Weekly diary #32: ‘new’ secondhand clothing!

Hi there! Welcome into this very happy weekly diary, I have vacation! The past week my vacation begun, I went to the cinema and bought ‘new’ secondhand clothing! Want to read along? Here’s weekly diary #32.


School started quite late today, at 11:45 AM. That means I get to sleep until 9:30 AM! Sleeping longer than 8 AM makes my life so good. I officially had school until 6 PM but luckily we were done earlier. I was home just in time so that I could still eat before I went to handball training.


I’ve gone to school for two weeks now and tomorrow I am free for vacation again. I know it’s crazy but it’s good to me haha. I always enjoy the last day of school. It makes me extra motivated. Once home I had dinner and went to the gym afterwards. On Friday evenings it’s always very quiet in the gym. It seems quite logical. But for me it is good today, I don’t like it when the gym is very crowded.


It’s been a while since I last did it but I only worked a morning shift this week. From 7 AM till 11AM, great! Once home I packed together all the summer clothes I didn’t want anymore and brought them to Vindiets. It’s my favorite secondhand store in Enschede. If the owner sells the clothes I get a percentage of the profit, which is an extra plus besides that I get rid of clothes in a responsible way. If she doesn’t sell the clothes they go to the clothing bank for people who can’t afford clothes and can get those for free. There were some clothes that I brought with me that she didn’t take in for the store, I brought those to the clothing bank too. I used to bring it to H&M but recently there was another scandal at H&M and I’m done with them. I don’t want to support a fast fashion brand anyway. Anyway, when I bring clothes to the secondhand store I always look around for ‘new’ clothes as well. I found some things I really loved today! A dress, a jumpsuit and a hair clip. 23 euros for all three items. I haven’t bought new clothes in so long and I don’t miss it at all. At night I met up with friends to chill and sit in the hot tub one of us has. We ate pizza and so I brought my own vegan one. This night was squad goals, it was great.


I hadn’t anything to set the alarm for and so I slept till noon. After this, I spend the day blogging, I love to do that on a free day. I didn’t have a handball match today either. For dinner I had some fries and I bought a vegan ‘kroket’. It’s a Dutch fried snack. It was vegan, organic and plastic-free. Mom found it at the Aldi. I loved these! After dinner I went to the cinema with a friend. We went to see the Maze Runner: The Death Cure. We have this tradition of going to the movies together. My visit at the cinema was plastic-free since I brought my own drinks in my reusable bottle and ordered popcorn in cardboard.


The vacation has started! I had breakfast and went to the gym. I did an X-CORE training. These always wear me out and so I love doing those. However, I like doing a specific sport way more than going to the gym. I would love to start dancing again but then I’m stuck with a certain day. Right now, I already work at least one day a week and 3 days are reserved for handball and so I want to keep the other days a little free. I did some things from my to-do list and then I watched another Happy Potter movie. Then the show Curvy Models came on tv and an old classmate of me is competing and so I am watching that too. Let’s hope she wins!


Since I am free all week, I had some time to earn money at my part-time job. I worked from 7AM till 3:30 PM. It is quiet on Tuesdays and so it was a good day, no stress. At night we had handball training outside for the first time, so cold! And afterwards we decided to go bowling with everybody. Spontaneous trips are always good!


This morning I went to do some grocery shopping with dad and some chores in the house. Right now I am writing this weekly diary and in an hour I am going to Harderwijk, to my boyfriend. We’re going out for dinner to an Indian restaurant, Mamta. I am very curious!

Yours sincerely,

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