Weekly diary #26: I made a vegan hot dog

Hi, welcome back into these weekly diaries. Want to read along? The past week I brought some stuff to the secondhand shop Het Goed, watched some documentaries and made a vegan hot dog! Here’s weekly diary #26.


Another day of school. I started at 11AM and so I could sleep till 8:30 AM! After school I didn’t do that much. I ate the second vegan pizza mom had bought Lidl. I think this one is my favorite but I find it hard to choose. Today I had the vegan verdura, with spinach. After dinner I went to handball training. After we won the match last Sunday I am very motivated again!



Today I had made a to-do list for myself because I wanted to do a lot! Not everything was that much fun, but I want to share a few things. I went to Het Goed in Enschede to bring some stuff there (Het Goed is a thrift shop). These things were on Marktplaats (which is an online platform I use for selling and buying secondhand stuff) for already a year and so I decided I wasn’t going to sell them anymore. I decided to give them to the secondhand stop. All stuff of great quality. Not much by the way, mostly books. All the other things I did manage to sell. But I gave it away now because I wanted it out of the house after all this time. I also did some groceries for the course Good Food, coming monday we all have to bring our own dish to school. While I was in the supermarket I bought some kale. A while ago, I read that you can make chips out of that and so I wanted to give it a try. I placed the kale on a tray, a bit of olive oil and salt on it and then into the oven at 150 degrees Celsius. The first ten bites I liked the kale chips but then I didn’t like it anymore. I went from hmmm to blegg very quick. Maybe I’ll try it again soon. You can see baking paper on this picture but that’s because I am at my mom’s house. At my dad we have a baking mat, but mom doesn’t have one yet. For dinner I made a simple vegan pasta again. This dish can be turned zero waste very easily too. Only the vegan meat is in plastic.


I could sleep in all week and so the getting up early today was quite easy. I worked from 7 AM till 5PM and afterwards I planned to watch a movie with dad but I ended up going to bed early.


Another handball game! But, we lost. We played quite well but we lost by a small number. And so I feel content. We were also in the local newspaper today, I am number 11 haha. I also watched another documentary today, Saving Capitalism which can be seen on Netflix. It’s about how rich people are in power because of capitalism. The main character is Robert Reich, the ex-minster of employment. He knows. I could recommend the documentary and I am also planning on reading the book. For dinner I ate Kromkommer soup. It’s a brand that makes soup from vegetables which would otherwise be thrown away. A great way to battle waste!


Today I made a vegan dish and took it with me to school for the course Good Food. It is a vegan hot dog! We all have to write a report about a subject concerning food and make a dish that aligns with this report. My report is about food security. My dish is vegan and that’s the solution. People are worried that we won’t have enough food to feed the world the coming decades and they think overpopulation is the problem. But overpopulation is not the problem, it’s our diet. If we all went vegan we’d have enough food around the world. My dish was inspired by the best vegan dish I’ve had so far, a vegan hot dog at the Sziget festival. I tried to reproduce that one. Everybody had a tiny part of the dish in class and they said they liked it! Someone else had written a report about lactose-allergy and she had brought vegan coconut yoghurt. She made it with special toppings als so it tasted like apple pie! It was sooo good. After school I went to the supermarket straight away to buy the yoghurt myself. I normally take soy-yoghurt, but I like this better. I think it also makes my diet more varied since I usually eat soy and now I can switch it up sometimes. This was a very good day! I got soaked by the rain on my way home but it didn’t bother me.

Weekly diary #26


I worked on school all day. Exams are coming up. When I took a break during lunch time I felt a cold sore coming up. No! I hate it. I went to the pharmacy really quick and bought something for it. 10,55 euros for one package, jeee. And so much trash that comes along! Medical waste is okay, I want to get rid of this cold sore.

Weekly diary #26


Today was the last official school day before the exams. From now it is studying and finishing reports. It always feels crazy, I won’t be back in class for a month. During class we did a fun quiz using Kahoot. And I have some news. A few weeks ago I had announced that I had become a volunteer for GreenLeft. But this week I quit. It didn’t fit into my schedule and it didn’t fit with me. I want to volunteer, but not by going to people’s doors to ask them to vote for GreenLeft. It’s just not my thing. It’s a bummer, but I’m glad I tried it. Sometimes it’s good to do something you don’t like. Then you can take that off your list and see what you do like next. But for now I’ll take it easy. I’ve gone out of my comfort zone a lot the past months.

Yours sincerely,

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    1. Ja, de kringloop staat er inderdaad vol mee! Maar ik heb gelukkig heel wat kunnen verkopen via Marktplaats. Ik ken dat plekje wel geloof ik, volgens mij hebben ze dat wel op meerdere stations!

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