Weekly diary #3

Weekly diary #3

I am back with weekly diary #3!


Today I went into the city center of Enschede and I bought something new, shit. This summer I am going to Sziget and I’m so excited for that! Since I bought tickets in the first 24 hours I got a number of goodies from the festival. A t-shirt, socks, a button and the Sziget logo, which I can iron onto a piece of clothing. Not very minimalistic, but I didn’t know about it. Today I went looking for a plain white t-shirt to iron that logo onto. I have been looking for a 100% cotton, fair trade, organic white t-shirt but I just haven’t found the right model. Because Sziget is getting closer I gave up that search and bought a t-shirt at H&M (fast fashion). Better luck next time!


I went to the gym for the first time since my holiday and it felt quite good! I love going in the morning, a nice and fresh start of the day. Also, a package arrived for me today. Last week I told you I was looking for a secondhand bathing suit and I found one on Vinted! It didn’t fit the previous owner, so it basically was all new. It does fit me and I’ve fallen in love with it already.


I went to Harderwijk for a ‘couples-weekend’, organized by my in-laws. My boyfriend has two more brothers and so we were with 8 persons all-together. Today we went sailing. We rented a small boat and went onto the Veluwemeer (a Dutch nature area). The boat wasn’t electrical and that got me thinking for whenever I’m going to lend a boat myself. I want it electrical. At night I ate a cheese fondue (since I’m a vegetarian) and the other ate mussels. At night my boyfriend and I also went out with some friends and we got home at 5 AM! It says a lot: it was a great night.


Little sleep, because today was the second day of our couples-weekend. We were going to go clay-pigeon shooting. I was quite excited because I had never done anything like it. After we got some explanations I was the first one in line. I was so nervous! There I was with a gigantic gun. I did better than I expected! We also did crossbow shooting, but somehow I found that way more difficult. This activity wasn’t very zero waste because you shoot things to pieces, but I do think it’s a good solution for people who would normally go hunting (which is cruel if you’d ask me). At night we went barbecuing at friends.



Last week you’ve read that I took my bed apart to sell it. Today came in the ‘new’ secondhand bed! My in-laws wanted to give it to a thrift shop, but now I got it. Today we drove from my boyfriend’s house to mine and put together the bed. I unfortunately had to work, so my boyfriend did it for me (he’s the sweetest). I am happy with the result! After work we went back together to my boyfriend’s house again.


We started the day with a drink at the beach in Harderwijk. I ordered water and at this place I luckily got tap water. Bottled water is such a waste! At home we had a lovely lunch and went over to friends who have a pool in the garden. Amazing with this weather! Then friends came over to our place and we had a game-night. The summer holiday is amazing.



Today I went back to Enschede. Once at home I went straight to the gym. I attended a virtual boxing class and I really enjoyed that class! I can put all my energy into boxing. Afterwards I was completely exhausted and I like that feeling. It is a funny feeling though, doing group classes all by yourself. Sometimes I talk back to the screen to make it more fun (I hope there are no cameras, because then people think I’m crazy)! At night I went to a musical performance of my brother at his school. I remember doing mine years ago, time flies!

Yours sincerely,

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