Weekly diary #49: vegan sushi in my own lunch box

Hi! Welcome at another weekly diary produced by yours sincerely. In these weekly diaries I try to show you my transition towards a sustainable lifestyle. About zero waste, secondhand fashion, veganism and more! The past week I sat in an empty cinema, biked through a part of de Veluwe and I bought sushi in my own lunch box! Want to read along? Here’s weekly diary #49.


Today was going to be a fun day. I had another order to deliver for my webshop Loose! Fun, but first I had to go to school. I had class and then I worked on a project with the group. It all went well and I went home with a good feeling, next week is the last week of school. As I said, I had another order te deliver from Loose. I really felt like a girlboss haha. It is a great feeling. Below you can see the order, I always think they’re very pretty. After the delivery I went to the gym and it felt good to go again. The past week I didn’t really have a lot of time to go and so it feels good to be there again. I just feel better when I exercise.



Today I had a presentation at school. With the group we sat together beforehand to practice it again. When we did it in front of the teachers it went very well! I did get some feedback from one teacher which did made me worry a bit. Every teacher fills in a feedback form. One teacher had written down that my part was good and creative. However, the other teacher noted that everybody should have said something and that I didn’t. What? This is obviously bullsh*t and I don’t know what to think. Luckily this was all practice and the exam is later. My ego did suffer a bit hahaha. After school my boyfriend picked me up. We were going to Hengelo to pick up a piece of art. His parents had won a piece of art and gifted the voucher to him. He got to pick out one today. Along the way we stopped at McDonalds. I ordered a McVeggie, plastic free and vegan. And what shall I say about the art? Hmmm. I’m not such a fan I guess. I wasn’t allowed to make any photos but I didn’t really have to. I liked none of the art in the shop, not even the one my boyfriend picked. At night we had a party and it was a lot of fun! We also went out to the city center. After we were done partying we also got some food. I went to a place of which I know that they serve fries in cardboard. Unfortunately I did get my ketchup in plastic. But better luck next time. When I talked to the owner about it he also mentioned they had vegan burgers now! Amazing! If you’re going out in Harderwijk, Burgerzaken is the place to be. I will try it next time! It was a fun night and it had been a while since I went out on a Friday.


Freeedom, freedom, freedom, yeaaah freedom! Okay this is maybe a bit too much since I don’t really work that much anyway. But, it feels good to be free from work, especially that I don’t have to get up at 7AM. I slept till quite late and then my boyfriend and I went to Bataviastad. It’s a shopping park for clothing and so this is maybe a bit strange since I never buy new clothes. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to come along with my boyfriend. It is also some sort of quality time together and at the same time I just look around for what clothes I like (and then I don’t buy them haha). What I did buy was food. They had a sushi bar! And they offer vegan sushi! I knew it was there and so I brought my own lunch box with me to buy the sushi in. The person in the shop was fine with that. At first he didn’t really get it but later on we had a good conversation about plastic waste. The only thing I hadn’t thought of was the soy sauce and so I did have that in plastic. But well, it is progress. I am proud of myself and the sushi was really good. At night we had another party and all drinks were in glass. Pfew!


Today was a typical lazy day. Late breakfast and then we decided to go biking through the Veluwe (a nature area). I like this a lot, biking through nature with the sun on your face. At night we went to the cinema. Something happened, we were alone in the cinema! The person who worked there even put the movie on just for us, Incredibles 2. I have seen Incredibles 1 about a thousand times, I love Disney movies. This one I loved too! I was looking forwards to eating popcorn but they only sold it in plastic and so I passed. Bummer.


An extra long weekend since I’m free today too. I had some things to do for school still and so I worked on that. Around lunchtime my boyfriend and I went biking again, it was lovely. We stopped at the supermarket and I decided to buy some vegan spring rolls. I thought they were packed in cardboard but once home there was a plastic bag inside. Bummer. Today I also finally found the vegan steak from Vivera! I bought the last one on the shelves. I have been looking for it for a while now because I am very curious. Today I tried it but I wasn’t amazed unfortunately. I wouldn’t buy it again. There are meat-replacements which I like much better. I haven’t had meat in a long time (2,5 years) so maybe I don’t like the taste of this kind of meat anymore. My boyfriend thought it was a pretty good imitation and so I don’t know what to think.


Today I had to leave the house at 6:30AM to be at school on time. It was for a class of which I almost finished the report and so I didn’t go. It was just too early. I sometimes am really annoyed by the school hours. Today was such a day. I just don’t think it’s healthy to get up that early. It was the first class I missed this period. I try not to feel bad about it since I am always there. And that is an accomplishment for a student! Most students I know miss waaaay more classes. Anyhow, I did have another class at 12:45PM (yes, there was also more than 2 hours in between the first and second class). I did go to this class but I had regrets soon. The thing that I came for was answered by: you can find that online. After school I was so done with all this and I went home. In the train back home I finished the book ‘On top’ by Anna Nooshin! I liked it a lot. The main message was: chase your dreams and things will be fine. I like that mentality. Nooshin is a girl boss and I love that. I will maybe write more about her book soon. Anyway, I finished a book and so I went to the library again. Time to lend a new one! I love going to the library, there is so much to see and find. I can be there for hours. Lending is more sustainable than buying books since there are no new resources needed. Once home I went to the gym. It was very warm and so my motivation was nowhere to be found. It was a good workout though, I worked my butt off in a bootcamp class.


I got up with a lot of muscle pain haha, I know I worked hard in the gym yesterday. However, I chose to go again since I don’t like working out at night. I want to go this morning. It makes me feel better throughout the rest of the day. Once home I went to do some groceries together with dad. He is not a customer at Loose but mom is planning on becoming one. Great! It always makes me feel good when my parents make sustainable choices too. They both think it’s not enough when they do something theirselves. I disagree, every bit helps and we’re all in this together. And while you make sustainable choices you also affect the people around you positively. I’ve seen it when I went vegan. More people around me try to eat more vegan too. This past week I talked to two business owners because of my behavior (at Burgerzaken and the sushi place). If they change this changes a lot too again. It’s a butterfly effect. If you change, people around you change. For now I do go along with dad when he buys groceries because I like doing it together. After that we went to grandpa and grandma which was also fun. Once we were home I had a lot of school work to do. But since the holiday is coming soon the work I do is really rewarding.

My favorite song of this week:

Casualty of Love

Jessie J

Yours sincerely, 

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