Weekly diary #29: J’étais à Paris

Hi, here I am again with a super luxurious weekly diary! Last year the weekly diary wasn’t exactly finished because I went to Paris. This week it is! The past week I visited Disneyland, donated blood and discovered more of Paris! Want to read along? Here’s weekly diary #29.


Ahhh, I’m in Paris! The city of love. It was beautiful! We arrived yesterday. Our Airbnb is great and the owner was really friendly. I felt welcome. Yesterday we also did some groceries in the supermarket next to our AirBnb. I tried to do it as zero waste as possible but it’s just hard in a regular supermarket. I try to use as much cardboard, glass and cans as possible and little plastic. Today we went to Disneyland! It was amazing! We didn’t buy lunch in Disneyland because we had brought our own but I did buy some popcorn. Luckily I had brought my reusable bag with me and so I could get the popcorn in there. Zero waste! Later on I realized that I forgot to ask if they used butter for preparing the popcorn, since that’s not vegan. Next time! We ate at Hand Vegan Burger that night.


The Friday we spent in Paris itself. I wrote a post about Paris but there is one more thing I want to share. We went to My Noodles for dinner and they served almost no vegan options. Therefore I ordered some side dished. Baked rice. It didn’t say so on the menu but baked rice has egg in it. It was a big bummer but I didn’t sent it back since they would probably throw it away. I ate the dish.


I wanted to go to a bakery today since I couldn’t find zero waste bread at the supermarket, but it was closed. Eventually we bought it in paper at the supermarket. Oh! Almost forgot! When we arrived on Thursday I have seen people dumpster diving near that same supermarket. Great to see people save food! Great thing that it’s an option in Paris, in the Netherlands I have never seen anybody do it because the containers are usually locked. Anyhow, today we went back home by train. I bought some vegan sushi on the way. At least, I thought so. When I finished it I saw on the bottom that it had milk in it. The packaging said 100% veggie, I was bummed. We went home on Saturday because I had a handball match today. But we lost again. Afterwards I had some drinks with some teammates. I wanted to go out as well but at 1AM I was exhausted. Time to go to bed!


If you think I plan a little strict, you’re right. Today I had to work again from 11AM till 4PM. I was still in Paris in my head and so when I got home I immediately wrote a blogpost about it. That night we did a quiz with the whole family while watching a tv-show and I got an 4,8. Shit.


I slept till noon because I needed it. When I woke up I felt fresh and went to the gym. I feel like the handball trainings aren’t enough for me, I don’t really get tired. And so, I decided to go to the gym again. I did the class Barbell Strength. Afterwards I didn’t do anything anymore. It feels good to relax for an entire day but I decided to relax for an entire week. It is the holiday season after all.


Another day and another gym session. Urban Yoga it was today. I forgot how tiring yoga can be. And I also had a lot of myalgia from yesterday. Afterwards I laid in mom’s bed all day with her electrical blanket. Ah, I watched a documentary and some MTV. Amazing. At night I had handball training again. And afterwards I couldn’t sleep because I was reading everything there is know on Ecosia about shampoo. I am really interested in the water-only method for washing your hair but it just doesn’t seem to work for me. And it turns out that the shampoo bars from Lush that I use contain SLS, a substance which isn’t so good for your hair. I am going to look for an alternative!


No gym today. To switch it up a little I went walking with dad. We also went to Dille and Kamille on our way and I bought a new sort of shampoo. Aleppo soap, 95% olive oil and 5% lavender. I’ll see what it does for me. No more SLS for sulfate for me for the coming months. Once home from the walk I did some chores in the house and then dad and I went to grandma and grandpa. And after that I went to Sanquin, to donate blood. It all went fine, but I decided to become a plasma donor from today on. From plasma they make medicines and heal people with severe burns. There was a call for more plasma and so I transitioned from blood to plasma. Right now I feel a little slow, like I always fo after I donated blood. But I am doing something fun. I going out for dinner with friends at Happy Italy! It doesn’t seem that special but a few of them I haven’t seen in six months because they weren’t in the Netherlands. I am excited!

Weekly diary #29

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    1. In Parijs zelf niet al te veel, dat vond ik zonde van de tijd haha. Maar eenmaal in Enschede heb ik een flinke inhaalslag gemaakt! Mijn vriend kan ook prima in de metro en de trein enzo slapen, dat kan ik niet dus daar ben ik best wel jaloers op altijd 🙂

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