Weekly diary #81: I went to a Bastille concert!

Hi there! Welcome back into my personal, weekly diary. I try to live an eco-positive lifestyle. That means I don’t want to do any harm to the planet and the living beings on it, but I do want to contribute in a positive way. In this weekly diary I want to show you what that looks like on a daily basis. The past week I passed my theoretical exam for my drivers license, had an exiting meeting for Loose (my package free webshop) and I went to a Bastille concert! Here’s weekly diary #81.


I woke up very early to go to a special class today. It’s a one-day class to pass an exam for my drivers license. In The Netherlands you have to pass a theoretical test and a practical exam. It was a long and exhausting day, but I passed the theoretical exam! I am very happy about that, now I can start doing the practical classes. Are you curious why I am going to get my drivers license even though it is not very sustainable? You can read more about that here. Once home there was unfortunately no time to celebrate, I had two orders for Loose (my package free webshop). But the fact that this webshop is doing well and getting deliveries is a party too!


Today I woke up very frustrated. And that’s not okay to me. I am frustrated because I have too many things on my plate right now. I can manage all that just yet, but it’s tight. So, today my grandpa texted me if I could fix something for him on his Ipad and I had to say no, since I’ll be busy for days from now. I don’t like that, I need some more unplanned spontaneous time. I don’t know how I am going to manage that just yet, but I want to work on that. Anyway, today I had a lot to do. First I worked out. Even though I am busy, I just need to work out. That’s really important for my mental health, it makes me release all emotions and set things in perspective. I also went to the library to get a new book since I finished the old one. It wasn’t that good, it was a simple book. A bit of a Mwah. At noon I worked on my thesis and meanwhile I baked some chickpeas. It’s a really easy zero waste snack and I’ll share more about that soon!


I worked the full day, and after I got off work, I had an appointment. Unfortunately I can’t tell you too much about that just yet, but it was for Loose (my package free webshop) and it’s about expansion. I did some happy dances afterwards, that’s all I will say. At the place we sat I had a homemade drink without a straw or any plastic of course since I like homemade stuff. I don’t like supporting multinationals like CocaCola (which doesn’t mean I don’t ever drink Cola), so when they have something homemade I am a fan. It’s made right there, so mostly good ingredients and the drink doesn’t have to come from far.

Weekly diary #81


Again another busy, but very fun day! I first had a handball match, which we finally won with 25 to 18! We played very well, but I sort of got injured (which barely ever happens), so that was a bummer. My thigh is now all blue and red, but it’s fine. Then, quick onto the train to Amsterdam. Me and my friends met at a hostel where we would sleep, because we were going to a concert together! Bastille! Beforehand we went out to get some food and drinks. My drink had to be served in a plastic cup (I asked) since we were in a restaurant close to the football stadion of Ajax. It’s a policy, since angry people from the game can’t control theirselves sometimes. A bummer to me. They didn’t have any vegan options except fries and when my friends saw the menu we left, since it was so expensive. We ended up eating at Eazie, where they have vegan options and a drink in a can. Plasticfree and vegan, amazing! So, the dinner ended up being great. So as the concert! Bastille was beautiful. I enjoyed it all the way. Spending money on experiences rather than stuff is a great zero waste tip for you! Collect memories, not stuff. I swear to you that it’s worth it. ┬áIn The Netherlands there also was a climate march today, but I could not go since I had a handball game. But it was amaaazing to see all these people going onto the streets to go demonstrate, we need to do something about climate change! The government has to act too.


The hostel was great for 14 euro’s, but our roommates were loud and I forgot my earplugs. I felt like I didn’t even sleep at all. My friend suggested we’d eat at Juice Brothers in Amsterdam. I didn’t know what to expect but it was wonderful! We had vegan bowls, which were delicious, healthy and zero waste. This can’t get better! After that I went to school for a meet-up with my teacher for the thesis project. I still can’t believe I am in the middel of this thesis project sometimes, it’s such a big deal to me. Let’s just hope I’ll do good! After the appointment I went to my boyfriend. We watched The Walking Dead and I am already hooked again, I just love that show.


Finally, a day for just one thing again. I went back home and I worked on my thesis all day. It’s great to just focus on one thing all day. And again, I picked up a new book since I had finished the old one. Sexy, but tired. But sexy: it’s a book all feminists hate, since it’s sexist. I had to read it to see it with my own eyes. This book is a disgrace to women.

Weekly diary #81


Today I went to Hengelo to pick up worms! I have wanted a worm bin since september and it’s finally here. I found this woman through Nudge, a platform where people can stimulate each other to live more sustainable through giving tips and sharing experiences. This woman I visited has a worm bin herself and since they multiply after a while, I could pick up some to start my own worm bin! I just hope this will work out. It’s a great way to convert kitchen waste into garden fertilizer. Zero waste! At noon, I worked. I really enjoy my job right now. It’s simple, since I have to bake things. With the whole thesis going on, it’s nice to do something simple these days.

I hope you had a great week too!

Yours sincerely,

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