Weekly diary #95: starting a Youtube channel

Hi, welcome back into my weekly diary! In this diary I try to show you what my eco-positive lifestyle looks like on a daily basis. I try to harm the planet and the living beings on it as little as possible and meanwhile try to make positive impact! The past week I celebrated my boyfriends’ birthday, went out to dinner twice on one day and handed in my thesis! Want to read along? Here’s weekly diary #95.


Today is my boyfriend’s birthday! Exciting, but we can’t celebrate it together because he had to work. I slept till late and worked on my thesis. Also, I had one delivery for Loose, my package free webshop, today, which I delivered. Afterwards, I had handball training. We as a team decided very randomly to go out tonight together, so I did celebrate today a little bit. It was a fun night! It was not zero waste, because one of teammates took care of the snacks, since we sat at her house first before we went out. But that is fine, I should not control everything.



I woke up quite late, because I gone to bed at 3:30. I got ready and hopped in the train to go to my boyfriend in Harderwijk. Today we are celebrating his birthday with a barbecue, we are making pizza’s with friends and family. My boyfriend got an experiences from me, which I think are more valuable than gifts. This is also more sustainable, because we buy nothing new. He got a cooking workshop from me, because he loves to cook. The barbecue was great and I tried to make vegan ‘cheese’ with nutritional yeast flakes and vegan mayonaise. It was tasty! So, there’s no need for me to buy vegan cheese packaged in plastic any longer. This way it is way more efficient, because the package from the nutritional yeast flakes last me a lot longer. It was a fun night, but I had to back home at around 11 pm, since I had to work the next morning.


I worked till 12 am at my part-time job. Afterwards I went to the city centre to get some groceries for dinner. I just got some plain potatoes. They’re local, seasonal, organic and zero waste! The perfect dinner. I also picked up some seaweed salad, I have a serious addiction for that stuff. Also, I picked up some secondhand shoes I bought at United Wardrobe. I buy secondhand clothes because it is a sustainable way to buy clothing. Also, I am planning on buying a bikini on there. But, just because I didn’t know if the model would fit me, I decided to go and try on a ‘regular’ bikini at a fast fashion store. I went to H&M. It felt quite terrible, seeing all these people buy stuff there. They are destroying the planet and making people work so hard for so little money. I hate it. I am glad I don’t contribute to that any longer. The bikini fit me fine and I hung it back in the rack. I won’t buy anything there, never again I hope.



Today is father’s day! I sort of have two father, a biological father and a stepfather. Me and my biological father went to Bagels and Beans for a lunch since he didn’t need anything as a gift. I thought therefore an experience would be great. I just love Bagels and Beans, they have so many vegan options! Someone I know works there and she knows I eat vegan so she asked if I wanted to see the vegan menu. I didn’t even know they had that! The person beside me heard it and recommended the vegan grilled ‘cheese’ bagel with extra avocado to me. I chose it and it was seriously delicious! We also went to grandpa and grandma that day. I saw there that the Alpro ice cream was in commercial so I got those. I tasted the salted caramel flavour and I loved it. This is a keeper. For my stepfather I did buy some gifts, since he knew what he needed. Also, we went out to dinner with the family at a wok-restaurant. It was lovely and at those places always have a lot of vegetables, which is great!


Today is the day! I am handing in my thesis. I have worked on this thesis for 5 months, but it’s the end product of my 4 year education at the University of Applied Sciences. This feels weird and so exciting at the same time! I had an appointment with the client I wrote the thesis for. I thanked him, because I am so grateful for the opportunity I got. He thanked me too, for my thesis. He even wrote a letter! So kind. I got some bitterballen (the snack they make at the company), beer and a book as a thank you from the company! The whole process was an experience I’ll never forget. I went home and cooked some dinner, since my boyfriend was coming over. We were celebrating my holiday and thesis! I will hear if I passed in the next 3 weeks. We went to a documentary together, called the Biggest Little Farm, I won tickets for it a while back. It was an amazing film, I will write more about it soon. We had a drink to celebrate some more and that was it, my holiday begins!


First day of the holiday, this is weird! I had already planned on what I wanted to do really bad: making Youtube video’s. And so I did! Today I filmed a sort of introduction video for it. It is so exciting and scary to start something new. I am really putting myself out there. You can find the video here. I hope you like it, it is in Dutch though. I have wanted to start vlogging for so long and now it’s happening. Let’s do this!

Weekly diary #95


Today was a really busy day. I started the day at the gym, to attend yoga class. Then I did some chores in the house and went to work. Afterwards, I worked till 5 pm and then went to the library, to get a new book. Since my holiday started I now have a ton of time to read books haha! I still can’t believe my holiday has started. I also started vlogging today and am planning to publish that video tomorrow!

How has your week been?

Yours sincerely,

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