Weekly diary #89: celebrating our freedom

Hi there, welcome into my personal weekly diary! With this blog, I want to share with all of you how I try to live an eco-positive lifestyle. On a weekly basis, I want to do more good than bad to this beautiful world and the living being on it. Now, that might seem a little abstract. That’s why I write this weekly diary, to show you the positive impact I try to make on a regular day. The past week I celebrated my freedom and remembered the fallen victims in The Second World War, made some lovely vegan dishes and visited the farmers market once again! Want to read along? Here’s weekly diary #89.


I started the day with driving lessons quite early. If you’re wondering why I’ve decided to get my drivers license, you read more about that here. During the day, I went to the library to get a new book to read. The old one, ‘Solve for Happy’, sucked and so it’s time for a new book that’s on my list, it’s a Dutch book about a minimalistic and sustainable lifestyle, just my style. Lending books at the library is such a sustainable choice, because there are no new resources needed. I worked on my thesis afterwards and around 5 pm I worked at my part-time job.



Today I started my day at the gym. It’s a great way for me to feel good and fresh. Gyms are energy consuming, which I think is stupid. They have things like treadmills and bikes, I feel like they should use those to generate energy. So, eventually I want to stop going to the gym one day, and work out outside and make use of what I have. I see people do it all the time, hello sustainable workout! Today I made risotto for myself, since mom had some wine left that was about to go bad and I’m not about food waste. I made risotto, and I shared a recipe for risotto on this blog before, you can find that here. It’s amazing, low waste, vegan and you can make use of local and seasonal produce.



It’s been a long day since I worked at my part-time job on a Saturday morning, so I woke up at 6:00 by myself, because I was exited. I like my job and I wish that for anyone. Once back home I wanted to do some groceries. First I went to the market, where I always visit a local and organic farm. I took a package free lettuce with me. Low food miles and so low carbon emissions, organic and so no pesticides that harm to the environment, and package free and so no waste. The lettuce was the only fresh produce I needed and so I went to the supermarket afterwards. I bought organic jars of chickpeas and corn. It’s not the most sustainable option, because I could buy them in bulk at my own package free webshop Loose and cook them, but my parents don’t like it when I cook beans or anything like that, because it needs to cook a long time. If you have the option, I suggest you boil them in big batches and freeze them afterwards. I also bought organic pesto in a glass jar, because I don’t take the time yet to make my own pesto. The white bag you see is package free quinoa, bought at my own package free webshop Loose. A small plain sandwich is in the left top bag, also package free. Then, I bought tofu and another meat replacer, sausages which are new. I hadn’t found tofu in anything else than plastic, but that has changed, so this will be the last time I bought that in plastic! I was fooled by the vegan sausages, because the inside was plastic unfortunately. Not a bad grocery haul! At night I made a vegan pizza for myself. My mom bought me pizza crust made from cauliflower and I covered it with pesto, chickpeas, mushrooms and green peas. It was delicious, but I don’t know if I’ll do it again with this pesto (I’ll have to because the bottle is not empty yet), I prefer homemade pesto. The chickpeas on a pizza are amazing, I would recommend that! At night, it was time to remember the Second World War. It’s a grateful moment when we thank the people who have fought for our freedom and pray that something this horrible will never happen again. Afterwards, I watched the new Netflix series ‘Our Planet’, which is stunning.


Yesterday I wanted to go to the gym still, but the last group class had just passed, so I didn’t eventually. So, today I started the day in the gym, that feels good! I cooked a meal for that evening, because I was going to friends and they weren’t sure what to eat yet. I made a meal just in case, because I didn’t want to end up making waste. We did buy some french fries in the end, but I refused the plastic bag so the only waste was a bit of paper. In the supermarket I did end up buying a snack, olives in glass, I figured it was my best option, since it is plastic free and it was organic. Unfortunately I could not influence the drinks we bought so we got a lot of juice in tetra packs. Next time I will personally go for cans, because I do have a choice of course. We went to celebrate the fifth of May, which is when the Netherlands was freed in the Second World War. It was a great night. I did not buy any drinks or food there, but I did brought my reusable cup just in case. After the party I went to snack in the city center with an old friend. I wasn’t really hungry so I said I didn’t want anything. He did order me some fries and a bottle of water anyway. It was sweet, but in the end I did end up with waste this way, but I guess this was out of my power.

Weekly diary #89


A new week, with new chances and challenges! I started the day in the gym again and worked the entire day on my thesis. At night, I went to my boyfriends grandma to cook for her. It was lovely. Also, my boyfriends brother and his girlfriend came back from six months traveling the world. It was good to see them again. They brought me a gift, two bamboo straws in a cotton bag! How sweet, they know me so well, zero waste and thoughtful.


I went back home today for some driving lessons again. Afterwards I worked on my thesis but I was grumpy all day. I don’t know why, but it was annoying. I decided to meditate first and then spend some good time in the gym. It made me feel better! Meditation and working out is so important for mental health! Today I also got a package from a fellow blogger Linda, she makes shampoo. It is my favorite. It is delivered to me in paper so it’s low waste and free of sodium sulfate, so it’s very hair-friendly. And vegan, of course.


And once again, I am starting my day with driving lessons. Then I worked on my thesis (are you surprised?). I also had an appointment with my thesis company, to discuss all the progress. Starting tomorrow, I can’t travel for free anymore because the government only allows me to do that for 5 years. And since I still have a premaster and master to go, I have to save the months for then. It sucks, because the train is expensive for a student. Once back home my dad had cooked us a lovely vegan meal. My dad does not eat vegan, but he makes the dishes mostly vegan and then covers his part with cheese, great deal right. You can see the difference in the dish on the picture.

Weekly diary #89

Did you have a great week?  And did you make any positive impact?

Yours sincerely,

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