Weekly diary #4

Hi, my dear reader! Great that you’re still following these weekly diaries. Let me know what you think. Here’s weekly diary #4.


I started the day in the gym and I trained myself, no group lesson. I try to switch it up a little. Sometimes a group lesson, sometimes training myself. Leg day it was today. At noon someone from my local municipality came by. He came to bring by some poking devices, to pick up trash. I asked them by e-mail if I could get two. I go out to pick up trash with a friend every once in a while, but picking it up by hand is a little too extreme for us. The person who came by was so excited and so was I! I am happy with his work and he is happy with my work haha. I also put my longboard onto Marktplaats (the Dutch e-bay) for sale. That hobby didn’t work out for me. I didn’t make time for it and so it was time to say goodbye.


A friend of mine went out to test the new devices right away! It was a sunny day and so it was good to go out in nature. After about 1,5 hours we had two full bags of trash. Yesss, that feels good! When I saw a sigaret lying around I thought of my recent holiday to Gran Canaria. When I sat at the beach I saw a bird eating one, it was a horrible sight. Every bit of trash that we pick up makes a difference. I got excited to go again tomorrow! But for now I don’t want to overdo it. I am also doing the 365-challenge of course.

Weekly diary #4


I had a day off from work on a Saturday, which is nice. I didn’t do that much really, it was a chill day. However, for lunch I did have a good caprese salad at Happy Italy, I think it is my new fav! And, I also watched Before The Flood today!


I decided not to go to the gym, I took a day off. It wasn’t really possible either, because I had to work from 11 till 4 and those are also the opening hours of the gym. I tried to sleep early again. If that works out, it always feels great in the morning.


Another day with nothing planned! I got up to go to the gym again. Afterwards I went into the city center to buy some vegetarian tuna at Ekoplaza (an organic produce store). I was a bit too enthousiast, because I put 90 grams of fake tuna with 100 grams of salad. That wasn’t such a good balance. However, it is a great product. The smell even scared me af first, it smells just like real tuna! I also bought two secondhand bedsheets on Marktplaats for just 8 euros. Buying secondhand is the most sustainable option.


Today was an exciting day! I had an appointment with a lawyer. Don’t worry, I am not going to sue anyone. It is for my business plan. Just to make sure I do everything right and follow the law. I don’t want things to go wrong and so I checked some things with the lawyer. The lawyer was very enthousiast about my business plan too, which made me feel good. It was such a good conversation that I almost came late to work.


Today my boyfriend came over to Enschede. In the morning I went walking, along with my dad and so I didn’t go to the gym. My boyfriend and I went out into the city center for lunch. A vegan lunch isn’t doable yet in many place and so I had a vegetarian salad caprese again. And I found out that there is zero waste tea available at Sostrene Grenes in Enschede. Great if you’re looking for tea!

What did you think of weekly diary #4?

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