Weekly diary #7

Hi, great that you’re back to read this weekly diary again! Here’s weekly diary #7.


My intentions to get up at 8 AM and work out have faded a little the past few weeks. And so I got back on track again. I also had to work straight after and so I felt fresh at work. They say you feel better in general when you exercise regularly and I truly believe that. I feel more energized. After work I packed my bags, I’m going to Mysteryland!


At 6 AM the alarm ran and jee, that’s early. But it was for something exciting, I was going to the Mysteryland Festival in Hoofddorp (in The Netherlands). It’s about 3 hours by public transportation. I had to be there at 10 AM because I am volunteering at the festival this year. I knew what to expect because I also did it last year! Today the plan was to set up my tent, welcome the first camping guests and party at night!


Camping at a festival isn’t really my thing this way. I must tell you: never ever buy an inflatable pillow. It seems convenient, but don’t do it, I speak from a place of experience. I woke up fresh, #not. As a volunteer, you get free access to the festival and camping for 3 days. In return you work a 3-hour-shifts on Friday and 6-hour-shifts on Saturday and Sunday. I was on the Green Team, which means that we keep the festival clean. But we are mostly there to bring across a message: please recycle your waste and don’t throw it onto the ground! It suits me just right.


A new day, a new shift and so a new party. Lovely! The weather was amazing this past weekend too. By the way, you get styled just before your shifts too, which is amazing. Then you’re really a part of the Green Team! Today my boyfriend and some friends also came over to the festival too. After my shifts I had a great time with them. ‘Vunzige deuntjes’ was my favorite stage! Did you know that Mysteryland is one of the most sustainable festivals? They even won prices.

Weekly diary #7


Mysteryland is over and I’m going back home. With some help I managed to pack up my tent again (which I borrowed from a friend). That was a real challenge! When I arrived at the train station my train was delayed. On the app it said that I therefore couldn’t make my transit. But, I don’t give up that easily! I felt like Usain Bolt haha, and I did make it! Luckily, because I had to work in Enschede. After work I went out to eat some sushi with friends, I loved it! Sushi is my absolute favorite food.

Weekly diary #7


Another business meeting! Currently, I am working on a business plan, because I want to become an entrepreneur. I had some questions and so this meeting was great. I feel good, I’m almost there! Afterwards I went to Het Rutbeek in Enschede, a lake, where we swam and spend some time in the sun. I love these summer days! Then it was time for work again. After work I had another goodbye event, just like last week. A friend of mine is moving to Groningen. For me that isn’t much fun. The party was fun though. In the middle of the night I picked up my boyfriend from the train station, he is coming over.


A day off! Sleeping longer! Today I could get the day off because I do have to work the rest of the week. I went into the city center to the Broodbode (a sandwich bar). That’s because I had never been there and so we went to try it out. I had a lovely vegan salad and smoothie. At first I was a bit scared because it was a spinach smoothie. A while back I tried a carrot juice at Bagels & Beans and I didn’t like that at all. But this smoothie was amazing! Probably because it was a smoothie with multiple things and not just a juice. I ordered it without a straw and they didn’t give me one, great! Besides the napkin, a zero waste lunch.

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