Weekly diary #78: Sending a big thing to landfill

Hi there! Welcome back into my personal diary. This diary is about living an eco-positive life, trying to do more good than bad. The past week I had my first day at my thesis-company, went out to dinner and had some lovely vegan food and finally won a handball match! Want to read along? Here’s weekly diary #78.


I almost forgot today, since it’s been a while, but I had class today. These are the final classes of my education, ever. That is such a weird thing, really. Time flies! The classed were about the thesis semester (the final one) and it gave me some more confidence. Let’s do this! Also, today is Valentines day. We never really celebrate it, but I send a card. My boyfriend gave me flowers, how sweet! A simple gesture is okay to me, not a big thing, since I feel like you should make your loved one feel loved every day, not just on Valentines day. I am one happy lady with my man. Also, today I went to a secondhand shop. I brought a whole bag of clothes there which I didn’t want anymore. I also bought some things, but more about that soon! The items they didn’t take at the secondhand store I brought to the Clothing Bank (where people with a low income can get clothes for free).


Today is my first day at my thesis company. We’ve come to agree that I work 4 days a week in the library and one day at the company. I don’t know If I have told you before what that company does, but it’s a firm that grows oyster mushrooms on grounds. They’re basically making a new product out of waste! Amazing, and totally what I’d like to support! From those oyster mushrooms they make snacks (Dutch bitterballen) and I get to write a marketingplan for them. If you’re interested in sustainability in any kind of way, this would really be a tip for you. Work for a company that does something with sustainability, I can really recommend putting your energy into your hobby. It was a great day since a local newspaper came by to film. It was exiting.


Yesterday, I went to my boyfriend since I’ll be free today. We went to pick up his parents at the airport, they went to Sri Lanka for a month. The stories were great and really make me exited to go travel myself someday. I would like to travel the world by train! The plane is not an option for me anymore, since it’s not sustainable. My boyfriend had a football match after that and I just Netflixed and chilled haha. So relaxing! When he came back he had hurt is ankle and couldn’t walk anymore. We called of the Bowling, since we planned on doing that. But instead, we played some board games with friends! It was fun.


I went back home, alone, since my boyfriend couldn’t even walk. I went by train, since I had a handball match. It was my grandpa’s birthday, so we went to dinner today. I usually call when I go out to dinner, since I eat vegan. That way the chef is always prepared. But today I wasn’t sure if we were really going to have dinner, so I didn’t. However, they had vegan options on the menu! That is a rare thing in our city. I was exited about it. I had a sushi roll as a starter and a beet burger as a main. It was delicious!


The alarm ring at 5:50. Today I went to Veghel for a kick-off day. The supermarket where I work is switching from owners, and so now we’re becoming a Jumbo (a Dutch supermarket). We went to their headquarters and learned more about the company. It was a long but quite fun day. They made a vegan lunch for me, since I had asked before we went there. Turned out I just got some iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and paprika. Quite boring actually, I am not a rabbit you know. Eating vegan can be fun, you know, just not this way. Anyway, at least I had a plant-based, whole food lunch.


Today some people from the secondhand store came by to pick up a mattress. At least, I thought so. They could not take it because my dad had already removed the slipcover. That’s a bummer, because now it had to go to landfill. That’s a big amount of waste for today. However, I can’t change it since I don’t know what else to do with it. I edited a video for my thesis company and I am really thinking about starting vlogging since I enjoyed it so much. That way I can make this weekly diary even more visual. What do you think? Anyway, I went through my personal weekly trash again. I have some things this week. These are my personal things, so not the waste from our household (since I don’t have control over that. First thing is a piece of ¬†light metal which is from my necklace which I broke by accident. Aluminium can go with plastic in our area, so I will recycle it. The rest is all paper. A paper with an assignment from school (unavoidable, but I did tell the teacher about my unhappiness about it, I mean, we all have laptops), a letter from my bank (affirming that I cancelled the account, again unavoidable), a small paper from the secondhand store (unavoidable, you always get these when you hand in clothes, it’s mandatory) and a letter from work (unavoidable, since we’re in the middle of a transition to becoming another firm. The paper I will reuse or recycle. I currently recycle a lot of paper, because I still have a lot of paper. I will use up all of it, and then I will use waste, since I don’t want piles of paper lying around in my room.


I went to a friend to pick up a book I had to borrow. Borrowing and buying secondhand is sustainable, since I don’t have to buy a new one. The rest of the day is quite boring for you, since I had to work all day till late.

How has your week been?

Yours sincerely,

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