Weekly diary #83: Giving a lecture on zero waste at the local library

Hi there, welcome back into my weekly diary! I try to live an eco-positive lifestyle, doing more good than bad to this beautiful earth and the living beings on it. That can sound kind of vaguely, so that’s why I write this weekly diary next to my regular blogposts. I want to show you what a eco-positive lifestyle looks like for me on a daily basis. The past week I gave a lecture on zero waste, went thrift shopping and went though my trash from the past three weeks! Want to read along? Here’s weekly diary #83.


I woke up quite early to add some finishing touches to my thesis proposal. Tuesday is the thesis proposal defense, which is is basically my last oral test ever, since I’ll be graduating in June. I handed the proposal in today. At round 1 pm I walked our dog and while doing that I picked up some trash. It’s a great way to multitask! Two important jobs in one. After that, I had my first driving lesson. In this blogpost I’ve explained why I am going to get my drivers license even though it’s not sustainable. I did some gardening work after, new crops to grow since the weather is getting warmer!


Today I went to the gym, and so I went there three times this week, and I played handball three times too. I feel good about that, I love working out, it makes me feel good. Also, I prepared my thesis proposal defense and practiced my lecture I’ll be giving next Wednesday. I want to spread the zero waste message more and so I’ll be doing a lecture about it in our local library next week Wednesday. I hope people will show up!


Today I went to the thrift shop to bring some stuff I don’t need anymore. It feels like I have done this a million times already, but I keep finding stuff I don’t want or need anymore. I guess the process always continues when you’re a minimalist. I brought a photo frame, a lid of my worm bin, a tray for keeping cards, a basket filled with accessories (mostly from my mom), gardening book, a recipe book, another basket, a plant pot and a bag. A lot! The photo frame I replaced for another one, which I got from a friend who wanted to get rid of it. The lid of the worm bin I don’t use, it’s just one of those what-if things you don’t really need. The tray for cards I got rid of because I don’t really hold onto birthday cards or cards like that. I’ve kept a few special ones but most go into the recycling bin. I want decoration to be functional and cards aren’t. As I said, the jewelry is from my mom but the basket I kept it in is pink and I don’t want that color in my room anymore. The gardening book was a secondhand gift a friend gave to me, but I don’t use it, so I think it’s best it goes back to the thrift shop, maybe some else will value it. Same goes for the plant pot, the plant died and the pot is not really my style. The basket has been in my closet for years but I never used it. The backpack was also a gift, but I now have a hand-me-down backpack from my boyfriend which I prefer to use, so this one can go. I did buy some things again in the thrift shop, but they’re all small things so I won’t make photos of them this time. Today I bought a sunglass, a dress, some gifts for a coming birthday, a lunch box and wallet. Ultimately, I feel good about it, because they were all things I needed! Also, I got rid of my DIY toothpaste today, since I don’t like it anymore. I now use tooth tabs, which I don’t like it, but I will finish those. I have a new toothpaste in glass I would love to try, but first I’ll finish these tabs. The plastic jar I will recycle. I also brought away a whole bag of clothes today which is not on any of the picture, it’s mostly old work clothes, some underwear which didn’t fit anymore and some sheets for my bed. The sheets for my bed are something I’ve had for years too. I came to understand that I don’t really need multiple sheets, I like one and when I’ll wash those I don’t need a spare set of sheets. I can just wait till the washed one dries.


My boyfriend came over last night and today we’re going to Bad Bentheim. It’s a small German town nearby which has a beautiful castle in it. We walked around and had a (zero waste) drink, it was lovely. Day trips don’t have to be expensive or far away. We did go there by car though, which is not the most sustainable option. I worked at noon and afterwards we had a (zero waste) drink again in the city center of Enschede.


I woke up quite exited and went to the gym. I practiced my thesis proposal defense and lecture again, but then I got the bad news that my teacher is sick. It will be rescheduled on next week Tuesday, a really big bummer to me. At noon I got some drivers lessons again and at night I watched a documentary. In my last weekly diary I promised to go through my trash from the last few weeks and today I did. You can see all of it in the pictures, but here’s my explanation to it. The first thing is a body wash bottle. It’s something I haven’t used in a while. A friend of mine wanted to get rid of it, it was half finished. So I took it and used it up, I will put in the plastic recycling bin (even though plastic downcycles). Next are two pieces of textile which were tied to my shirt to hang it up, they annoyed me and I cut them off, I will try to compost these, or put them in landfill otherwise. I got a new case for my Fairphone 2 for free, since the see-through cases they sold turned out to be weak and mine was broken. It was wrapped in a cardboard box with way too much plastic. I always ask for companies to send me something plastic free, but sometimes they just don’t listen. A candy wrapper, which I could have avoided. I had a sore throat for days and in a week moment I got this which we had in the house. Zero waste tea would have been better. Maybe you have any other tips? Then the paper and aluminum wrap of two Tony Chocolonely vegan chocolate bars which were both gifted to me, I will recycle those. The price tags of some things I bought at the thrift shop, unfortunately unavoidable. A big load of plastic which I got from work. I got new work clothes since we changed firms, and that came with a huge amount of plastic and paper. A broken necklace I will recycle, I don’t want to repair it since I have a lot of necklaces still. A bottle of Lactacyd which was finally empty! This is a vaginal wash, which I thought I needed. A good marketing trick, but I feel like washing with water is just fine, or some mild naked soap sometimes. Some customer cards from companies and my previous school card, I don’t shop at these shops any longer and so I will bin them in the plastic recycling bin. A broken pen, which will go to the recycling, since I think it is aluminium, but I’m not sure. Last are some receipt I have. I always refuse receipts, but some stores give them to you standard. These will go to the paper recycling bin. It’s a lot this time. But most of this trash is out of my power I think. I have learned from some things and will do better next time, progress!


Since my test was rescheduled, I decided to still make today a really productive day. I finally finished my application for the University in Amsterdam and I am so exited to go and study there! However, I do still have to pass a test which I’ll attend in May, but hopefully I’ll hear back from the school soon, so I know if I am admitted or not. Also, today I made some zero waste oat-milk. It’s really easy and a great way to avoid the packaged milk. In my opinion it didn’t taste that great, but I only use plant-based milk for smoothies, so that’s all right. The next thing on my list is plant-based yoghurt, I hope I can make that one day too!

Weekly diary #83


Starting the day at the gym again and today I finally hung up some paintings on my wall which I bought a while ago at the thrift shop. During the day, I had to work. And then at noon, my lecture at the library! It was amazing. There were more people than I expected  and people were very enthusiastic about my lecture. I had some good talks afterwards, it feels great to connect with people. I wasn’t nervous at all, since I love doing this. Onto the next time, because I’ll do this more often I hope 🙂

Yours sincerely,

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