Weekly diary #79: Two meetings for my package free online shop

Hi there! Welcome back into my weekly diary. In this diary I want to show you what me trying to live eco-positive looks like on a daily basis. The past week was very low waste, I had a lot of free time and I had two business meetings for Loose. Want to read along? Here’s weekly diary #79.


Today I had an exiting meeting scheduled! I am working hard to expand Loose, so more people can get access to package free groceries. I can’t tell too much about it just yet, but I am happy with the result. Business meeting are always a bit scary, I get out of my comfort zone. I know that is good, but I have to watch out that I don’t do that too often. When I go out of my comfort zone too many times a week I tend to feel overwhelmed and all I want to do is lock myself up in my room and watch Netflix. Does anyone recognize that feeling? At night I went to friends after a cancelled handball training. The goal I set on spending at least one time a week with friends or family is going well I think. I am trying to focus on what’s important.


Another day at my thesis company. It’s the second week and I feel very good about it! We adjusted the overall goal a bit and it feels like I am doing well. One step at a time and the end result will be amazing! My tip for students: do a meal prep when going to school or internship! Zero waste lunching does not have to be hard. Preparing your lunch makes a huge difference, and it saves you money too. Today was a short but productive day, and now it is time for weekend! At night we (my boyfriend and I) went out for drinks with some friends but I was so tired. Working on a computer all days is more draining than I thought.



I am still free this weekend, because the store where I work is still being renovated. The weather is amazing, but I haven’t taken one step outside today. I feel a bit bad about that, I really should walk and bike some more when the weather is good. Anyway, this weather did make sure I am in a good mood, so that’s a plus. I just need a little bit more vitamin D. Today I worked on my thesis today (yes, in the weekend) since I was at my boyfriends’ place and he wasn’t home all day. I made some good progress and that feels good too.


Sunday funday! We went out today to go biking! I love biking, especially at the Veluwe (a part of the Netherlands with a lot of nature). We biked for about 3 hours and we did some groceries on our way. Unfortunately we didn’t have a bag with us (my worst nightmare). But Albert Heijn now has reusable bags which you can buy. So, we bought two of the small ones and I am committed to making use of these for a lifetime. They are made out of polyester, but it was the best solution we could think of in the store. Once back home we made vegan apple pie! You can make vegan apple pie very low waste, maybe I’ll share a recipe soon. This was not entirely plasticfree, because I bought an Alpro pack for making soy whipped cream. I wanted to try that and it was sooo good! I still don’t understand why people eat animal products. The replacements are so delicious! For dinner my father in law bought a new kind of vegan meat which was delicious! I barely buy meat replacements myself since they’re packed in plastic, so trying out new things this way (being a guest) is great. Now I know what is worth buying and what’s not.


As I have told you before some days can be boring in this weekly diary. I worked on my thesis, as I will for the coming 15 weeks. But, something else exiting happened today! Me and my boyfriend booked a hotel for a weekend Berlin in April. Discovering new places, it is something I love doing. Seeing new places without a plane, it is very well possible. There are so many places in Europe yet to discover. So, Berlin, here we come!


Today I had a meeting for my thesis project. It was good and as I said before, I am making small progress every day. I was very early for the meeting so at the station I sat in the sun for 30 minutes listening to podcasts. It was lovely mindful moment, enjoying everything right then and there. At noon I went home and I got a new book in the library. I was quite done with my previous book, I didn’t finish it because I just wasn’t interested anymore, I decided to quit it even though I only had two chapters left. I just don’t want to waste time on things I don’t like. It was quite a philosophical book and too wordy. Time for something new (my list of want-to-reads is miles long anyway)! I also made the ‘Vegan ‘tuna’ salad‘ I shared last Monday. I love it and so I eat it frequently.

Weekly diary #79


I met up with another student today to discuss our thesis progress. After that I worked on  the thesis myself and at noon I had another business meeting for Loose, my online package free shop. I can’t tell much about this either, but I am making progress. It’s good to talk to like-minded people anyway. After dinner, I made some steps on getting my worm bin finally done. I am almost done and I will write a blogpost about it soon. A worm bin is good for composting your food scraps. There is less waste and you can use the compost for your garden. Now that is zero waste! I usually go through my personal trash in this weekly diary too, but this week it’t zero, yes!

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