Weekly diary #62: I was interviewed again!

Hi there! Last week was exiting! I did have an positive impact by an interview and some volunteering! That’s what this blog is about, an eco-positive lifestyle. Leaving behind a more positive impact than negative. Do you want to read along? Here’s weekly diary #62.


Today the UN has published a report, which states we have 12 years left to do something about climate change, before it’s all too late. That is shocking. If we don’t do something, we’ll be past the tipping point. And that’s not something we can change. I don’t want to imagine what that that’ll be like. And the thing is, we have predictions, but we don’t know what’s exactly going to happen then. Extreme floods, drought, poverty, refugees, coral reefs dying, extreme high sea levels, no more ice glaciers and even more. So, that’s the bad news here. Really bad actually. But, there’s also good news! You have the power to do something. It’s easy to wait for someone else to change, while you don’t do anything yourself. If you follow my blog, you’ll find a lot of information here about what you can do, but I’ll sum up the most important things for you. 1. Don’t buy new stuff anymore. Thrift, lend, exchange or just make do. Once you stop buying new stuff (which I did) you’ll see that it’s really not that hard. And it saves you money haha. 2. Stop eating animal products, switch to a plant-based diet. There are so many delicious plant-based options out there, go experience them! You don’t have to make the complete switch at once, one step at the time is enough. Whatever you do, at least try. Since going vegan my fat percentage has dropped immensely (from 33% to 19%), I feel much more energetic, I don’t kill living beings anymore and save the earth. Sounds good right? 3. Don’t fly. Discover the world without that plane. Do road trips, go by train or go on a bicycle holiday! If you haven’t tried it before, how can you know it’s not your thing? Nearby home, there are plenty of places to discover still. We can do this together! Are you with me?


I had an interview planned with a student who asked me if she could interview me. She was doing a project about plastic pollution and also wanted to talk about solutions, and that’s where I came in! I can’t show it here due to privacy reasons. It was a nice interview and it gave me some good energy to go on! After that, I volunteered the whole day at the Food Bank again. It was a very good day, I enjoy volunteering there a lot.


Since I only had to work till 12 am today, I had a whole Saturday noon off! That does not happen very often, I love it! Saturdays are so good. I did not go to the farmers market however, because I still have so much food left from yesterday (the volunteers can take the fresh food which is not taken by the people at the Food Bank, because otherwise it’ll be thrown away). So, I still had a lot of saved and free food! I prepared some orders for Loose that day and I went to dinner afterwards. Oh my god it was soooo good. We went for sushi (my favorite dish of all times) and they had an allergy card. So, I could finally see which dishes were vegan and which were not. They had a lot of vegan options. This restaurant is awesome! It’s called Ginza in Enschede and I’m not ever going for sushi anywhere else! At another place in Eschede, Blue Sakura, I always had issues because they weren’t clear on which things were vegan and which weren’t. I didn’t like the service there. I am so happy I found this place! At night I played a game of handball and went out with friends. When we went to eat in the middle of the night I didn’t order anything because everything is served in plastic there (Jinõs), and so I refused to buy anything. Zero waste (and health haha!) win!


Today I worked. After work, I had an order for Loose! Even though those orders are work, it doesn’t feel like it because I love it so much. I feel like I am making a change and I have big plans for the future! If you’re living in Enschede, you can order package free groceries in my webshop here.


I am free from school for a full week. The past weeks have been busy, so I really need some time to do what I like now. Today, I am going to Harderwijk, to my boyfriend. I was reading a book about meditation in the train, but decided to quit. Lately, I quit books a lot more, I’ve become more critical. I want to enjoy every book, and if I don’t, it’s going back to the library. This book was waaaay to deep and floaty for me. I could not relate to it, even though I try to meditate every day now. I lend it from the local library, which I always do. Remember? You don’t need to buy anything new. In Harderwijk we went walking through the forest there, I love being out in nature.

Tuesday and Wednesday

I am still in Harderwijk and today we took a long time to go biking. I love biking even more than walking, but we do both haha. My boyfriend likes walking more. Today and tomorrow my diary is not that special. I didn’t do that much, but I loved it! It is great to sit back and relax some days.

Yours sincerely,

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