Weekly diary #92: Voting for the European Elections

Hi there! Welcome into my weekly diary, where I share what it looks like to live an eco-positive lifestyle on a daily basis. How can I make this world a little better this week? The past week I voted for the European Elections, delivered some order for my package free webshop and picked up two full bags of trash! Want to read along? Here’s weekly diary #92.


It’s time to vote! Today in the Netherlands we can vote for the European elections. Although I’m not the biggest fan of the European Union, I do still vote because I think it matters. I need to let those people know what I want for the future and voting takes a little effort from me. I voted to the Partij voor de Dieren (Party for the Animals), they share my beliefs. Now, don’t think that that party is just for rights of animals. It’s actually in my opinion the only party that considers everybody’s rights. I think voting during elections is important, but I think voting every day is more important. Because that’s what you do, you vote every single day. You vote every time you buy or don’t buy anything. That’s why I think it’s important to be conscious every single day. I attended some driving lessons again that day too, if you’re wondering why I decided to get my driver’s license, you can read all about that here. I worked on my thesis and I at night I delivered an order for Loose, my package free webshop. Positive impact of today: voting for the future and making sure families get package free groceries!


I am not starting my day in the gym, since I’m playing beach handball now. It’s heavy on my knees and I don’t want to overdo it. My knees and ankles are hurting. Exercising is healthy, but I think I should listen to my body sometimes. I did start the day with a smoothie full of good ingredients. Let’s get those vitamins in! Smoothies are an easy zero waste breakfast, because seeds, fruits and veggies are easy to get zero or low waste. During lunchtime I walked my dog and while I do that I always try to pick up trash. Positive impact of today: a full bag of trash removed from the streets!


Just like last week, someone cancelled their working hours and so I could fill in at my part-time job, I worked for 10 hours straight. It’s great, I can use the extra hours! At night I was up for a board games night with friends, but nobody was able to make it. I decided to make some sushi for myself and go to bed early. I decided a while ago that I won’t make sushi at home anymore, since it’s not worth the waste in my opinion, the nori blades are always packed in plastic. But, I still need to finish the sushi rice we have, so. I do still want sushi, but I’ll eat it in restaurants, where it tastes better and they probably buy the ingredients in bulk, which reduces waste.



Time to get up early for a beach handball tournament! A team below our team needed some players and so me and someone else from my team joined them. It was fun. The tournament only lasted till 12 am so that was fine. Because, it was also my mother’s birthday! I ordered her a book she wanted really bad. It may not be the most sustainable gift, but I feel like today is about her and not me. At least it’s something I know will really make her happy and maybe she can pass it on after she finishes it. Because of her birthday, we went out to dinner in Enschede at a place called Goody’s. They mostly serve meat so I asked if they could make a vegan dish for me. Luckily they did and it was delicious! They had the allergy ingredients listed on the menu, so I also ordered onion soup as a starter. Turned out it had cheese on there even though the menu said it didn’t. My mom ate the cheese and I planned on telling the staff but in the end, I forgot. Bummer. I also forgot my lunchbox so I my leftovers came with me in a plastic thing from the restaurant. Also a bummer, but it’s a habit I haven’t fully perfected. Most of the time I bring my own reusable lunchbox.



Today I walked the dog again and meanwhile I picked up trash, with a full bag of trash in the end. Also, I put two bags of old clothes in the textile recycling bin. If clothes are still good, I bring them to a secondhand store. But these were of really low quality so I put them in the bin. I did some research and I know this goes to a more budget secondhand store and if it does not sell they make new materials out of it, isolating materials for example. I went to the secondhand store myself today as well to buy some plates for under my plant pots. A while ago some broke because my plants fell of the shelves on the wall. They only cost me 1 euro! I attended some driving lessons again and after that I tried to pimp my room with posters I still have. Since the shelves fell of the wall, my wall has some ugly holes now. I will cover them with posters. At night I watched a movie called Thank you for your service and it was such a harsh movie.


I did some chores at home since the weather was awful. I made a new batch of deodorant, I’ve been using it for years and I love it. The recipe for that can be found here. Around lunchtime I called my teacher from school for some feedback for my thesis. The deadline is in about three weeks and it’s nerve-racking. I prepared an order for Loose, my package free webshop. Sunday was not a delivery day and so I agreed to deliver this one today. For dinner I finally made some vegan tortellini pasta I bought Back in Berlin at the Veganz supermarket. It was good, but not amazing. It was not worth the plastic, but I was too curious.


Again, I started my day with driving lessons. My exam Is finally scheduled for the end of July and now I have a goal to work towards. It is so exiting! I hope I’ll pass. Back at home I did some chores and went to school. It’s the last time I’ll go there for actual school things. Next time I’ll visit I’ll hand in my thesis! Wow, that is so exiting, finishing up four years of work. I love traveling to school by public transportation, train this time. I can use my time well that way.

What positive impact did you make this week?

Yours sincerely,

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