Weekly diary #33: spending a whole week in an empty building

Hi! Welcome in to my personal weekly diary. The past week my vacation ended, I went ice skating and I spend the whole week in an empty building. Want to read along? Here’s weekly diary #33.


I woke up in my boyfriend’s house. He had to go to his internship but I slept a little longer. I had to work so I did go back to Enschede today by train. Due to construction it took quite long. Luckily I had brought a book with me. I enjoy reading in the train. At home my attention always goed to the tv. When I biked home I found sunglasses on the streets. I didn’t want to let it be run over and so I took it with me. I am taking it to the thrift shop soon. It’ll have a new life!

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I started my day at Basic-Fit, with a group class. A boxing class, but oh, it was so boring this time. I didn’t enjoy it all and so I won’t be taking this class again. Once back home I did some things from my to-do list. Lately I have been adding more things than taking things off. Today was also a very cold day and so stayed home. Nice and comfy.


Getting up early. I worked from 7AM till 11AM. Around noon I went to grandma and grandpa. After that my boyfriend came over. Since he is graduating soon we can’t spend that much time together so this was fun. Dad and I did some groceries because we wanted to do a sushi and grill. Making sushi, but grilling the ingredients you put in the sushi on a raclette. It was a lot of fun and sushi is an easy dish to make with vegans and non-vegans. I can make my sushi vegan and for those who don’t want to make it with dead animals. I can unfortunately never make sushi zero waste since most of the ingredients can’t be found zero waste (yet). After the sushi my boyfriend and I went to the cinema to see Red Sparrow. I am a big fan of Jennifer Lawrence (especially in de Hunger Games). But this movie was so weird that I can’t really form an opinion. It’s very good and very bad at the same time somehow. I would say: watch it yourself. My cinema visit was once again plastic free since I had brought my reusable bottle and bought popcorn in cardboard. After the movie we went for some drinks in the city center together.


The very last day of my vacation. I had a handball match to play but unfortunately we lost again. Anyhow, that doesn’t mean the rest of the day can’t be fun! My boyfriend and I went ice skating in Enschede. Yay! This activity is a good gift idea in the category experiences over stuff. It was a lot of fun and we got that cozy winter feeling. Once back home dad had made us pizza. Home-made pizza is another good example of a dish which can be vegan and non-vegan at the same time. You just choose your own topics and put that on your part of the pizza. I had vegan cheese on it today! It was delicious. I don’t know why dad didn’t use our baking mat that day.

Weekly diary #33


We’re starting a new project at school today and for that we will spend all week in an empty building in Zutphen. We’re going to create a concept of what it should be while we’re in it. It’s a fictional project but still quite fun. It is also quite special, the local newspaper even included us. Of the in total 60 people two were made junior-project leader and so they took cake of the location. Arranging chairs, tables, toiletpaper and such. They had dedicated a special part of the project to zero waste and so I was pleasantly surprised. We were asked to bring our own cup and bring home our own trash to recycle it at home. Great idea! I always take home my own trash to recycle (since my school doesn’t do that) but I decided to make a picture of my trash today. A banana peel. I wanted to go to the gym at night but I was just exhausted. Another time.


The second day of the school project in Zutphen and wow, it was sooo busy in the train this morning. I hope this was due to a failure or something because if this will be the situation every day I won’t be happy. Something remarkable happened today. A classmate of mine bought a big bowl with fruit at the supermarket. After a few bites she wanted to throw it away (while it was still full for 3/4). She said she wasn’t hungry anymore. Me and some more students acted surprised. Are you really going to throw all that away? In the end she gave it to us and we ate it. But still. How can you throw perfect food away? People are starving at the same time and I think some of use really need to know our privileges better.


I was wrong, it is insanely busy every day around this time. This is normal. I’m glad it’s only temporarily because I can barely move. But well, another day in Zutphen. I got some good news too. The test that I didn’t make last period was adjusted, my mark was turned into a 6/10. That means I don’t have to do a resit. The project in Zutphen was very rough today. We found out how hard it is to work together with 30 student in one room (yes, that’s the current situation). For every single decision we’re debating with 30 people! I didn’t bring enough food and it rained so when I got home I was soaked and had a stomach ache. Time to make some good vegan pasta! I wanted to go to the gym but cancelled again. This week is just crazy.

Favorite Song

Something new! My favorite song from this week. I like hearing old songs and thinking ‘Oh wow! I forgot that song existed!’. By noting my favorite song of the week I’ll be remembered to them whenever I read these diaries. And maybe I can inspire you too! Who knows, maybe you’ll like them too. I usually listen to old music and the song of this week is:

I got 5 on it


Yours sincerely,

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