Weekly diary #94: a cancelled Cube

Hi there, welcome into my weekly diary! This diary is about my eco-positive lifestyle. Not only am I trying to limit my negative impact on this planet, I also to try to make positive impact! That makes it fun, right? The past week I shopped for some sustainable groceries, went bowling and visited a festival in Harderwijk. Want to read along? Here’s weekly diary #94.


Today I got up to prepare some order for my package free webshop Loose. I had two deliveries today. Also, I attended some driving lessons. If you’re wondering why I am taking driving lessons, you can read that in this post. I worked on my thesis and later that day I delivered some orders for Loose. At one delivery I read the address wrong and so I biked a long way for nothing. But hey, at least it’s green, since I bike. Tonight I also signed up for a cube which was organized by Anonymous for the Voiceless. It’s a vegan activists group and I wanted to do more activism. But, in the end it was called off and so I went to a meeting from handball which was also scheduled. It’s about next season. Even though I’m quitting next season since I’ll be studying in Amsterdam, I was curious to see what will happen and see if I can still manage to somehow play in the weekend.


Another day with driving lessons. My driving instructor has a kitchen garden, just like me. He had a lot of paprika plants and I have a lot of tomato plants so we decided to trade haha! I now have a bunch of paprika plants. When I’ll have my own home in the future and I want to see if I can be self-sufficient with seeds, by conserving them somehow. I also did some grocery shopping, I try to use this guide when shopping for food. Today I bought some organic tomatoes, mushrooms and chickpeas. I bought tofu for 1 euro because it had expired (but was still fine). I bought some non-organic jackfruit because I thought I could not buy it organic. But, I can next time at Ekoplaza. The last thing is seaweed salad, I can’t get this zero waste or organic anywhere. That’s a bummer.



During the night I had woken up multiple time since it felt like I was going to throw up. It felt horrible and I had to work at 7 am. I showed up, but didn’t really feel good. Since it wasn’t busy I could leave at 10 am. Many people think I’m sick all the time since I’m vegan but the last time I was sick was about 2,5 years ago. And since I could still work, I don’t consider myself sick today. Sick to me is lying in bed and not being able to do anything. My boyfriend was in Enschede so I didn’t want to be sick, we were going to go to his house the weekend. I hoped I’d slowly feel better and so we went into the city centre. Once there I went to fit some shoes in a store. I saw them online secondhand, but I wanted to make sure the size was right. That’s a tip from me when buying secondhand clothing, try them on in a store and then don’t buy them haha. Later on, we went to Harderwijk, where my boyfriend lives. Luckily, throughout the day I felt better. We decided to even go into the city in Harderwijk, since there was a festival. I stuck to 0.0% alcohol drinks since I wasn’t 100% feeling well, but it was quite fun altogether.



Another day for the festival in Harderwijk, De Aaltjesdagen. There was a whole food truck part and so that’s where we went first (duh). I did end up saying yes to vegan ice coffee in plastic with a straw! Oh my god, who have I become? I don’t even like ice coffee and so I gave it to my boyfriend. Let’s just say I had a weak moment. I forgot to bring my reusable cup. I also ended up buying a vegan sandwich, which was a conscious choice. It was served in bamboo so I was okay with it. It was such a lovely day! At night we went bowling and I won the first game haha! Except for the coffee in plastic, a perfect Sunday!


Due to Pentecost, we had another day off! My boyfriend and I decided to go biking, we do that a lot. But, meanwhile my bike broke and so we went home again. We ended up visiting a town nearby and eating some fries. What a random day! At night it was a sort of game night and we played some billiards, I always enjoy that, family time. Next week around this time is my deadline for my thesis. And for then, I’ll be done at the University of Applied Sciences, wow!

Weekly diary #94


Back to work for most people and so for me back to thesis work. I went home by train again. Not that I have a choice (yet), but public transportation is the most sustainable way to travel! Also, there are some new episodes of the Handmaid’s Tale online and I watched those. Gosh, what an amazing show! It makes me think of reality too, because of the abortion ban in Alabama. How far will we allow things to go? A branch of my aloe vera plant came off, but I do not compost this! I cut off the skin and put the jelly on my face as a mask. It seems to be good for your skin! At night, I played my last (spontaneous) handball game.


I woke up early, since I had some driving lessons. I’ve had 58 lessons and I still suck at it. It’s just so annoying and makes me feel discouraged. July first is my first exam (out of two) and now I feel like I’m not ready. I just need to keep calm and see how it goes. The rest of the day it rained and so I worked on my thesis at home instead of at school. I did pimp my room today. Last week I bought some secondhand magazines at the library and today I am hanging some pages of them on my wall. I think it looks great!

Weekly diary #94

So, I guess this week was more about preventing negative impact that causing positive impact. I had hoped to do more, by attending at the Cube. But, still, it was a good week.

What did you do the past week?

Yours sincerely,

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