Weekly diary #24: A new year!

Hi! Welcome into the last weekly diary of 2017 and the first one of 2018! Of course I celebrated the new year the past week, I also tried some new vegan products and celebrated an anniversary with my boyfriend! Want to read along? Here’s weekly diary #24.


I worked from 7 AM till 5 PM. Afterwards I went into the city center. Today I was free from handball and so I could do something else. First, I returned the charger for my phone I had bought last week because mom had bought me one for Christmas. I also returned a secondhand Nunchuck for the Wii I had bought for my brother. It didn’t work. I got new one from the GameShop. Great service, but a bummer that I got something new. I also bought some delicious vegan food for New Years Eve. My aunt told me they now have vegan Bapao at Albert Heijn and so I bought one. I ate it right away at home and I loved it. This is really good.

Weekly diary #24


I was free today but the cold I got since Christmas was really bad today. You know that feeling of having to sneeze but then it doesn’t happen all day? I hate it. However, my boyfriend and I did went to Nature Park Lelystad today. We wanted to go to the Oostvaardersplassen (another nature area in the Netherlands) but it seems that there isn’t much to see this time of the year. The weather was rainy and snowy. We both liked Nature Park Lelystad a lot and so we’ll go back in summer. That night I took a long bath. It takes a lot of water but sometimes I allow myself to have one.

Weekly diary #24


Today I worked again from 7 AM till 5 PM. I didn’t do anything afterwards because I didn’t really feel good enough yet. I did watch a movie with dad. The Fifth Wave. I liked it, I would rate it 3/5. There are more films coming since it is a series of films. I always like those.


New Years Eve! I had to work again. But not until late since the store isn’t open till late. I went to family till around 7 PM. And then to mom till 11 PM and then to dad. These days are quite hard to divide since my parents have divorced. I didn’t lit any fireworks this year. I’m increasingly hostile towards it. I do like the fireworks shows like the end show of Mysteryland last year. But the individual fireworks really suck. Around midnight I sat at our attic. It’s the best view. I had goals in 2017, but for 2018 I have none. I am 19 and I just wanna do whatever I feel like. Maybe that’s the goal. Or the goal is to have fun. I want to visit more concerts and festivals for instance. I hope your 2017 was just as good as mine and that 2018 will be good too! Cheers!


The day after. But since I stayed at home this year I went to bed at around 2 AM, quite okay. And so I was awake at 10 AM already. I did feel very judged since I was staying home. You’re supposed to party hard at New Years Eve when you’re 19 it seems. People judge you when you don’t. But it’s fine. Most friends of mine aren’t in the country and so it was a challenge already. Today is my 2nd anniversary with my boyfriend, we’re together for 2 years now! Time flies when you’re having fun. Since it is a weird day we’re not celebrating it today. For me it’s a lazy day. I watched Are You The One all day and also a concert from Adele. I love lazy days.


A while back I bought a bamboo toothbrush and so the old one is going out the door to be recycled. The old one I had was from the organic store Ekoplaza. It’s made out of plastic but you only have to buy a new head each time and click it on. You can reuse the stem. I am getting rid of it because I prefer the bamboo brushes (les plastic waste). Today I went to a family birthday and handball at night.



I’m ending this weekly diary a little sooner than normal. I am writing this on Tuesday since I am going away tomorrow to celebrate my 2nd anniversary with my boyfriend. When this appears I probably am in some train. Next week I’ll tell you all about it.

Yours sincerely,

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