Weekly diary #30: School has started again

Hi there! Welcome into my 30th weekly diary! If that isn’t a milestone. You have been able to follow my life for 30 weeks, woohoo. The past week I had lunch at the Broodbode, I ate some amazing vegan sushi and school started again! Want to read along? Here’s weekly diary #30.


Today I went for lunch with a friend of mine. We hadn’t seen each other in a while because I had been busy. I hate that because I feel like I don’t have my priorities straight. Anyway, it was good as always. We went for lunch at the Broodbode in Enschede, a sandwich bar. They serve vegan dishes there! But the downside is that they always serve straws with all their juices and I always have to ask for a juice without a straw. On the picture you can see the lovely salad I had with the juice and it was very good. After lunch we also went for a secondhand shopping spree but I didn’t buy anything. After dinner I had handball training and went to my boyfriend by train afterwards. I am free this weekend and so I am going to spend it with my boyfriend. However, when I had to transition my second train was cancelled. And so my boyfriend picked me up in Zwolle in the middle of the night.

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My boyfriend and I got up quite early to go to the sauna! I was so excited! I had been gives a free ticket and so only my boyfriend had to buy a ticket and we could split it. The ticket was valid, but the sauna was full already. And so, the plans were cancelled. I have a hard time when that happens. Eventually we did some grocery shopping at the local greengrocer. It was for my boyfriend but it was fun to see we saved a lot of waste by not going to the supermarket. After the groceries we ate some sushi and that made the entire fail at the sauna all right. My boyfriend had to work after dinner and I spend the night watching some Netflix. Ahhh.

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Weekly diary #30


I slept about 14 hours this night. From 10 PM till noon. I don’t know why I tend to sleep a lot but I always have. My body just needs more sleep than others, that’s what I think. I don’t even wake up in between and then think: I’m going to sleep some more. No, I just wake up 14 hours later. Sometimes I hate it. If I felt just as good with 6 hours of sleep (like some people do) I’d have a lot more time. But after 6 hours of sleep I can be a mess after several days. My boyfriend had a soccer match that day but I didn’t go there to watch the game. It was very cold and I hate that. My toes freeze and that hurts since I’ve broken my toe a few years ago. People call me a bad girlfriend but that’s all right. I don’t care. Once my boyfriend was home we cooked a Valentine dinner together. It’s Valentine’s day this Wednesday but we that wasn’t very convenient for us. We decided to do something today. A home-made tabouleh salad as a starter, risotto as the main dish and vegan ice-cream afterwards. Vegan food is amazing. Risotto is my second favorite food, besides sushi, that’s number 1. But if you make risotto, make sure you use vegan wine. Regular wine from the supermarket isn’t vegan. Bones, eggs are used to clear the wine. I’ve heard that if you use organic wine that it’s vegan and so I always do that. At night we went to a party! It was a fun day!


We also went out yesterday and so today is a lazy day. Sleeping till late and not doing a lot. We wanted to go out for a walk but our coats were still wet from the night. For dinner we ate vegan burgers. When I was at the supermarket I thought: if I make vegan burgers myself I don’t have to buy them in plastic. I saw a package in cardboard with a burger mix. I bought it and felt good. Once back home I found out that it had a plastic bag inside and so the plan had failed. The burgers weren’t that good either. Maybe I’ll try another recipe for making vegan burgers soon. I don’t know yet. After dinner some friends came by and we played some boardgames.


I was way too early at school. My boyfriend had to start early and we travelled together. And so, I sat in the school library for three hours, reading and surfing the internet. But then school really started and I didn’t like it. The first day is always tough because I feel overwhelmed bye everything I have to do the coming semester. It was explained very vaguely too and so it was chaos in my mind. But I know I have to stay calm because it’s all going to be fine. So far, it always turned out just fine. Once back home I downloaded the Sims on my laptop (after I purchased it of course). I had been looking forward to playing it for days. After it was finally installed it was already late so I decided to go to bed anyway.

Weekly diary #30
Zero waste lunch!


Day 2 of school Everything was still vague, but understood a little more. And also since there were a lot more confused students I felt more assured. We were free quite early and in the first week we always barely have homework. And so I played Sims 3 the whole day. I think it’s my favorite game of all times. But, I also went to handball training.


A free day! And the last one in the coming weeks when I look at my schedule. They said it’s going to be a tough period at school already a million times. And so, I did groceries really quick, vacuum cleaned the house and played Sims 3 until now. But after dinner I think I’m going to the gym.

Yours sincerely,

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