Weekly Diary #55: I’m back from my holiday to Crete

Hi there! You’ve read it in my last weekly diary, I’ve been absent for two weeks. I’ve been on a holiday to Crete! I know, this was not a sustainable move, I reflected on that last Monday. But, it was hella fun! This week I’m back in Holland. Ready for a new week! Here’s weekly diary #55. 


This day started in Crete and ended in Enschede, we left there at 5:00 am and flew back to Rotterdam. To realize that we can travel so far and so fast these days, is shocking. Somehow it feels strange. We call it ‘traveling’, but in my opinion it is not. We just sit in the plane a few hours, and then we are at our destination. I don’t want to travel by plane, I want to see things. Meanwhile, I want to see where I’m traveling and the way to it. I want to see it, that’s all. Next year I really want to try going by train when I travel to our holiday with my friends. I’ll be alone then, so that’s a bit of a problem. By the time I’ll be 20, so I think I must be allowed by my parents. So, that’s my view of traveling. Today I had some things to do, so when I went home I went straight into work-mode. I had another order for my Loose webshop! I am so exited every time I get an order, this concept is growing!


First full day back in Enschede. It feels good, being back in a different climate. Nice and quiet, back to the old ways. Normally I am feeling quite down when I’m back in Enschede, the holiday feeling is over. But this year, I am content. I am content with the way things are and it feels good. My bed feels like heaven! Oh my, the beds in our appartement in Crete were giving such back pains. I’ve never had that before, that says enough I think. So now, sleeping in my own bed is heaven.


Another full day at work. After that I spend the whole night working on this blog. I wanted to change to whole lay-out. The old lay-out was unclear in my opinion, there were not many subcategories and I like having those. I think my old posts are just as important as the new ones and now they don’t get lost. Also, I changed the language as you can tell. I’ve had some questions the last few weeks, about why I wasn’t writing in English. It got me thinking. With this blog I want to inspire others. Others from Holland yes, but also all over the globe. And English is the most common language I speak. So I figured that this would be best to reach as many people as I can. I do have a translate option for all these posts, so the Dutch people who don’t speak English that well can translate. But I do believe most Dutch people are good at reading English.


I spend the full day working on the post for tomorrow. I calculated my impact on our environment. Now that I did that I want to be more accurate next year. I am planning on measuring every mile I travel and everything euro I spend. It’ll be a challenge, but that only makes it more fun. I picked the last tomatoes from my garden I think for this year, the temperature is going down. In a few weeks I’ll be sowing some new crops. The last few weeks I’ve been more active on the MilieuCentraal App, for the crops I do still buy. On this app you can see which crops are the most sustainable option in every season.



Today I started the day with yoga class. That always feels great and I wish yoga would be something in my daily routine. However, I am struggling to find time and the motivation. That sounds silly, I know. For the good things you must take time. We’ll see about that the coming weeks, I do want to make a change. I picked up a new book at the local library. Lending books is soooo much more sustainable than buying, since you share the book almost forever with many other people and you don’t buy the book new. In my opinion, if you buy a book about sustainability, you are kind of missing the point. But I guess it’s a learning progress for everyone.



My plan is to start sharing some more outfits of mine. Since I really want to show that you can dress up nice when you wear vintage fashion! Today I’m showing a picture here, but it’s only partly thrifted. Only the glasses (which aren’t visible that well) and the shirt. The whole outfit is from my mom haha, she wears thrifted fashion too! We have the same size and that’s awesome. Sharing is sustainable, right? Today I said goodbye to my niece, she is going to study in Oslo for 5 months and is coming back at Christmas. I really admire the courage it takes to just leave and chase your passion (for her education this time). Even though I am already spoiled and travel a lot, I only want to see more everywhere I go. Afterwards I went to the train to go to my boyfriend. It was around dinner, but I wasn’t prepared for food. I got a vegan sandwich with falafel, but it came with a paper wrapper. I managed to  refuse the napkin though. At least it’s less waste and no plastic. Always be prepared, that’s a lesson.


Today we went to visit a little old town, Elburg. That’s traveling too haha! In our own country. I lunched with some vegan peas soup, it was delicious and zero waste. We did some groceries for our dinner at friends. We managed to get the bread and veggies zero waste in my own bags! But, the meat (for them) and the vegan burgers (for me) came in plastic. And the French fries came in plastic. I wanted to make them myself from potatoes, but sometimes you have to compromise. I am always happy with the waste I do prevent. At night, we went to the movies. I took a drink in glass which will be recycled and picked popcorn in paper. About the popcorn I am not that happy I think. Normally I’d be happy that it isn’t plastic, but I want to higher my standards. If I have time next time, I’ll make some package free snacks myself and take it with me. But, they did have some bulk snacks at Pathé cinema, so if I take my own bag next time I’ll be fine!

Yours sincerely,


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