Weekly diary #5

Hi! Here I am, back with weekly diary #5.


I had to work from 5 till 9 and then the rest of the day is a bit of a mess. It’s around dinner time and that makes it a little tricky. I did went into the city center. Once there I had seen very beautiful shoes, but I didn’t buy them. I want to do this sustainable, no fast fashion for me. I also watched some episodse of The Walking Dead today, I am hooked on that shows.


Since I was free, I wanted it to be a productive day again. I went to the gym and went trash-picking with a friend again afterwards. Rare find: a slipper! I tried to repair a broken tire from my bike today too, but that didn’t work out. I couldn’t find the part that was broken. Luckily my dad helped me and we solved the problem! I did some chores in the house and then it was time for a rewarding lunch. I again ate the vegetarian tuna I bought last week. This time the balance between the salad and the fake tuna was much better and so it was a lovely lunch. At night I got a request from friends: if I wanted to eat sushi with them? Of course I would! I absolutely love sushi and the restaurant offers enough vegetarian options.

weekly diary #5


A busy working day, from 8 till 5. Now I know again what adult-life feels like. At night I watched the woman’s national soccer team with friends. Way to support woman: at least turn the tv on when they play soccer to show some support. Even if you don’t like soccer. Since I don’t have that much to tell you today I figured it’d be a good moment to share a random thing I discovered a while ago: when I went to Ekoplaza, an organic supermarket, I found out they now sell LadyCups too. It’s a reusable cup. I wrote this article a while back about a zero waste period.

weekly diary #5


Another day working: let the money go my way! I did get to sleep longer, since I started at 11 AM. I wrote a blogpost too, since I was really in a good flow/mood for it. And, for the first time in my life I made a to-do list because my head is exploding from all the things I should remember.


Since I made a to-do list yesterday, I figured I could start working on it right away. After going to the gym I started it. I packed my bags for my upcoming holiday to Sziget. And I felt like a real business woman too, because I did all kinds of things for my business plan. Phone-calls, e-mails, brainstorming etc. I went to the library to lend some books for my holidays and did some chores at home. This way it’s all clean when I leave. Together with mom I ironed the Sziget-logo I had gotten in the goodie bag onto the shirt I bought last week. And I also sold my bed today on Marktplaats (the Dutch e-bay). Pfew, that was a productive day!


Today I did a morning shift at work, till 11AM. Then I went straight to the gym for another virtual boxing class. Such a good class, I love it! At night I had to work again, from 5 till 8 PM. When I did it I realized it was too much. I am not doing this again. After work I traveled to my boyfriend by train, the most sustainable way.


Walibi! My boyfriend and I went to Walibi early in the morning (it is an amusement park in The Netherlands). It was busy right away, because the park was open till 11 PM today with dj’s all over the park. I love Walibi! They even had some new attractions. I love the Goliath most, I always have! I realized that I had worn an all-thrifted outfit today too. What a day!



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