Weekly diary #87: Spending the Easter weekend in Berlin

Hi there, welcome to my 87th weekly diary on this blog! On this blog I write posts about an eco-positive lifestyle, but sometimes it’s hard to imagine what that lifestyle looks like on a normal day. That’s why I write these weekly diaries. The past week I visited Berlin and did two more interviews for my thesis. Want to read along? Here’s weekly diary #87.


It’s my last day before I’m off for the weekend to Berlin, so today’s a busy day. First, I had driving lessons. I have lessons about 2/3 times a week and so this is really going fast, I feel like it’s going well. Want to know why I decided to get my drivers license? You can read that here. After that, I prepared my dinner and lunch already, since it was time for lunch and I’ll be spending dinner time in the train. Preparing food at home is a great way to prevent waste, I’ll just take the vegan Risotto with me in my reusable box with some reusable cutlery! I packed my suitcase for Berlin and went off to Deventer. I had another interview for my thesis and that means I’ve done 5/7 already! After that I went home quickly, since I had two deliveries for Loose (my online package free webshop) that day, I deliver all these by bike. Once back home, I went straight to handball training. After that, I took a quick shower and sat on the couch. Ah, my holiday can begin.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday

I’ve decided to not discuss my weekend in Berlin in this weekly diary. That’s why all these days are fit together, so this weekly diary will be short. I want to write a separate blogpost about Berlin in my category ‘Hotspots’ since it was sooo amazing! (Update: you can read it here). And when I got home I really got this ‘take me back’-feeling. But I try to ignore that, since I had a lovely time and should appreciate what I have.

Weekly diary #87


Time for another interview! My boyfriend went back home after this amazing Easter and I went to Deventer by train. At least, that’s what I thought. The train was cancelled once I was in Almelo and so we cancelled the interview and rescheduled it for tomorrow. It happens sometimes, trains that are cancelled or late. But still, I love traveling by train more than by car. The train is the most sustainable fast way and you have time for yourself since you don’t have to drive. Now that’s efficient! So, I went back home and spend the whole day on typing out all the other interviews I had already done. At around 2 pm my phone was empty and so then I decided to take a break and go to the gym. It feels great to work out in the middle of the day, it makes you feel in control and spontaneous. After that I meditated, I haven’t been doing that this weekend and the busy days before that and so I’m trying to pick it back up. Then I spend the rest of the day typing out interviews again. A pretty useful day.

Weekly diary #87


Another interview day! This is the sixth out of seven, I’m almost done. I went home and after that I worked at my parttime job. It was a shitty workday, since I broke two glass plates, not zero waste at all, but an accident. Once back home my dad and I cooked some vegan dinner for us and the rest of the day I gave myself off.

Yours sincerely,

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