mayonnaise was not a success. The vegan herb butter was great though!


Christmas is over and it hit me too, someone gave me a cold! My boyfriend went back home and the rest of the day I did some chores around the house and wrote this diary. At night I watched the Disney movie Moana and I loved it. Such a feel good movie. I also ate the rest of the vegan fish sticks haha.

I’ll see you next year!

Yours sincerely,

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