Weekly diary #54: I finally have a dynamo on my bike

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Hi, welcome to my last weekly diary before I go on a holiday again. The coming two weeks there won’t be a weekly diary on here. The past week I finally got a dynamo on my bike, played a lot of board games and ate a vegan pizza from the Lidl. Want to read along? Here’s weekly diary #54.


I had some trouble with my new Fairphone and the camera. Since the phone is modular I could fix it myself. I took apart the phone, emptied the SD card and took out the camera, then I put the camera part back in. It feels great that I can fix my phone myself. The rest of the day I spend at friends. For lunch some of us went to the grocery store. They asked me what I wanted and I asked for some vegan sandwiches. Those are in plastic but I forgot to bring my own lunch. I should have asked them to bring me some fruit because that’s more often plastic free and organic than anything else. Next time! Anyhow, it was a great day. During the day we mostly sat in the pool. Not my pool and so not my choice. But I am going to enjoy it since it’s already there. And at night we played Monopoly until late. I love board games!



I worked all day today, from 7AM till 5PM. At work someone was complaining about the heat and said: this isn’t normal anymore, we should do something about our emissions! The weather does make people think about climate change and that’s a good thing. I think it’s useless to complain, we should take action! We need system change and individual change!


Dad made a lovely vegan pasta for after work. That’s so nice when I have to work. I can come home and dinner is served. At night we also ate some snacks, baguettes with dip sauces. I made a vegan dip sauce with vegan mayonnaise in glass and some spices in an aluminum can. 100% recyclable and zero waste! Great sauce!


For breakfast I had some sandwiches with tomatoes from my own garden. That is so great. Local and delicious! I don’t think my vegetable garden is that much work but it does bring me a lot of joy. Today I was also working on my bike with dad and grandpa all day. I want to install a dynamo on my bike. It took a lot of time but the conclusion was that the dynamo was broken. I am looking for another one secondhand now. When I was at grandpa and grandma today there were also other family members of us present. We decided to go out for dinner very spontaneously! I called the restaurant quickly to make sure they know a vegan is coming too. That usually helps the restaurant a lot! Before we went out for dinner I had another order to deliver for Loose. This customer wanted to use her own packaging and that’s possible at Loose! I picked up all the jars she had and then will bring them back all filled up with groceries on Thursday. I love doing work for my webshop Loose, it gives me so much energy! Afterwards I went to dinner at Het Middelpunt with family. I was pleasantly surprised! The last time I went there I couldn’t finish my main course because I had also ordered a starter. Today I chose to not have a starter. But I still couldn’t finish it haha, it was so much. I forgot my own lunch box to take the leftovers with me and so I asked for a doggybag. Great, no food waste! I do have plastic waste now but well, it’s the best I can do for now.



For breakfast I had a sandwich with some of the salad that was left in the restaurant yesterday. It was still very good! I did a lot of things today and all by bike, the most sustainable way to move around! No emissions and I exercise too. I hope I can keep biking all my life. One of the things I did was go to the library to pick up a travel guide. I am going on a holiday to Crete next week. For lunch I had the rest of the left-overs from yesterday. It is almost like I went out for dinner twice! Today my grandpa also managed to make a dynamo on my bike, for the front- and backlight. He found a dynamo at an old iron storage place. Great! Secondhand! My grandpa is very skillful when it comes to these things, there is no thing that he can’t do. I can always ask him for help and that’s great. I wish to be just as skillful myself one day. For dinner I ate another vegan pizza they now have at Lidl. It’s very good! I hope that one day every supermarket will have vegan pizza all the time. While I biked to the Lidl a girl in front of me threw trash on the street. I was flabbergasted, do people actually do this? I wanted to say something but I am too scared people respond aggressively. But it’s also not okay when people throw trash on the streets and nobody says something. Dilemma.


I stayed over at a friend’s house yesterday and today we’re going to the Rutbeek again (it’s a lake in Enschede). Since I wasn’t at my own house I need to go to the supermarket for lunch. That brought a lot of waste along but sometimes this happens. At night we went out to dinner as a group since one person from our friend group is going to South-Korea for six months soon! Exciting! We ate at Blue Sakura and I tried to eat vegan. I told the staff and they made me special menu with the things that are vegan. This list is different every time I go there and I believe not everything was vegan tonight. This sucks, I need to start looking for another restaurant. On my way back home the front light on my bike wasn’t working. I think project dynamo isn’t entirely finished yet.


In the morning I was busy for Loose, I had a few orders to prepare. Exciting! Then I went to the birthday party of a friend. I gifted her an experience and not any stuff. She liked it a lot! Soon we’ll be going to the cinema together for a good movie!

Yours sincerely,

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  1. Misschien kan je de plastic bakjes die je dan krijgt, hergebruiken voor andere dingen? Bijvoorbeeld om even iets in te leggen in de koelkast of als je wat eten meegeeft aan mensen die bij je zijn komen eten.

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