Weekly diary #44: I started a webshop for package free groceries

Hi! Welcome back into a new weekly diary. In these diaries I try to share my transition to a sustainable lifestyle with positive impact. The past week was really exciting, I finally launched my own webshop and also went to Freshtival in Enschede. Want to read along? Here’s weekly diary #44.


Today I had school from 13:15PM till 16:30PM. Yesterday night I played a handball match and it ended in a tie. Today I had handball practice again but since the season is ending not many people showed up. After practice we had some drinks and the weekend has started!


A free day! I wanted to go to the gym in the morning but we have a family pass and mom was there already. And so, I decided to go in the evening. I worked on my to-do list but when I manage to finish one thing then another things comes to mind and I add that. It’s never ending. For lunch I had some lovely mushrooms. I made a new post for up my blog which will be uploaded coming Money! I’ll tell you more in a minute. At night I ended up doing a yoga-class but it was a new lessons and I didn’t really like it. It did made me sleep very well.

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Today I worked from 7AM till 5PM and at night I had a party. One of my previous handball trainers (for like 10 years or so) turned 50 and was celebrating it. With the group we decided to gift a piƱata with money in it. It was so funny trying to see her beat this thing! It wasn’t zero waste but it was a good gift. I wasn’t really in control since we were giving it with our group. At least it was mostly made out of paper. It was a fun party but I didn’t make it that late. I was awake since early and tomorrow was another exciting day.

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Freshtival day! Woohoo! This weekend there is a festival in Enschede at het Rutbeek (the lake where I always go in summer). It is so much fun and nearby and so I didn’t want to miss it. We had the brilliant idea of eating All You Can Eat Sushi beforehand so that we’d be full. Sun, sushi and chill. Sushi is my favorite food ever. I usually drink water at restaurants but in the end I decided to order a glass of Cristal Clear. Great, but they served it with plastic. Shit. After lunch we all went to our homes to grab some stuff and then went to a friend who also came along last-minute. Freshtival was amazing, time flew! The highlight were Boef and Sean Paul! Celebrating festivals zero waste is hard because you cannot bring your own food and drinks. You also have to buy plastic coins for drinks and food. I drank mostly Radler, which is in cans. No plastic and 100% recyclable though. But since it was hot and I was thirsty I also bought a plastic bottle of water. A friend told me you couldn’t drink the water coming from the tap at the toilets and I don’t know why I believed that haha. Since she told me this beforehand I had also taken a lid with me. At festivals they always serve plastic bottle without the lid. Stupid. When I later went to the toilet I found out that the water was drinkable. I filled the bought I had bought up again. For dinner I had two bags of fries in cardboard. I always throw the trash I do have in the trash cans. Somehow it’s normal to throw your trash on the ground at festivals. I think that’s the weirdest thing ever. There are enough trash cans. The area is cleaned after the festival but this can’t be done 100% right. There will always be trash that still remains. After the festival a friend and I went to the MacDonalds (yes, again). I had fries and a vegan burger. No sauce, no drinks, no plastic! It was a beautiful day!


Maybe you’ve noticed. There was no blogpost today. That’s because I made an entire new page! I wanted all my followers to get a notification but I couldn’t figure it out, sorry. I did announce it already on all my social media accounts on Saturday. The day has finally come. I have launched a webshop for package free groceries in Enschede! It’s called Loose! Yes!! After I launched everything Saturday I danced out of joy and had to pinch myself. This dream really came true. I couldn’t even sleep Saturday, I got so many sweet and good responses. If you have send a message, thanks! I feel really overwhelmed by all this. But I am taking it slow. It’s not like I’m going to quit my part-time job right away, this has to grow. And so I did go to work again today, from noon till 5PM. At night I couldn’t sleep again, so much is going through my head right now.

Update 2020: In 2020 I decided to close down this webshop again. But with a good reason. You can read more about that here.


This is the first time in the new semester I had to get up at 6AM again for school. And weird enough I woke up 1 minute before my alarm, all fresh and good to go. I had class for a few hours and after school my boyfriend was going to come home with me. But, he had to work on his thesis all day and so I worked at school all day as well. I did some useful things and that really cleared my mind. Once back home we were going to barbecue! Dad did some groceries and we had baguette, salads and vegan burgers. He usually also bring home some herb mixes to make some sauces. You just add vegan mayonnaise and you have a great dip sauce. He took one flavor with him which contained milk. He wasn’t going to eat it himself and I didn’t want to waste food so I did eat it after all.


Today I slept through my alarm and that almost never happens to me. Luckily my boyfriend was with me and woke me up. We went to school, I had class and worked on some homework and went home. At 5PM I had to work till 8PM. I worked at the meat-department at the supermarket where I work and it feels very strange. But since I already work at the supermarket anyway and could use the extra hours I said yes to it. I do have doubts about this, am I doing the wrong thing? I don’t really know. And at work my first order ever came in from my new webshop! Woohooo! Time for a party, this is actually happening. Maybe I can make this into a living one day. Living the dream people, living the dream. 

Favorite song of this week:

All my Life

K-Ci & Jojo

Yours sincerely,

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