Weekly diary #70: It’s Christmas time!

Hi there! Welcome into my weekly diary in which I want to show you how I try to live an eco-postive lifestyle. The goal is to do more good than bad in my daily life. What you do with that information, is up to you! But, I hope to inspire you a bit hihi. The past week I promoted my eco-friendly business, celebrated Christmas fully vegan and I had some low impact gifts! Here’s weekly diary #70.


The last school day of 2018! We worked a lot of hours to get a project finished together. When I was home, I had delivered two orders for Loose, my package free webshop! After that, I was free of handball training. I decided to do some Christmas shopping instead! We had made lists, to give each other something (which my family really wanted) we actually need, and not just something random. I bought the things my stepdad wanted today. I bought all the things new, which is not low impact. But, I feel like it is not my choice with gifts. I don’t know if people want something secondhand or not. It’s okay though, I am not always in control. I also did some shopping for the Christmas dinner. Since I eat vegan, I do my own groceries. We are going to raclette, so everybody can choose what they eat. I wanted to keep it low waste, but it didn’t really work out because I have no time this week to go to the organic farmers market and I was limited to the supermarket. In the supermarket got a cauliflower all loose, so that’s good, I can grill iy. I also really wanted something special for Christmas, so I took green asparagus with me. They were packed in plastic, unfortunately (I later found out that another supermarket had them loose, so that’s a tip for next year!). I also really wanted to try some new vegan pate I had found, also in plastic. But, I never feel bummer about the plastic around meat replacements. That’s because there is no replacement for it, yet. I bought some teriyaki sauce in glass, for over the cauliflower. I also wanted to make my own vegan peanut sauce, so I bought coconut milk in a can (100% recyclable) and peanut butter in glass  (also 100% recyclable) with a plastic lid. Soon I want to make it myself because when you buy it ready it has plastic around it and all these additives I feel like I don’t need. In the end, it is not plastic free when I make my own due to the plastic lid from the peanut butter, but it’s still less than the ready one.


I am in for a busy couple of days. Today, I am working for the Food Bank as a volunteer. This always feel good, but now that Christmas is coming it feels even better! At the end of the day there is always a lot of food left that the clients won’t take, some people just don’t show up. I took some of those things home so they won’t be wasted. After all, I can use them for Christmas! I took some mushrooms, hummus, bake off bread, onions, carrots and potatoes. That’s a lot rights? At night, I packed the Christmas gifts I bought. I packed them in old paper I still had left, this paper I got when I adopted some plants. Reused! To give them a little bit extra, I cut some leafs from the garden and put those on the gifts. I am happy with the result!


I was scheduled for work from 7 am till 5 pm. But, because it wasn’t as busy as expected,  I was free at 1 pm. As it turned out, I did have time to go to the farmers market. I went there and bought only package free mushrooms in my own bag, since I had already bought a lot in the supermarket. A bummer, but that happens. I also had a lot of work for school lying around, so I spent the rest of the day doing that. At 9 pm I was totally done, and at 10 pm I went to bed.


A very exciting day! Today I stood on the Local Sunday Market in Enschede to promote Loose, my package free webshop! It was raining all day, but a lot of people showed up! I sold a lot of things, and it feels so amazing now that I know a lot of waste will not be created due to those things! It was an exiting day, I met many like minded people too and I’ll probably collaborate with some other entrepreneurs too! This day took me a lot of preparation, but it was all worth it. Let’s bring Loose to another level.

Weekly diary #70


Today I had another day of work scheduled, from 7 am till 5 pm. The fourth day in a row I am working now, whether that is school, work, or Loose. At 5 pm I was exhausted! I had planned to do some things for school still, but I was all done. It was Christmas eve and it is time for a well-deserved holiday! Let’s celebrate all that this year has been and take some time to be thankful for all of it!


Christmas day! Yaaaass, I’ve been looking forward to this day for a long time. Games with the family, some special gifts (I don’t always like gift giving because it is not sustainable, but this year was gooood), lovely vegan food and family time! It felt good to give some gifts this year, and I also received some great things! I got some noble yeast flakes, a mixer (new, but from a Christmas gift set from work), a secondhand alarm clock and some stainless steel clips to keep food fresh when it’s opened (something I can use very well for Loose). I am very happy with all these gifts, especially the alarm clock. It’s a Philips wake-up light, it has a light and some soothing noises to wake you up slowly, instead of all at once very abrupt by an alarm. I am so excited to use it, but I’m also exited because I don’t need to the coming days, since I am freeee! The raclette was great, grandma came over too and I had fun and felt very blessed today!


Second Christmas day! Today I celebrated it with dad (yesterday was at mom’s), my boyfriend came over too. At noon, we went for a walk in a forest. I loved it, so soothing! At night, we also did raclette there! Grandma and granddad came over too and it was much fun! Christmas is a great time to count your blessings and be with family, I love it!

I hope you had a great Christmas! 

Yours sincerely,

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