Weekly diary #90: Giving a lecture about a zero waste lifestyle

Hi there! I think it’s so great that you’re here and want to read my personal weekly diary. With this weekly diary I want to show you what an eco-positive lifestyle looks like on a daily basis. An eco-positive lifestyle might seem a little overwhelming at first, but I’m here to show you that it’s not. The past week I celebrated Mother’s Day, passed my final test for me to get to University in Amsterdam and I gave a lecture once again about my zero waste lifestyle. Want to read along? Here’s weekly diary #90.


When I woke up today, I did some groceries for my package free webshop Loose. I do all of the groceries on my bike, since it’s the most sustainable option. After that, I changed quickly and has some driving lessons. If you’re wondering why I’m taking driving lessons, I’ve explained more about that in this post. Time for lunch! I am still trying to add more veggies to my diet (as a vegan, I know). I replace spaghetti with zucchini and rice with cauliflower, things like that. Recently I’ve been trying to eat more protein, since I really need to eat more. I’ve checked that at The Nutrition app: Cronometer. So, these days I’m eating more tofu and such. In stead of eating those with bread or toast, I eat tofu with lettuce and it’s been nice! At night, I had three deliveries for Loose! This thing is growing and I have more plans for it. Positive impact of today: making sure families get package free groceries.


Yesterday, I had handball training at night. That is such an easy work-out, because I’m basically forced to go, people count on me. But today, I go to the gym again. I always make sure it’s the first thing I do in the morning, because then I’m still motivated. For lunch, I made some vegan hot dogs and they were so good! I was fooled because I thought they came in paper, but the inside was plastic. So, this will probably be the last time I eat it for the coming months. Until I collapse under the pressure of wanting to eat them so bad. Meat replacers are my guilty pleasures, because thing like vegan filet American, sausages, burgers I can’t get without plastic. At night I made pizza, which is fortunately easy to make without plastic, if you made the crust from scratch.


Time to work! I worked from 7 till 12 am at my parttime job. Then I went straight to the gym. So far, very productive! Once back home I changed and went to grandma and grandpa. I had planned on doing some more thesis work, but today family comes first. I enjoy seeing my family. Once back home I blogged a bunch and ate some dinner. Pfew, time flies by! Also, today in Amsterdam there was a Cube of Truth by Anonymous for the Voiceless, which is an activists non-profit organization. What they basically do it stand in a cube and show footage of animal abuse. To show the world what’s really happening. Recently I joined the Facebook page because I want to do more activism. But, today I could not make it because I had to work and have no money to travel to Amsterdam. But hopefully next time. At night my boyfriend came by, to see me one more time before he goes on a holiday. We made a vegan raw cake together and it kind of failed. I did some grocery shopping for the cake during the day, but it was not entirely zero waste. The vanilla sugar was packed in plastic. Next time I intend on making my own sugar vanilla by adding some vanilla sticks to sugar and letting it stand a while. The rest was plastic free, but I used some paper and glass.

Weekly diary #90


Today I woke up with a bang, literally. I had two shelves hanging on my wall. I posted more about that in this post. But, one fell down this morning. On my head. I’m lucky it didn’t fall on my nose or anything, because then it would have been broken. Anyway, I decided to get both shelves off the wall and so now my room is very boring and blank. But at least it’s minimalistic haha! The shelves are going to a second hand store and the plants are now in my office. I also had some photos standing on there which I don’t know what to do with. And some old vases from a family member who passed away. I decided to give those back to my grandparents who asked me if I wanted them. They are too valuable and I would not forgive myself if they break. But, my boyfriend went away on his holiday and today is Mother’s day! I gave her the homemade cake and a written letter, to thank her for all she does for me. We went to grandma too, since that’s my mother’s mother. It was some good family time!


I started the day at the gym, which feels good! Once back home, while I cleaned the shower, I received the news that I passed my English TOEFL test, which I had to pass to get into the University of Amsterdam. Woohoo! I’m so close now, I’ll only have to pass my thesis still. The rest of the day I mainly worked on my thesis and I feel like I’m back on schedule which feels very good. At night, I decided to reward myself with a good Our Planet episode on Netflix. I love that show.

Weekly diary #90


So much to do today! But first, I worked out in the gym. I did some groceries today because tonight I am giving a lecture and workshop to a bunch of students in Enschede, we are going to make zero waste deodorant. It has only four ingredients and so it’s easy to make. After that I did some last preparations and worked on my thesis (I do this every single day, but it gets so exhausting to tell you every day). I had some driving lessons after. I bought some package free sandwiches at Lidl, they are organic, vegan and zero waste, amazing! They label the organic sandwiches by edible stickers. And then it was time to head to the city centre to do the lecture. I went amazing! So many people told me they were inspired and everyone asked a lot of questions. That always feels good. And to see everyone make their own zero waste deodorant, it was amazing! I can definitely call this positive impact! What a night. It makes me feel very good too, a boost of energy. I really enjoy giving lectures on the subject, I get a lot of energy from it so hopefully I will do one soon again! I don’t have the pictures from the night just yet, so I think I’ll post those in the next weekly diary.

Weekly diary #90


When I woke up today, there was no good class in the gym so I skipped it. I only do group classes at the gym since I enjoy those. But, I made today my restday in stead of Sunday, I think I will still work out 6 times this week though. I worked on my thesis and did some chores. But, I also went to a repair cafe for my vacuum cleaner today! It actually broke a while ago, one wheel had broken off. If something breaks, you can choose to send it to landfill. But the more sustainable option is to repair it! I don’t need to buy something new (which is not sustainable) and I prevent waste. Zero waste! But, I’m not that technical and so I brought it to the repair cafe nearby and they fixed it for me. It is free and so much fun. These people are so passionate about finding a solution. It made me feel so good to see all the good work they do.

How did you add any positive impact to your life the past week? I would love to hear it!

Yours sincerely,


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