Weekly diary #48: a bit of a sh*t week

Hi! Here I am today with another weekly diary. In these weekly diaries I want to show you how much fun and rewarding it is to live a sustainable lifestyle with positive impact! The title however already says it, it’s been a bit of a sh*t week. Eventually it got better and I did a lot of fun things. I celebrated father’s day, my boyfriend handed in his thesis and I had a fun appointment for my webshop Loose! Want to read along? Here’s weekly diary #48.


This day sucked. The bus this morning drove off too early and so my boyfriend and I missed it. We raced to the station by bike and did make our train in the end. I tried to not let it affect me but I immediately got in a bad mood. At school I was busy trying to manage everything we have to do these days, but then the teacher came up with two more assignment. The deadline for one was tomorrow and so we as students objected. How are we supposed to this all? I need to sleep and eat too, you know? Eventually the teacher agreed to skip the deadline for tomorrow but we now still have one extra assignment for after the weekend. It was all a little bit too much for me. When I got home I had a bit of a breakdown and I lied in bed all night. My head was exploding. I hope this break helped me to start again tomorrow. Sometimes it seems that you have too little time when you’re a student.


Okay, I went to school again with some fresh courage. It slipped away soon. Today was a resit day for a test our whole class didn’t pass. This was a project we had to do with 30 persons and that’s just ridiculous. It also turned out that I made assignments which didn’t have to be done even though it said so in our book. I didn’t understand the things I did have to do. Ugh, I went home in such a bad mood. I went to the gym because I had to get rid of my anger towards school somehow. It worked. I only have two more weeks till the holiday starts and I must finish all this. I spend the whole night on school work. In my break I walked our dog Darco and picked up trash meanwhile. That felt good. Fun fact: Darco always cheers me up when I’m sad. I think dogs sense that somehow. He always comes towards me when I feel sad or cry. Dogs are too good for us humans, I swear.

Weekly diary #48


My alarm ran at 6:20AM. I worked from 7AM till 5PM today. It was busy and so the day flew by. After work I went to the market to get some zero waste food. I work till 17PM and the market officially closes at that time too. It sucks, I am the annoying late client this way. But since the stand which I want to go to is only there on Saturdays I don’t really have another choice. I scored some mushrooms, potatoes and pointed cabbage all from the Netherlands. I told the person at the stand that I wanted everything in my own bag. At first he ignored that and put it all in a plastic bag. Then I told him again and he put the things from the plastic bag into my reusable bag. I just don’t know what he’ll do with that plastic bag, I hope he uses it again and doesn’t throw it away. After all this I went to friends for a game night. I needed some fun after this sh*t week at school. We ordered pizza’s at Domino’s. They now have a vegan BBQ pizza and I loved it!

Weekly diary #48


Father’s day! I wanted to go have lunch with him but it didn’t suit him that well today and so we’ll go another day. We did some groceries together and went to grandpa and grandma. Once back home I vacuum cleaned the house because I had no time to do it on Wednesday (the day I normally do it). I also had a lot of homework and I had planned to write a blogpost too. Pff. Dad made some pizza today. A part with vegan cheese and a part with cow cheese. This week we both have what we want. After dinner I went to my other home since I have a stepdad too and I consider him my father too. My brother and me gifted him perfume. No experience but this is something he needed so it’s okay. Off to another busy week but I will kill it!

Weekly diary #48


A new week, a fresh start. I was free from school today but I did meet up with a project group. And also, my boyfriend is handing in his thesis today! Even though it’s not my own thesis it feels a little strange. If he passes he’ll be graduated! No more school, that’s the weirdest thought ever. I am happy for him and I’m looking forwards towards my own holiday. Only two more weeks. For dinner I cooked a massive meal. I think I can eat from this for four days or so. I don’t mind. After I finished cooking I went to SamSam in Enschede, I had an appointment for Loose. I was approached by two woman who also want to start a zero waste store, a physical store (I have a webshop). Since we’re allies in this fight I met up with them and it was a great night! I was full of energy when I went home again. It always feels good to meet like-minded people.

Weekly diary #48


Today I had one class at school for questions. It was good and I managed to make some good progress. After class we had planned some sort of picknick with my mentor and class. I hadn’t gotten the message that it was a pot luck. Woops, I only ate my own lunch. Or at least, I tried to eat it. The dish I made yesterday was not a succes, I don’t like this at all. I tried it again at home since I had made a lot but I just couldn’t eat it. It was disgusting and made me gag at one point. I eventually threw it away, something I only do when I just can’t eat something. Such a bummer. I worked in the evening again and slept early, I needed rest a little bit more.


I know I keep the story of this day very short every week. I am trying to change that but today that is not working. It is a busy day and so I am scheduling this blogpost for tomorrow already. I have an excursion today at Spirit, an organization at Schiphol Airport (can you believe it?). It takes me 3 hours to get there by train and afterwards my boyfriend and I going to go to Amsterdam for a while. Bye! See you next week!

My favorite song of this week:


J. Balvin, Jowell & Randy


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  1. Wij vonden de meeting van maandag ook heel erg leuk! 😀 De tijd vloog voorbij haha. Dit was trouwens weer een leuke blogpost om te lezen; sommige struggles zijn echt herkenbaar. 🙂

    1. Hahaha, gelukkig! Ik denk dat het wel belangrijk is om af en toe ook de slechtere dagen te laten zien, het leven gaat niet altijd over roosjes namelijk haha. Alleen maar menselijk denk ik dan.

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