Weekly diary #45: I delivered my first order with Loose!

Hi! Welcome back into another weekly diary. This is the 45th week already in which I try to show you my transition to a sustainable lifestyle with positive impact. The past week I delivered the first order of my new webshop Loose! Want to read along? Here’s weekly diary #45.


I could sleep long since school started late. However, the neighbors’s dog barked all morning and so I was awake quite soon. Great. I had to go to school for 1,5 hours and so it takes longer to travel to school and back home than I actually have class. And so I try to use my travel time usefully. Back in Enschede I went by the thrift shop Het Goed in Enschede. I was looking for some kind of basket to ship my orders in (I deliver every order for Loose myself by bike). I found a perfect one for 4,95 euros. Even for my business I try to buy things secondhand, since that is most sustainable. Once at home I did some homework and at night I went to handball practice. While showering afterwards I used a new body-soap I had bought at Lush! Buying zero waste at Lush is very easy. They don’t have a shop in Enschede and so when I visited a store in another city a while back I bought a bunch of soaps. I like the smell of this one but it feels very rough.


I set up a big to-do list today and so I was up at 6AM. First, I had class from 8:30AM till 10AM. Today I was the only one who showed. I managed to make some good progress and in the train back home I almost finished it. Once home there was a deadline from another test, I handed it in. Then I had to buy some thing in the city center, gifts (food). Once back home I got changed really quick and headed to work. After work I cooked for myself and made my first order ever ready from Loose for coming Sunday. Then I ordered a new phone, more about that later! Then I went to the gym and at night I wrote the entire blogpost for coming Monday. I then even had some time to watch an episode of The handmaid’s Tale. Pffff, what a day!


It’s my mom’s birthday today but I had to work all day. From 7AM till 5PM. Afterwards I spend some good time in the garden, enjoying the sun and mom’s birthday. I didn’t do anything else. Sometimes weekend is weekend.


Woohoo! The weather is really good today and so I’m going to Het Rutbeek, a lake in Enschede. Swimming, chilling, having fun and sunshine! At night I had my first ever delivery of my new webshop Loose! It felt so amazing, I am actually doing this! I was on my bike with the greatest smile. After the delivery I went out for dinner. We went to a Libanese restaurant called Habibi for mom’s birthday. I had called them yesterday saying that I eat vegan. It wasn’t a problem they said. Once there I was so amazed. The food they made was so delicious! And the portion was immense! Lovely people who work there too! I love Lebanese food. Once back home I watched another episode of Tegenlicht (a Dutch informational show). Today’s episode was about in-vitro meat. It sounds promising but I haven’t really made my mind up: will I consume this or not?


Yesterday I got an e-mail from school. You only had to come to class if you had urgent questions. Great, I took the day off. I slept till 11AM and went to the gym to do an abs attack class. Then some chores at home and off to the train station. I was going to my boyfriend in Harderwijk. I travel a lot by train so maybe it’s time to start calculating how much I travel each year. At night my boyfriend and I went biking and it was lovely! Biking while sunset.

Weekly diary #45


School started and finished early today. I got up at 6AM. In the train I finished the Dutch book ‘Voedingsmythes’ (food myths). I didn’t really like it. I found it a little simple and it contradicts everything I’ve learned about food so far. It basically said that nothing is bad for you except smoking and alcohol. It even said vegetables and fruits are not per se healthy. Well … I doubt that very much. The weather was good but after school I decided to still go to the gym. The gym was completely empty haha, not a surprise. I did two group classes and at home I did some small chores. After that I went to work again. Right now I have handball training once a week (it used to be 2) and so I can use the other night I now have free for work. After work I got a package. My new phone came in! More about that later. I was exhausted at night and so I slept very well.

Weekly diary #45


Today I am free from school. There were no fun group classes in the gym and so I went along with dad for a long walk. He walks about 10 kilometers every day! Along the way we saw all kinds of plants and flowers and it really made me think about foraging. That’s something I want to know more about in the future. We also got across some blackberries. We might forage a few of those soon! Talking about berries, after the walk I did some groceries with dad. He usually shops at Lidl and so I can’t choose package free. However, I can choose local food. And so I bought mushrooms and blackberries from the Netherlands. It’s been a long time since I had blackberries, now is the season.

My favorite song of this week:

Wat Zou Je Doen

Langesjaak en Joyba

Yours sincerely,

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