Weekly diary #36: a nasty Phishing-mail

Hi! Great that you’re here again. The past week we’ve gone into summer time, I had a vegan fail and got a nasty phishing mail. Want to read along? Here’s weekly diary #36.


Ah, what a lovely day. School starts at 10:15 AM and deadlines are over. It’s time for a normal school day. During class today I had received a nasty phishing mail. I’ve written about it before, I get them often. This one was different somehow, very threatening. I decided to not throw it away like I usually do. And so, I searched for it on Ecosia and it appeared right away. I wanted to report is but that was already done. Millions of people have gotten this e-mail and some people even transferred the money they asked for. I hope the police will act on it, because in the articles people stated that somehow they found out who it was by the IP-address. Please don’t every fall for phishing mails. Since my boyfriend and I were both done with school work we decided to go to Zwolle. We had lunch at Vito’s. At Vito’s in Zwolle I had asked for a vegan sandwich. They didn’t have one on the menu so I asked if they could veganize the vegetarian one. They totally forgot about that and I was given a vegetarian sandwich with cheese. The waitress apologized and said they were going to make a new one. I then asked what they were going to do with the one which was given to me. She said they would throw it away. And so, I accepted the vegetarian sandwich and ate it all. I don’t want to food to be wasted. In the train back home it way extremely busy. Once back home I was home just in time for the qualification match of the Dutch handball ladies for the European Championship. It was an exciting game which they eventually won by 19-18. Afterwards I biked to handball training in the pouring rain. But I still can’t be bothered by that these days.


Gosh, I really wish I could thrive on less hours of sleep. 6 hours or something. I need about 10 hours of sleep each night and I sort of hate that. If I needed less I’d had more time in a day haha. This week is tough. I fall asleep in the train, have a hard time staying awake in class and I am cancelling plans. Yesterday friends of mine were doing something but I was already asleep. Sigh, it has always been this way and I think it maybe always will. Maybe it’s good to know what I need. This morning I saw trash from a political party lying around, from D66. I don’t get it. Why would you make these things? They are always going to end up as trash and who wants an image like that? It’s 2018, there are waste-free alternatives to advertise. I also have an image of the banana peel I took home again from school. Today I didn’t have my lunch box with me to school and so I put the banana peel in my reusable drinking bottle. I always take home my waste. To recycle or in this case compost it. If things that can be composted end up in landfill they are suffocated. If that happens, methane is released, a powerful greenhouse gas. Why let that happen while it can be composted and made into an amazing fertilizer? Composting is important! At night I did an urban yoga class at the gym and went to bed early.


I got up for a long working day, from 7AM till 5PM. My last few paychecks have been less than what I’m used to and so I it’s time for me to work more of these long shifts again. I want to save. After work I went home to eat and then I had a handball match. We lost the game but I felt we played quite well. Once back home I immediately went to one of my friend’s house. If I go to sit down at home on the couch I get tired. We had some drinks and went out to dance. We went to multiple places but I didn’t really like the music in any of those places. At 4:30 AM I decided to eat something and head home. I didn’t went to Ji-Nos this time because they serve their food on plastic. We went to ‘de Muur’ instead, I know they serve their fries in paper. I also managed to refuse the plastic fork that sometimes does come along with the fries. Plastic free fries! I am making progress.

Weekly diary #36


Today I was free because I had the handball match yesterday already. I got up at 1 PM and did some blogging and homework. I was finished at 15:55, pfew! At 16:00 there was another handball match from the Dutch handball ladies and I wanted to see it. They lost this game by 1 point because the last goal was cancelled. It was 6PM after the game and I watched some Youtube. But as you maybe know, you can never watch ‘some’ Youtube. It was 10 PM before I knew it.


I wanted to get up early and go to the gym. I failed. But maybe I’ll go tonight. I went to school for an 8 minute presentation and then I was free again. I did spend some time at school to prepare it and it takes more than an hour to get to school too. When I went to school at noon I sat in a gigantic train with maybe 10 people in total and at 5 PM (when it’s the busiest part of the day) there was the littlest train ever with 10000000 people. I just don’t get it. Once at home I made myself a good dinner with a plate full of vegetables and I did went to the gym after all! I did a cycling class and jeee, it was tough! I wanted to also do some rope jumping but the man from the gym the role had been stolen. Bummer. I couldn’t sleep at night because there were a million ideas going through my mind. I have to write them down soon because this isn’t good.

Weekly diary #36


From the moment I woke up I felt bad. Nauseous, tired and a headache. I did went to school because I didn’t have to throw up. In the train I fell asleep and startled awake. I am still on track for school. I am almost never behind because that makes me nervous. But at 2 PM I gave up because I felt so sick and went home. I laid in bed all day and watched Youtube videos. Among those videos one of the Dolfinarium in Harderwijk. I hate it! Have you seen The Cove yet? I cried. When is the misery for these animals going to end? I did went to handball training because I still didn’t have to throw up. Not throwing up means that I can train. It was all right and I had a hot shower afterwards.


Dad told me more people struggle when time is changed (this time to summer time). But today I could sleep till 8AM and that made me feel a little better. I did fall asleep again in the train though. I also got a text from a friend saying she’s going to do the 365-challenge for one week. She’s also going to blog about it! I am happy! At school is was one of the few that showed up and I am proud of myself. The plan was to eat sushi tonight but the restaurant was booked full already. And so I went to my boyfriend by train and we cooked something good ourselves. The traveling sounds easier said than done because there was a delay due to a failure and I also stood in the rain quite long. Sometimes public transportation sucks.

Favorite song of this week:


Dua Lipa

Yours sincerely,

0 thoughts on “Weekly diary #36: a nasty Phishing-mail”

  1. Wat goed om in restaurants zo op te letten. Zo maak je het normaler dat mensen geen wegwerpmeuk bij hun eten willen. En ten minste een vegan optie op de kaart is toch niet heel gek tegenwoordig!

    Minder slapen is geen goed idee hoor! Te weinig slaap is slecht voor je hormoonbalans, je vetverbranding, energiehuishouding, je humeur, je vermogen om te leren… voor alles!

    Voel je je inmiddels weer wat beter?

    1. Nee, inderdaad. Het is ook wel heel fijn als het op de kaart staat want dat hoef je er niet altijd naar te vragen. Nee klopt wel helaas, maar als ik dan toch een superkracht zou mogen kiezen hihi! Ik voel gelukkig al weer stukken beter, lief dat je het vraagt 🙂

  2. Dus, daarom is het zo belangrijk om te scheiden!
    Mooie oplossing voor je bananenschil 🙂
    Bij mij op werk staan er wel 4 afvalbakken om afval te scheiden (rest, GFT, plastic en bekers), maar ik heb een keer met de schoonmaker staan praten en hij zei dat eigenlijk al het afval weer bij elkaar gegooid wordt, behalve de bekers! Dus daar is het alleen nuttig om de bekers te scheiden… Beetje zonde dus, denkt iedereen dat-ie goed bezig is, wordt het ‘s avonds alsnog allemaal bij elkaar in 1 afvalzak gegooid (behalve de bekers).

    1. Dat is bij ons op school helaas ook het geval vernam ik laatst. Vandaar dat ik wanneer ik afval heb het meeneem naar huis, dan weet je zeker dat het goed gaat 🙂

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