Weekly diary #72: decluttering and getting rid of stuff

Hi there! You’re looking at my weekly diary. In this diary I want to show you how I try to live an eco-positive lifestyle and so how that looks on a daily basis. The past week I had some orders for my package free webshop, I finally worked out again and decluttered my room! Want to read along? Here’s weekly diary #72.


Time to go back home, after such a long time at my boyfriend’s place. I had planned on finishing all my homework from school before the holiday began, but that did not work out. So, today I did some homework for school and I feel more relaxed afterwards. A good planning always helps me. When I came home I actually found out one of my aloe vera plants had died. Such a sin. I’m guessing it died because I gave it too much water. The upper part was very dry, but near the roots the sand was quite wet. I don’t know, I’m not a good plant lady, yet! These two I got for my birthday two years ago, so I still have the other one. The remaining one I put in the sun and I won’t water it for a while. I also cut out some business cards again for Loose. I make my own business cards out of trash, you can read more about it in this blogpost.


My boss asked me to work all day and since I really want to start saving from this month on, I said yes, I can use the money. Also, during my thesis I won’t get paid so I need to save extra. At night, I had a birthday party of one of my best friends. It was a fun night, with zero plastic waste. We gave him a dinner for his birthday, we (our friend group) try to gift experiences as much as we can, since it is so much more fun.


I was free from work, but I had a lot of plans today, I wanted to be productive! First, I went to the gym again. I can’t really remember the last time I went and that’s extraordinary. This holiday I really chilled too much. It felt very good to work out again, it makes me feel like I take good care of my body. I asked my parents to save up some used grounds, so I can grow my own mushrooms on there. I bought a kit a long time ago, and I want to see if it’ll work. Growing my own food is one of my hobbies so I’m very excite! Turning waste into a new product1 I did some groceries at the market, an organic stand I always go to. I got some veggies for this week. And then I went to the Albert Heijn for some soy milk. I really want to make my own nut milk soon, but I just keep delaying it. It will prevent some more waste from coming into our house. I also decluttered my room again. I think of myself as a minimalist, but every time I go through my room I still find things to get rid of. This is quite funny, because last time I thought I was done. I guess you’re never done when you’re minimalist, you have to keep asking questions. Does this add value to my life? I got rid of a few things. A cable which I still had lying around which wasn’t working. 3 mp3 players! Who needs mp3 players these days, you can just listen to music on your phone? Two are still working fine, one of them has the screen broken but the music works fine. I put the 2 good working ones online for sale, but nobody seemed to want it. Some Diddl! I don’t know if you know Diddl, but it’s basically paper with some cute animals on it, for collection, I collected it when I was younger. These I also put online for sale, but no one wanted that either. I had some stickers from it, envelopes, some post cards, some paper bags, some paper and a folder in which it was all stored. In my room I also had this drawer of theme party clothing. I used to wear these things when there was a theme party and somehow, I saved them for ‘what if I need them again’. They’re going out since I haven’t worn them in 3 years. And finally, a book I once got as a result of a membership, it’s about Facility Management (what I’m currently studying). I put it for sale online, but nobody wanted it. Okay, so those things are going out, but to where? I don’t want to send these things to landfill. The cable and the mp3 with the broken screen are going to the recycling center for electronics. Some of the ‘theme party clothing’, the 2 still good mp3 players, the folder in which my Diddl was stored and the Facility Management book are all going to the secondhand store. They’re good items which in my opinion, someone else can get value from. The paper, post cards and envelopes from Diddl will be used by me. I kept them for a collector to sell it too, but I can just use them as the things they are, postcards, paper and envelopes. Also, I had stickers from Diddl, which I was not going to use. Consequently, I decided to send them to a local primary school. I went to that school and I remember that when I did my grammar or maths good, I got a sticker. I just hope they can use it. The remaining theme party clothing are going to the textile recycling bin. I did some research and asked, and the clothes that go into these are checked by a secondhand store and if they can’t use it, it will be made into other materials, like isolating material for a home. I feel very good about this, my room is, for now, free of clutter.


Since I did a lot yesterday (more than I mentioned, but I only want to emphasize the important things), I had a quiet day today. I worked out again (with some muscle strain from yesterday of course haha), baked myself some pancakes and did some more homework. We as a family went to my niece’s birthday that day. As a vegan, I barely ever eat cake at birthday’s since they’re almost never vegan. But, that felt quite good. I’ve always chosen savory over sweet food and so I eat waaay less cake now. That makes it more special when I do. At night, I had another order for Loose, which was great! My boyfriends came over later and we walked my dog, Darco. He was definitely impressed by all the trash laying around on the streets (waiting to be picked up) and so was I!



Everybody is starting ‘normal’ life again, but I am still free. Every Monday I am free from school. I went to the gym, did some homework, made some calls, did some administration for Loose and then went to my boyfriend by train. I almost always travel by train, it’s the most sustainable option for me. And I love it, I can read in the train and listen to podcasts too. Right now, I’m really into the podcast of the Minimalists.


Since my boyfriend works full time, I’m going back home today already. In the train I did some homework. That is really a tip from me. If you travel by train, make use of your time! Then you’ll be free at home for other things. I did some groceries for Loose again and I’m very happy to say almost all of my selection is bought in bulk plastic free now too! So, the stock acquisition is now almost completely plastic free too. For the customer and for the business! This is amazing. My first step in this business was buying in bulk. That meant sometimes in plastic too. Now, this next step is getting everything in paper. I recycle all of it properly, and maybe even reuse it. After this is all perfect, I’ll go to the next step. Doing stock acquisition completely package free too, with some sort of trade system of packaging. At night, I had the first handball training of the year again, that feels good!


After the holiday, it is time for me to go back to school. You’d say I feel bad about that. But! I am very excited. I am learning to think of it as a huge privilege, as it is. There are people on this planet dreaming of going to school while they can’t, so I should appreciate it. After school I prepared some orders for Loose and I decided to go work out. In the evening! I never go the gym in the evening, I like it in the morning better. But, today I felt like going.

Yours sincerely,

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