Weekly diary #52: I am back from Prague!

Hi, am I back again! Last week I wasn’t here with a weekly diary, I was on a short holiday to Prague! This week I am back with a new weekly diary. However, it is short. That’s because I was away for 5 days and came back on a Sunday. The past week it was very hot in Enschede and I worked a lot. Want to read along? Here’s weekly diary #52.


On Sunday I came back from my holiday. Holiday? Again? Yes, I know. I am extremely spoiled. I’ve been to Prague for 5 days, with friends. We left Prague today around noon and around 8:30PM I was home. We went to Prague with two cars which proves again that you don’t need a plane for a city trip. I like going by car or train since you see a lot from the travel. I am going to write a blogpost about Prague, so stay tuned! Update: you can read all about Prague in this post.



Once I got home yesterday I all of a sudden felt quite bad. Maybe I haven’t eaten enough fruits and veggies on this city trip. Today I am therefore eating a lot of fruits and I’m also going to the gym again. I’ve also been doing something new the last couple of days: meditating. It’s something I’ve been trying to make a habit for a while now. When I do manage to do it for a few days I feel better in general. Today I also went to the hairdresser which cut my hair really short. I’ve been wanting to cut it for a while now, I was looking for something new. It feels good to have short hair now that summer is coming. I am happy! Today I had to work but when I came there it turned out that they didn’t need me. I went home to relax a night. I binged Thirteen Reasons Why on Netflix. A really good series.


Today I did actually work a few hours. My boyfriend is on a holiday, I can’t travel for free by train in summer and I just went on a holiday myself. I can use the money. I worked from noon till 5PM. Beforehand I went to the gym because that works better for me than going at night. After work I did some groceries at the greengrocer. Recently someone opened a new greengrocer in Enschede and I like supporting local entrepreneurs. However, this store only sells non-organic food and so I don’t think I’ll visit again. For dinner I ate some leftover bread which was left from our holiday. I had brought it home since I didn’t want to waste food. Once home I baked the bread with some oil, basil and tomatoes and tadaaaa, I had lovely bruschetta. I also made some tempeh with soy sauce and it was gooood. I can use this is several dished for next time. At night I went to the city center with some friends to have drinks. It was fun!


Today I worked again, but at another location of the same firm. It was a very quiet day. However, someone had pushed the alarm button just before we were going to go home. And so we had to wait a long time for the police and to resolve everything. Once I finally went home the rain was pouring like crazy and I came home soaked. It literally looked like I had jumped in a pool and I couldn’t see more than a meter in front of me while biking. I could see the humor of it and so I burst into laughing while I came home. At work most people complained about the hot weather outside. I don’t think we have to complain. Yes, it’s getting hotter and crazier because of the climate crisis. However, it’s going to get a lot worse and we’re wealthy enough to combat it at home. Anyhow, I wanted to go to the gym too today but I ended up on the couch watching a series. Fine too. See you next week! Bye!

Yours sincerely,

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