Weekly diary #97: no summer holiday for me this year

Hi there, welcome back into my weekly diary. In this diary I try to show you what an eco-positive lifestyle looks like on a daily basis. I want to do more good than bad on our beautiful planet. This week I am struggling to make a positive impact, since I have a lot of obligations. Also, since I am so busy this weekly diary contains just a few images. I’m sorry! I hope you’ll like it anyway. Here’s weekly diary #97.


I had hoped that during my holiday this weekly diary would be more diverse. I had hoped to do a lot of clean-ups, activism and make more Youtube videos. But, since I failed my ┬áthesis, I don’t really have a holiday. Most of the days I work on my thesis, go to the gym (since I feel like my health is the most important) and work at my part-time job. It’s not what I imagined, but that’s okay. Problem is that the coming weeks this weekly diary contains the same things. Today I went to the gym, worked on my thesis, worked on something for Loose and worked at my part-time job. The thing I am working on for Loose, my package free webshop, is something I shared last week too. A sign for on my bike! I want to be more visible and I hope this sign will help! Very important: I am making it with materials I still had.

Weekly diary #97


Today I worked on my part-time job from 7:30 till 17:30. That’s rather exhausting, so when my boyfriend came over we watched a movie and decided to stay in. Friday nights in bed with a movie are amazing too.


This weekend I am coming with my boyfriend to his house. We travelled there by car this time, since my boyfriend always visits me with his car. On our way we picked up a new bike for him. Well, new, he got it secondhand. And I am so happy with that! Secondhand is the most sustainable option when you buy anything.


Today we bought some more supplies for the secondhand bike at a sport store. This time new. I am still so surprised to see how busy it can be in stores and by all the things people buy. And so, I feel blessed to not be in this rat race anymore. I buy nothing new and I love it! My boyfriend and me make some vegan butter cake that day, since I felt like it was something I really craved. I tasted it once it was done but I didn’t really love it after all. I am more of a savoury person anyway. While we were at the supermarket to buy the ingredients, we also bought some vegan burgers for lunch. I had one from Garden Gourmet and they were so good! My boyfriend had one too and it always makes me feel good when he eats vegan too. This was an amazing vegan lunch, hmmm!

Weekly diary #97


Monday, back to thesis-work. I worked on my thesis for a couple of hours until my head hurt. I decided to give myself a break and watch a few episodes of the Handmaids Tale. Oh my god, I love that series, it’s amazing! The story is so realistic in a way, but also far from reality. I really recommend it. I cooked a meal for the whole family (7 today) with my sister in law. Vegan is not entirely accepted and so we did make some meat for those who wanted it. Since it’s their house, I think that’s their decision. But once I have my own home, I don’t think I’ll cook meat for anyone. We made a lovely vegan pesto pasta for me and my sister in law though, she is vegan too. At night, my boyfriend and I decided to go to the pool to swim since we hadn’t worked out the whole weekend. That felt amazing! I used to do competitive swimming and so it feels good to swim again. Pools are not that sustainable, so I usually swim in lakes in Enschede. But sometimes, I make an exception. When it’s hot I always go for lakes, but today was cold and so we chose the pool.


Time to go back to Enschede by train. Sustainable, and it allows me to work on my thesis meanwhile. I worked at my part-time job from 12 till 5 and at night I watched even more episodes of the Handmaids Tale. I am seriously addicted.


I meant to get up at 7:30 to go to the gym, but there was a really boring class at the gym so I decided to sleep till 8:30. After that, I attended some driving lessons. If you’re wondering why I decided to get my drivers license even though it’s not sustainable, you can read that here. Once back home I brought some shoes to the shoemaker. I bought some secondhand shoes a while ago, but they hurt at my ankles and so I asked the shoemaker if he could fix that. And he could! I always try to repair things rather than throwing them away, that’s a part of a zero waste lifestyle. I worked on my thesis again and worked at my part-time job as well. Dad just cooked us an amazing vegan dinner and tonight I’ll watch Are you the one? on MTV. I love that show! This season is even better since all the people who are on the show are sexually fluid. I love that MTV switched the show up a bit. Consequently, I am learning a lot about sexually fluid people and I hope that through this show it’ll be more recognized.

Weekly diary #97

I have posted a few new Youtube videos the past days. You can watch those hereherehere and here. How has your week been?

Yours sincerely,

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