Weekly diary #6

Weekly diary #6

Hi, here I am with another weekly diary again! The past two weeks it was a little quiet here, besides the posts that appear on Monday. I was on holiday, I wrote about that here. Good news: I am not planning on leaving again anytime soon! Here’s weekly diary #6.


Because Sziget was so amazing, unbelievable, rememberable, special and so much more, I am not going to write about it today. I am going to write a blogpost about Budapest soon, in a new ‘hotspots’ category. I am excited about that, I can share all the sustainable hotspots I have visited myself. But about Sziget I’m going to write an evaluation soon as well. Anyway, today we traveled back to home, Enschede. And even though I missed my parents a lot, I didn’t want to go back. It was so, so amazing!



While I was at the airport yesterday, I already got a call again from work. And so today I worked for 8 hours. I am happy I was already rested enough, #not. But I survived! After work I fell asleep quite quick.


Another day at work, again for 8 hours. Afterwards I went into the city center of Enschede. I had a goodbye-event (what do you call such a thing?). One of my best friends is going to Australia for 6 months. It was a sad moment for me, but for him it will be amazing. I’m sure it will be an experience of a lifetime. Every person I spoke to who has traveled the world had said to me: if you ever have the chance, do it! I am already curious for his stories and I installed Skype again haha.


Work, again. This day not 8 hours, but 4. Afterwards I wrote a blogpost which appeared on Monday. I love that. Sitting in bed with my laptop, music on the background and writing. I’ve always loved writing. Not when it’s mandatory for a school assignment, those suck. But when I write things I want to write myself I really love it. Until I wrote these weekly diaries I used to write in physical diaries, but now I do it on here.


Another day at work, but only a morning shift. That left the rest of the day open for different things. My boyfriend came over and it was great to see him again after my holiday. We went into the city center to get my watch repaired en get my laptop checked-up. Repairing stuff is much more sustainable than buying new. The check-up for my laptop was good, I felt organized. We also went for lunch at Bagels & Beans, to try the new menu! I had the bagel with mushroom-kroketten (a Dutch snack). What a succes! It was very good hmmm (but I forgot to take a picture, sorry). It was not vegan unfortunately, but vegetarian. Next time I am going to try the vegan cheese bagel. At night I ate at Happy Italy again. Not vegan either, but vegetarian. They don’t offer vegan options yet. I did have vegan ice-cream afterwards! And we went bowling, but my score wasn’t really worth taking a picture haha.

happy italy 20-1


A day off! Yes! But I did get up early, to go to Madurodam. I had never been there and so I was excited. My grandpa had won four tickets and he gifted them to me! Madurodam is The Netherland in miniature. I went together with my boyfriend, brother and niece. Madurodam was all the way in Den Haag and so we were away from home for 12 hours. We did go by train, the most sustainable option.

Weekly diary #6


After a day off, it was time for work again. After work dad made us some amazing vegan taco’s! And now that I’m done writing this weekly diary I am going to the gym again. It’s time to pick that back up again.

What did you think of weekly diary #6?

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