Weekly diary #77: An article in a local newspaper!

Hi there! Welcome back into my weekly diary. In this diary I want to show you how I try to live an eco-positive life and what that looks like on a daily basis. The past week was crazy! I started my thesis semester, was mentioned in a local newspaper and I went through my weekly trash again. Want to read along? Here’s weekly diary #77.


Once back in Enschede (I was in Harderwijk at my boyfriend), I went to my grandma and grandad. Grandma is getting surgery tomorrow and so I wanted to come by and wish her good luck. Family time is important. I got a message from my boyfriend with a picture from yesterday’s sushi date haha. Can you tell I enjoyed it? Vegan sushi is the best. I was also looking for a new good snack today. So, I made some roasted chickpeas in the oven. It was delicious and so a recipe will be coming up soon! It’s vegan and zero waste.



Today was crazy! As I said in weekly diary #67, a reporter came by Monday to shoot some pictures for Loose to be on the cover of an article in the newspaper! So, today was the day. I bought the newspaper first thing in my break (I had to work). It was a great article but I would like to clarify one thing: there is plastic on the picture. Bulk plastic. I am transitioning from plastic bulk packaging to full paper bulk packaging and so I still have some plastic which was on that picture he took. I said to him that this should be mentioned, but they left it out unfortunately. So, I was a little scared of all the comment that would come, but all the reactions were amazing! Everybody was so exited and loved the concept. I got overloaded by sweet messages and I was over the moon about it. Zero waste is getting more attention! I made a ‘in the media‘ page where you can see the full article (in Dutch). For this article I got interviewed and this audiofile came online today too on some very well known websites, these you can find too at that ‘in the media’-page. It was such an amazing day and I want to thank everybody here for all the great responses!



Another workday, but not a long one. When I came home I hung my rug (the one I bought secondhand) outside, because the smell was awful! It smelled like smoke. I hoped the wind would do the job but it didn’t. I got some great zero waste tips from followers on Instagram though. So, next Monday I will put some baking soda on it and then vacuum that off. If that won’t work I can also put it into the freezer. I was also very exited today because I finally found plastic free dolmades! These are one of my favorite things to eat, like ever. I had eaten them a lot in Greece on our holiday since it was a local dish. In Spain I found them too in a can, something I had never seen before. Back in the Netherlands I could not found them plastic free in a can, so I was sort of bummed about that. But today I did! At the store where I work myself haha! We’re closing 16 februari to switch to another owner, so it will probably go out of the product range. So, I bought all 6 that were still left in stock haha. I am happy, but also hope they will come back! At night I took a bath. Not very sustainable, but one of the things I allow myself to have sometimes.


Today was such a good relaxing day. I slept until late and did some blogging. Then I had a handball match which we lost (yes, again). At night I watched some TV and that is the end of my holiday.


Today is the official starting day of my thesis semester. For the first time, I am doing just one project for a full semester and the pressure is on. A company is counting on me to do well and that is something which really puts pressure on me. I have a plan, which is good. I will work every weekday on it, for as long I can (8 hours a day doing research is just hard so I will see how many hours I can do). Every Friday I will be at my thesis company to see what’s going on and discuss my weekly progress. I am ready to do this! It will be a great semester to focus on myself as well. Since I can plan my own time I have enough time to go to the gym daily, meditate daily and eat healthy. It will be a good semester I think, with a lot of personal growth!


From now on I am afraid my weekly diary will be the same all 18 weeks coming from now, since I’ll do the same every day. So, today I went to the school library to work on my thesis. At night I had handball training which is such a good way to clear your mind from all the things you’ve been doing that day, I really enjoy it. I also went through my personal (so not from our whole household) weekly trash again today and there is only one thing in there: a letter from the government. It’s about taxes and I am not able to cancel that letter so it’s okay. I will reuse or recycle it.



To start the day I went to the gym early to do some yoga class. Then I went home, changed, and off to the library! Another thesis day. At night, grandpa came by to have dinner with us. I realized that we almost never do that. When I live by myself one day I hope I will invite people to dinner regularly, since it’s some good quality time with friends and family. As I said, I had put some baking soda on that rug I bought, and it has not worked quite well. It hasn’t done the full job, so I will put on a new layer of baking soda soon (the idea I mentioned about the freezer is good as well, but our freezer is full at the moment, so). And hopefully, the smell will be gone then!

How has your week been?

Yours sincerely,

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