Weekly diary #27: a new laptop?

Hi, great that you’re reading this public diary haha. The past week I had some difficulties due to a storm, I ate the most amazing vegan risotto and I bought a new laptop. Want to read along? Here’s weekly diary #27.


Thursday was a super hectic day! If you live in The Netherlands as well you might have noticed. All train travelling was cancelled. So, when I stood at the station in Harderwijk this morning I was slightly panicking. I was going to Apeldoorn for an interview in a residential care center. That interview was very important because it was tough to find a residential care center to interview at all. People in health care are busy. Luckily my boyfriend saved me today and brought me to Apeldoorn by car. The interview went well, but afterwards I was stuck in Apeldoorn. I wanted to go back to Enschede, but no trains were available. Eventually I took the only bus that did ride at the end of the day to Harderwijk. I got out at Albert Heijn to buy myself some food. I am still trying to eat more local and so I bought green beans and a mushroom-mix. But it found out that if you buy packaged food it doesn’t say where it’s from. I don’t know anything about seasonal food yet and so I failed this time. It seems impossible because almost all unpackaged food came from far.


Hmmm, holiday! Or well, exams. And so no lessons. I am going to enjoy this freedom. My boyfriend and I did some small chores, buying groceries, buying gifts and that sorts of things. The trains were available again and so I went back home that night. I just missed my train in Harderwijk and so it took me 2,5 hours to get home. I try not to get in a bad mood at these moments, but that only makes it worse.


Almost no sleep for me this night. I woke up a lot this night because I was nauseous all the time. I had only a morning shift luckily. Afterwards I tried to do homework but I just felt too sick. I slept for an hour and took an Ibuprofen and then I felt better. I had to, because I had a handball match to play. At 20:45, not a good time today. The game turned out to be our worst one so far, we lost. After the game I had planned to go to Harderwijk for a party. The last train went at 22:35 and with an enormous rush I eventually made it. The party was a lot of fun and at 5 AM I laid back in bed. I purchased some fries when we were in the city center but they were served on plastic and so I’m looking for another place next time.


Sleeping long, ahhh. We also had a birthday from a family member from Casper that day. It was fun and they had ordered a buffet. For me they had ordered special vegan risotto. It was the best I ever had! By accident there was another salad vegan and that one was amazing too. I didn’t finish all of the vegan food and so I took it with me after the birthday. More risotto tomorrow!


Yesterday we watched a thrilled called Prisoners and I couldn’t sleep because of it. The film is about two girls who went missing and the search for them. I couldn’t sleep because the story is insane but also because this happens in real life too, that makes is so scary. Today we did some groceries at the greengrocer and there is soooo much to buy zero waste. Same goes at the local bakery.


Disaster day. Working on school, qualitative research. I had to get up really early and I don’t like the subject. We worked on it from 9 AM till 5 PM. But! I had risotto leftovers from yesterday which made me reallyyyyy happy. Lifesaver! I went home quickly afterwards, ate a vegan pizza really quick and went off to training. We were only with 4 people today, shit.


Productivity day, I made a to-do list. I worked a morning shift from 7 AM till noon. Afterwards, I pained the ceiling in our hallway at home. It’s been renewed a while ago since we had a leakage. Painting the ceiling is quite hard, I had paint in my face and hair all the time. But I was proud of the end result! The latex I used isn’t sustainable, but my dad makes those decisions. I am curious for the options for when I move out one day. Also, I did something crazy today. I bought a new laptop! Yes, new. I looked for a secondhand one or refurbished but I couldn’t find a good Apple Macbook Air. Right now, I think that a new one will last me longest. Everyone around me tell me that these laptops are very good. I want one laptop which will last me a lifetime (probably an unrealistic goal, but still). I needed a new one. A shame, but the old one wasn’t working good enough anymore. This night there was a special sale of Apple products and so I figured I’d buy it. It’s not the most sustainable choice unfortunately.

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