Weekly diary #85: I got admitted to the University of Amsterdam!

Hi, welcome into my 85th weekly diary! I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for 85 weeks already! On this blog I talk about living an eco-positive lifestyle. And I know, that can sound kind of vague, doing more good than bad. How? Well, that’s why I write this weekly diary. I want to show you what my life looks like on a daily basis! The past week I played my last handball game of the season, celebrated one of my best friends birthday and I got admitted to an University! Here’s weekly diary #85.


Today I went home, since I was at my boyfriend’s house. In the train I did some schoolwork (that’s partly why I love traveling by train, besides the fact that is the most sustainable option), because once home I had a lot of stuff to do. I mainly focussed on preparing some deliveries for Loose, my webshop for package free groceries. I love doing that and I hope it will still be a part of my life for a long time. It feels like I am really making a positive impact here, since I’m helping other people to reduce their waste. After that, I had driving lessons. I explained in this post why I’ve decided to get my drivers license, since it’s an unsustainable choice and it therefore needs explanation. At night, I had a delivery for Loose!



I went to my thesis company to discuss the result of my Thesis Proposal Defense, which I passed last Tuesday! We both were happy with me passing it and so I can go on to the next part, my field research. I am doing 7 interviews the coming two weeks. After that, I started at work a little earlier since they needed me. I do still have a part-time job since I do not want to go in debt, even though I’m still studying.


I did not set an alarm today, which I love. Waking up whenever my body feels like it, that seems healthy to me. I went to the gym and so I worked out five times this week, ah, I feel fit! I did some groceries for my package free webshop afterwards, I buy everything in bulk (about 5-15 kilo bags) in paper. It’s not perfect yet, since I get fooled by suppliers sometimes, but it’s getting there. After that, I want to try getting the groceries package free myself too. And after that, locally and organic. I have big plans for this webshop! Today I finally got rid of my old handball, which was broken. I did not know what to do with it, but I ended up finding a Dutch girl who makes clothes from old sport items, amazing! I sent it to her in a box I still had and so, I got of my ‘waste’ responsibly. It did cost me 7 euros to send it, but I feel like my stuff is my responsibility. I did have some other things on my to-do list but I ended up watching make-up tutorials on Youtube since I had a party from one of my dearest friends that night (I’m still a 20-years old girl). For special occasions, I really like putting on make-up, but I did realize I needed a new brush (I only have a really bad one, which I’ve had for 10 years or so). I found one made from bamboo and so I think I will order that soon. The party was great, I had a really good time. There was a plastic fail at the end though. I asked a friend of mine to get a can (100% recyclable) of Coca Cola and she came back with a plastic bottle. It was out of my power, but I told her afterwards and so I’ve learned for next time. I need to ask more specifically.


I woke up to go to a handball game, for the last time this season! Since I am quitting because I’ll go to study in Amsterdam in September, I hoped it would be a fun game. And it was! We won with 28-23 and it was a lovely game. I had fun and that’s the most important thing. At night, I had another delivery for Loose!

Weekly diary #85


A new week, with new challenges! I went to the gym to start the day with energy. After that, I had driving lessons again. I prepared the last few things for my interviews, since I’ll be doing the first one tomorrow. I have to be honest, it’s not my best quality, but that means I’ll learn a lot from it. Today I also mended one of my socks, it’s a great way to prevent waste! I went to my boyfriend again at night and since the weather is getting better and the sun goes down late, we made a lovely biking trip.

Weekly diary #85


Today my first interview was scheduled for my thesis, one down, six to go! Now I need to type the whole thing out and so I’ll be very busy these days. I went back home and in the train I got an e-mail saying I was admitted to go the Free University of Amsterdam where I applied! Amazing! I’ll be doing a premaster called Environment and Resource Management. It’s everything I want and so in line with my values. I feel amazing! But, I do still need to get my bachelor degree before I’ll be doing this premaster, so let’s hope I’ll pass my thesis! At night, handball training was cancelled because we were going to clean the outdoor fields. Also, out training for coming Thursday was called off. Working out will be less of a priority this week.


I slept for 13 hours, oh my. On days I don’t have any appointment I tend to not put on an alarm because I want to let my body decide itself. Sometimes this means I get up at 9 am and sometimes this means I’ll sleep till 11 am and so I’ve slept 13 hours. I don’t really know what to think of this, I guess I needed it. I’ve read books about people living in nature, away from all the cities and stuff. They have mentioned that they slept a lot too, especially in winter when it was cold. Once I was awake I did go to the gym before I went to work. My dad cooked a delicious meal after work and this evening will be about schoolwork, since I work in the supermarket during the day.

Weekly diary #85

Yours sincerely,

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