Weekly diary #96: Doing a room-makeover with secondhand stuff

Hi, I’m back with a new weekly diary! I hadn’t posted one in two weeks because I went on a holiday and I wasn’t in the mood to write there. I could’ve posted something last week, but that would have been a half weekly diary and I don’t like half work. So, here I am. Back with a full weekly diary. The past week I did a small room-makeover with secondhand stuff, went to the biggest flee market in our region and barbecued vegan. Want to read along? Here’s weekly diary #96.


Yesterday I went to a pub quiz with my friends and so today I decided to sleep long. After that I went straight to my part-time job so I didn’t do much today. Handball training was cancelled which was a bummer to me, it was supposed to be my last training and now I didn’t really get to say goodbye. I don’t know much about the future, but my guess is that I’ll be back playing handball again in February.



When I wanted to go to the gym to start the day, the gym card was already gone since mom had gone already. I had to wait. Meanwhile I made some phone calls. In my last weekly diary I told you guys that I had handed in my thesis. During my holiday I got a call from school, I had failed my thesis. That was a big disappointment. A real slap in the face. I have grieved over it for a while but now it’s time to focus on what’s next. I can hand it in again in August and if I pass it, I will still be able to start the premaster I got admitted for. It’s a complex process, but the phone calls helped. After that I went to the gym and worked at my part-time job. At night, my nieces and I went to grandma to catch up, I hadn’t seen her in a while.


I worked at my part-time job till 10 am and so I had a long day off. I went to a friend which I hadn’t seen for a long time. During my thesis I failed to make time for this friendship and I regret that now. I won’t let school get the overhand again. It was a fun day, we went to get some vegan ice cream in the city. It was not entirely vegan, since the cone has a tiny but of butter in it sometimes (you can never be sure, the shops are never sure). But I take that for granted since it is zero waste this way. I can also get the ice cream in a cup with a plastic spoon but I don’t want the waste. Sometimes I take my own cup and spoon, then it is vegan and zero waste. But when I forget this is what I do. After that I laid in bed watching Netflix the rest of the day, I was tired.


I got up quite early to go to the gym, since I had some things planned for today. After that, a friend and my niece picked me up to go to the biggest flee market in our region! Hello thrift haul! It was indeed massive, but so much fun. I bought three things, a big glass jar for storage, a skirt and something for up my wall. The thing for my wall costed me 3,50 euros, the skirt 2 euros and the jar 1 euro. The flee market was at a closed down airport. Something so horrible for the environment turned into something amazing for the environment! After that I celebrated my brother’s birthday with the family with a barbecue. I had the beyond meat burgers, which were good but not worth the 6 euros I paid for them. They’re just as good as any other meat replacer. It was a good vegan barbecue for me.



Today it was time for a long day at my part-time job. I worked till 6 pm and after that I had an appointment and the blood bank to donate some plasma. My health was very good and so I got to do it. Giving plasma gives me a good feeling, I am saving other people’s lives. Also, I get some me time since it takes me about an hour to give 500ml.



Today I was free from my part-time job and so I planned on doing some chores which are on my to-do list. I had some driving lessons first and they are coming to an end soon. 29 July is my exam and I hope I pass it, we’ll see. If you want to know why I’ve decided to get my driver’s license, you can read that here. I did some things I wanted to do for Loose, since I have a big project coming up. Also, I am making a sign for on my bike, to do a little marketing while I bike through the city. All the things I used for the sign are stuff I still had in my drawer.

Weekly diary #96


Today I got up early again to go to the gym. After that I prepared some school work, I have an appointment today with my teacher for feedback. It’s crucial for my resit. During lunchtime I brought some stuff to the secondhand shop to sell them. The two shelves from my wall which fell off a while ago, a cooking book which I don’t use since it’s vegetarian, a set of chalk which I never used, my clock since I can also see what time it is on my alarm and a set of horse supplies which were in a box  I bought at a thrift shop a while back. I just needed the box the stuff came in, but I had to buy the supplies with it. I hope they sell. While I was there I bought some new things for myself too (well, secondhand). Two paintings for up my wall. Also, I bought two other things for up the wall as well, but not for me. For a friend, which I know is looking for those. I texted him to made sure he really wanted them and he did. I went to school for the feedback and at night I went to the pub quiz we also went to last week. We liked it, so why not do it again?

The past weeks I have not published a weekly diary every week, but I did publish a few video’s on Youtube. You can find these video’s herehereherehere and here.

How has your week been? Did you make any positive impact?

Yours sincerely,

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