Weekly diary #91: I won tickets for the Biggest Little Farm!

Hi there, welcome back into my weekly diary! In this diary I want to show you what an eco-positive life, or an attempt to, looks like on a daily basis, because eco-positive might seem a bit overwhelming at first. What do I do on a daily basis to create the least harm and the best positive impact on this planet? The past week I had a wedding party, went out to dinner again and won tickets for ‘The Biggest Little Farm’! Want to read along? Here’s weekly diary #91.


When I walked our dog today, I picked up a few pieces of trash. Normally I bring a bag full, but somehow I wasn’t feeling it today. Weird, that never happens. But I try to focus on the positive side, the few things I did pick up. Once back home I called with my examinator from school for my thesis. I got a big load of feedback and so it was time to improve my work, let’s do this. I see this as a positive impact too, writing an advise for a company I support. They make snacks out of oyster mushrooms grown on used coffee grounds. Turning waste into a new thing! I had some driving lessons again. If you’re wondering why I decided to get my drivers license, you can read more about that in this post. Also, I had two deliveries for Loose, my package free webshop today again. More positive impact. Handball training was called off unfortunately, so I went to the gym at night. Today the news also came out that in Alabama a ban on abortion passed. I can’t help but feel so mad about it. I want to strike, but I can’t since I’m here in the Netherlands.


I set my alarm too late today so I missed the group class in the gym. Bummer, but mistakes happen. I slept one more hour and met one of my co-students at school. We discussed both of our thesis’s. It feels so good to have someone support you in this time of individual work. It feels good to know I’m well on track. Once back home I worked on my thesis once again and attended some driving lessons. Once back home from that, I was in a hurry. I was going to eat at a place that also serves vegan food in Enschede, called Wok&. I got noodles with veggies and 100% plant-based shrimps and a side dish, vegan nuggets. It was not that bad, but the shrimps were not that good in my opinion. I would not recommend it. But, the nuggets were amazing! The dishes came in a reusable bowl with reusable cutlery, besides for some chop stick which I used. I have my own reusable ones, which I forgot that day. But for next time, I definitely plan on going there again! The drinks were an issue, because I had a can. They have smoothies which come in glass, so I’ll try that next time! We also went to MacDonalds afterwards because my friends craved a dessert. I didn’t order anything, since I’m boycotting the MacDonalds. I hate what they do to our planet and living beings on it, so I’m not giving my money to them. We afterwards went to a wedding party, from the parents of one of my best friends. It was a great night. We gifted them some flowers (plasticfree) and an experience, a dinner coupon. The drinks I got there were plastic free. But in the end they served food in plastic and I was quite hungry so I ate french fries out of plastic. Well, better luck next time.


Maybe staying up till 2:30 and starting work at my part-time job at 7:00 wasn’t such a good idea. The first hour was hard, but then it was okay. I have to make money after all. Today I was scheduled till 12:00 but someone called in sick so I stayed till 4 pm. I think I can call that positive impact too and I can use the money since the holiday season is coming up. Once back home I was exhausted. With the family we barbecued today and my tip for you is to eat mushrooms, that is zero waste and vegan if you put them on a reusable stick. I loved it. I am mostly a documentary person, but today I chose to watch a regular movie that was on my list, Hacksaw Ridge. Oh, my, what a movie! Since I’ve watched it I recommend it to everybody hahaha. I was just blown away by the story. You should watch it! Today I also won tickets on Instagram for The Biggest Little Farm! It’s a documentary about two farmers transforming a ‘dead’ piece of land into a eco-paradise! I am so exited for it. I won through a giveaway from a fellow green blogger Groeneavonturen. If you’re Dutch, I would definitely recommend her blog, she takes living green to the next level. I am going to see the documentary in June.


I started my day in the gym again today. I mostly do it for my mental health because I know it makes me feel better. Besides, I eat a lot of food! Vegan of course. But still, I need to make use of those calories haha. I started the day in the gym again. I aimed at going six times this week. But because I did not go Friday and Saturday, I still went 4 times. I am proud after all. Today I blogged a bit and I also did some thesis work. I work on my thesis in the weekend too because I like working on it every day a little less than just 5 times a week a bit more. Strange, I know. I watched a Planet Earth episode on Netflix and some Grey’s Anatomy. A good weekend.


Time to start the week fresh, in the gym! I feel like my body is changing too, now that I work out so regularly. I worked on my thesis at school once again. Afterwards I had to buy a belt for my stepdad. A while ago I lended a belt and I lost it then. I felt sooo guilty about it, so I had to buy a new one. I don’t like buying new things, but this is for somebody else. He asked for a simple and cheap one and so I went to H&M to buy one. I felt disgusted and ashamed to even buy something there. Besides, they only had belts made out of real leather. I bought it and it felt horrible. I don’t have the budget at the moment for a sustainable belt and so here we are. What can I say? I played Sims 4 at night haha. Sometimes I can get so addicted to that game, so I only play it at night when I have my scheduled work done. I found out recently that Sims 4 is now free on the computer, while I paid 40 euros for it last year. That’s quite a bummer.



Today is quite the same as yesterday. However, I did not start my day in the gym, but I worked on my thesis at school and played Sims 4 afterwards. Today I also went to the second hand store to get a plastic bin for my worm bin. I had two layers and it turns out that a worm bin needs three layers. I suck at this thing, I think all of the worms died. For now, I think I will clean the bin out and start again in a few months. At night, I had a beach handball game and it was loads of fun. I really enjoy team-sports!



Today I was waiting for my driving lessons but the instructor just didn’t show up. I called him and somehow he made a mistake, the lessons was rescheduled to the afternoon. I went to school to work on my thesis. This is probably getting boring to read, because I do this every day. I only have 3 weeks left to go and that feel so weird. Right now, I can’t even imagine being done with this thesis and graduating. I think I am going to cry, because I feel like I worked my butt off for it. My boyfriend is coming over tonight and we’re going to eat Falafel. Now I am looking for a zero waste way to make all of the dish and then I am going to do some groceries.


Don’t forget to vote for the European Elections tomorrow!

How has your week been and what do you think of mine? Have you made any positive impact?

Yours sincerely,

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