Weekly diary #60: a week with way too many plastic fails

Hi there! Great that you’re reading this again. In this series I want to show you that living an eco-postive lifestyle, leaving the planet better behind than as it was when I came here, is fun and really not that hard! But, this past week I had some zero waste fails, but also a lot of wins of course! Do you want to read along? Here’s weekly diary #60.


Today after school went to have some drinks in Nijmegen. We also ate there, but they had no vegan options on the menu. So, I went with fries. I looked around the place to see how other got their sauces served, and it seemed to be in glass. But then, when my fries got served, they sauce was in plastic. Also, they gave me mayonnaise even though I asked for ketchup only. This all sounds kind of negative, but it’s important I learn from this. I should ask more when I order something. How do you serve it? Does is contain plastic? I assume things, and I shouldn’t. So, that’s a learning point for today.


Today I worked as a volunteer at the Food Bank again. I really enjoy it, but when I start my thesis in February I’ll have to quit again since I’ll be busy enough then. A shame, really. During lunchtime we usually eat fries there. I forgot to take my own lunchbox so I got my fries on a plastic plate. Sucks! Next time, I should not forget my lunchbox. Some of the people who come there as a client don’t take all the food they should. They leave it because they don’t like it or don’t know how to prepare it. So, at the end of the day there is still some food left which can’t be stored anymore. The volunteers can take it. I took some nice things which me, but it did feel kind of wrong. But, when we don’t eat it they’d have to throw it away. I think there should be some sort of free cooking class in Enschede, to learn people how to eat healthier. Maybe that’s a project for in the future, and also when I have more cooking skills myself! At night I made courgetti, a dish where you make spaghetti, but replace the spaghetti with zucchini. Healthier, because there are more vegetables. I really enjoyed it.



I worked the whole day and after that I blogged for a long while, working on some posts. I made pumpkin soup, a completely zero waste recipe! It was delicious and I’ll publish it soon! I also ate some baguette, with a zero waste dip. You just add some vegan mayonnaise in glass, some water and some spices of choice. Tadaaa, you have a zero waste and vegan dip. A nice and peaceful Saturday night.



Time for some trash picking! A friend of mine and I went around in a neighborhood which is known for the huge amount of trash laying around on the streets. Almost two full bags of trash, hello karma points! Trash picking gives you exercise and a good feeling, win-win right? A lot of people said to us how amazing they find what we do. It is great, but I always hope to inspire someone so they’ll do it sometime too! At lunchtime, me and my dad went to a game of FC Twente (our local soccer club), I got some tickets. We had tickets in the sky box, which is a more luxury place than the others. When we entered, I saw that drinks were served in glass. Great! Now I can enjoy a drink and not have plastic (you’re also not allowed to bring your own cup since they think you’ll throw it). But, when we went to the stand, they said that we should switch to plastic. Before I had a chance to drink it quickly, they had switched it. There I was, with a disposable cup. At night, me and a friend went to the cinema. Even though I have my tickets online, they print it at the desk. It is mandatory, and I can’t change that. Such a waste of paper and trees in my opinion. During the break, I went for a snack. Usually I make my own snacks at home, but I didn’t have anything. So, I went for popcorn in paper. But, then I realized: this popcorn never tastes the way it does when I make it myself. And then it clicked: this isn’t vegan, they use butter! How stupid of me to not have thought of that before. So, no more popcorn at the cinema. I’ll have to make sure I’ll make my own next time. The movie was amazing! Papillon is the name, and I’m planning on also reading the book. What an incredible story.


I decided not to set an alarm, to see how much sleep I’d need. I slept long, so there was no time for me to go to the gym, I had homework to do. At night I worked, but I did ask my boss if I could only work on Saturday still, and not on Mondays. I need more time. More time for things that really add value. Work is just work, and I need the money. If I need less money, I can work less. Simple.

Weekly diary #60


Such an exciting day, I’m applying for a thesis assignment! And after two hours I already got a call back. I’m invited for an interview! This made my day, really. I cut out some business cards, since I figured I really need them for Loose. Coming Saturday I’ll be on a local market to promote the zero waste lifestyle and my company Loose. I’m cutting out cards from our households’ trash, and I’ve ordered a stamp to make my own business cards! Not entirely zero waste (since I’d have to let the stamp made), but I think the best option here.

Weekly diary #60


I’m going to school early, to buy some things for the upcoming market on Saturday. I’m really excited myself, and hoping that other people will be too. The meal prepping for school is something that is on my mind today. I am not in control over our groceries. So, my dad buys me things for school. And sometimes they’re packaged. I know I have to let it go, but sometimes it’s hard for me. I am already grateful that he buys and cooks only vegan things for me, so the packaging thing isn’t something I should complain about. It is okay, for now. When I have my own place, I am in control. Today we ate a half vegan. The part with cheese was for dad and the part without cheese for me. Yes, vegan can eat together with non-vegans and it’s not hard.

Weekly diary #60

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