Weekly diary #66: a black weekend due to Black Friday

Hi there! Welcome back to my weekly diary, in which I want to show you how I live with as little negative impact as possible and as big a positive impact as possible! Eco-postive living, what does it look like and what do I do? The past week I sold something instead of throwing it away, I picked up some ‘trash’ and worked at the Food Bank. Want to read along? Here’s weekly diary #66.


When I step into the train, I see a newspaper lying on the seat. So, I take it and read it. And what’s the highlight? Black Friday. The past weeks it’s been black Friday, Black Friday, Black Friday. And I agree. It is a black day, a really dark, dark day. I hate it for two reasons. 1. It makes people think they need things even though they don’t. Just because something is on sale, people all of a sudden want it. So, on Black Friday, the whole country massively buys things they don’t need. That causes climate change and we all know we should not want that. Second, it puts pressure on workers even more, especially in fashion. We now know (if you’ve looked into the subject) that cheap fashion does come at a price, the price of someone’s life on the other side of the world. And that is on a ‘normal’ day. So, when black Friday comes, the pressure is even higher because of the high demand. So, that’s why I hate black Friday. I am disgusted by the footage of people pushing over other people and fighting just to get items that are on sale. Stuff is just stuff. You can live without 90% of it. And if you really need something and then wait for Black Friday to buy it (and so you’ve thought about it very well), I get it. If you really need it. We should really focus more on relationships and experiences, not on stuff. Stuff costs you money, and money is time (because you work for it). So, when you buy a cheap t-shirt you don’t really need you give up free time for a t-shirt. Now, let that sink in.


So, I don’t think I have to tell you I did not buy anything on Black Friday. That’s a 100% discount, you know. Instead, I worked the full day at the Food Bank and did something for the less fortunate people among us. Fuck you, Black Friday.


And so, the shitshow goes on. They’ve extended the whole Black Friday thing till Monday, so I won’t go near the city center these days. It bothers me to see these kinds of practices. I worked the full day, for 10 hours. Now, that’s a 100% discount again (and I gained money). At night I watched some Youtube video’s and went to be early.


Today a handball match was scheduled. We lost the game unfortunately, with 20-24. Not that big of a difference, but losing is never really fun. At noon, someone from Marktplaats (similar to Ebay) came to my house, because I sold a painting that was hanging up my room. I did not like it anymore for a long time, so I decided to get rid of it. The man told me his daughter really loved London (the painting is a photo from London) and so would be very happy with it. Now, that’s all I wanted. All I wanted is for this piece not to go to the trash. The money usually does not even matter to me, I got 11 euros for it. I now have a huge blank space on the wall, but I’ll see what I’ll do with that. I pay regular visits to thrift shops, so maybe I’ll find something soon. But, maybe I’ll leave the space blank, it does not really bother me. At night I watched Tegenlicht (a Dutch program which addresses important issues in society) and it was about the unconditional basic income as they call it. I’ve been a fan for a while now, and it really bothers me that we don’t have a system like that. Since so many people work too much and hate their job (or think it is useless), if we had it I think society would be so much more beautiful. People should love every day of their lives, and not live for a holiday or their retirement. When I see people in the train in the morning I sometimes wonder who is really (and I mean really) exited for that day, and who would like to work less or other work. I bet you the number is high.


Starting the week at the gym, that’s always a good feeling. I also mended some of my clothing today! Because clothing is so cheap these days, we usually throw something away when it is broken or torn. Today I repaired a piece of clothing, so I can wear it again. Zero waste! It also makes you crafty, you know. I am building up some skills, and I really love that too. At night, I went to my boyfriend. And I have a confession to make! I did buy something today, on ‘cyber monday’. I’ve wanted it for a long time, and I discovered that they had sale today too. Which I did not expect because it is a fair fashion brand. And so, I ordered something and I’ll let you know soon enough what it is! I do feel kind of hypocrite because I bought something after all.


My handball is broken, I think I’ve mentioned it a while ago. It has a leak and nobody knows how to repair that (which is quite weird actually, now that I think of it). Fortunately, a team member of mine had two. One she always uses, and the other one was an old one she did not use anymore. Great! She gave it to me and now I can use it. I offered her money, but she did not want to take it. So, I now got a very good handball for free. What secondhand stuff can do for you!


I found another hair tie in the train today. I pick those up regularly, when I see them lying around. It saves me money, ánd another piece of ‘trash’ is not on the streets any longer. I never buy hair ties anymore. I pick them up, wash them by hand or put them in the pocket of jeans and put them into the laundry. Et voilá, perfect hairties.

Yours sincerely,

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