Weekly diary #73: I was interviewed by a local tv and radio company!

Hi there! Welcome back into my weekly diary. This diary is about my journey to an eco-positive lifestyle. I want to do more good than bad in my life and with these weekly diaries I want to show you what that looks like in my daily life. The past week I went out to dinner and had a vegan fail, donated plasma and got interviewed by a local radio and tv company, 1Twente about Loose! Want to read along? Here’s weekly diary #73.


I went to school today. I prepared a presentation for it, but it turned out we have something else planned. That was quite a bummer, time wasted. When I got home it was time for cuddles! Cuddles with my sweet dog, Darco. I am curious if I’ll still have a pet when I live by myself one day. Also, I cut out some business cards (again haha, life of an entrepreneur) today and went off. I had two orders for Loose today and I was so excited about that! Since I had an order near a friend, I came over to her house. The older I get, the less time I seem to have for friends and that is a shame. So, I figured I could incorporate a visit better this way.


I finally slept long again since I worked at the Food Bank today from 11 till 7 today. It was a good day, but I felt very tired still. It is almost the last time at the Food Bank since I’ll be starting my thesis in February. But, for now, I’ve made some positive impact today!


I worked only from 7 till 12 today. There are not many hours available these days which sucks for me because I can work less. When I got home, I was planning on watching a new Netflix Series about the Marie Kondo method. I watched the full season in one day after that, so there’ll be a blogpost coming up soon enough haha! I. Love. It. In the end, I really needed to do something productive today, so I did two hours of work for school and at night I went to a friend. As I said, I am really trying to make more time for friends, at least once a week. A new goal, and it is going very well so far. It was a lovely night as we played Rummikub like two old ladies haha!


Time for the first match of the handball season! I am always excited to play, but this game finally went so well. We lost, unfortunately, but it was such a good game. We are at place 11 in the ranking (last) and they are 1 (first). So, for us to lose with 15-14 was not bad at all. I was very proud of us! However, I did have a huuuge blister on my foot afterwards. I just hope my sock was curled up or something, I don’t want to buy new shoes (or even look for it). We’ll see about that next week. When I got home I finally saw that my mushroom-fungi are starting to grow in the kit! Yes, this means it’s working! I am going to grow my own mushrooms on waste soon!


Due to my blister, I decided not to work-out today and give my foot some rest. Caring for yourself is important and I try not to demand too much of myself, since walking wasn’t quite pain-free yet. I did plan on doing something else, giving plasma! At the Blood Bank I donate plasma, as much as I can. It takes about two hours, so it is some good me-time as well. To think, plan and get things straight. This, while you are doing something for someone else. Hello positive impact! Since I was pretty bruised up already due to yesterday’s game and had some headaches too, I was quite done after the donation. Hopefully I feel better tomorrow. I went to my boyfriend that evening too.

Weekly diary #73


A big day! We as a class organized an event today at school. It was a long, but very good day! Afterwards, we went to go bowling and dining together with our class. The concept was to grill your own food, so they had some veggies for me set apart. They also had some vegetarian things, but the vegetarian in our group wasn’t coming. We asked what they would do with it if we did not want it. They would throw it away just like that. So, I ate some vegetarian things too that night. But, I am okay with this. I just didn’t want it to be thrown away. I always have a hard time in these situations. When it’s vegetarian, I sometimes eat it, but sometimes I don’t. Depends on my mood I guess.


After coming home last from yesterday’s dinner, I got up early for another long but very good day. However, once I stepped in the train I had a lot of tummy pain. I went on the whole noon. Maybe it was from the food from yesterday, but I don’t know. Maybe my stomach can’t take vegetarian food anymore, only vegan? I wonder. Anyway, once back home I did my chores and headed off. Because, I had an interview planned for today! Someone wanted to interview me for Loose, that is so cool! I’ll post it as soon as I get it. At night, I had a work meeting planned and that was it. Pfew, a long day.

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