Weekly diary #98: MoviePark Germany and 39 degrees Celsius

Hi there, welcome back into my weekly diary! In this diary I want to show you what an eco-positive lifestyle looks like on a daily basis. The things I talk about are mainly not buying new things, veganism and zero waste this week. The past week I went to an escape room, visited MoviePark Germany and went to Het Rutbeek while it was 39 degrees Celsius. Want to read along? Here’s weekly diary #98.


I though I was going to graduate in June when I handed in my thesis. So, I told my boss I would like to work a lot after that. Now I failed my thesis and I do both. Weekdays are therefore quite the same. Today I worked from 7:30 till 17:00 at my part-time job. Once back home I made some vegan pizza for myself. My current favorite is olives, pesto, mushrooms and onions, jumm! The base is made from cauliflower, so it’s quite healthy I think! Meanwhile I watched some Greys Anatomy, I still love that show, after 14 seasons.



I woke up to go to the gym and work on my thesis before my part-time job. Once back home from the gym I accidentally stood on my lunchbox and now it’s broken. Bummer! It’s plastic so I can’t repair it. I will put it in the plastic recycling bin and hope it can be recycled. I once bought it secondhand, that’s why it’s plastic. Secondhand in plastic is better than new in a sustainable material, no new resources are needed. I also replaced the razor in my safety razor. It’s the only waste that comes with shaving with this thing, an aluminum blade which is 100% recyclable and a paper cover. I think I replace them about once every 3 months (a wild guess). For lunch I had some scrambled tofu. I love that so much for lunch and I believe it’s healthy too. Tofu is much better than factory made meat replacers.


Big day! Today my boyfriend and some friends of him came over. For my boyfriends birthday he got some experiences instead of gifts¬†from his friends. Very sustainable! So today we went to the city centre, went to eat at Happy Italy, did an escape room and glow in the dark midgetgolf and went out in the city centre at night. I had a blast! I had a vegan pizza at Happy Italy (they have one vegan option on the menu, yes!) and it was quite okay. The escape room was a first for me too and I loved it. While we went out in the city centre at night I forgot to bring my own cup so I had two drinks in plastic cups (bought by friends). Normally I ask for drinks in my cup if someone buys me drinks. It’s a bummer, but it can’t all be perfect. I try.


MoviePark! Time to make more memories. We got up quite early to visit MoviePark and I loved it. It was a perfect day and I felt like a little kid once we went home, I wanted the day to last forever. Eating healthy at an amusement park can be quite hard but I felt like I did great. We brought some sandwiches, fruit, nuts and water for the whole day. This is mostly zero waste too! I also brought a bag of chips as a savory snack. That is not healthy or zero waste but one unhealthy snack is okay. Chips is something I can’t find zero waste so that’s a bummer. I did have dinner at the park, some vegan noodles in a cardboard cup. Overal a great day!

I also made a vlog of this weekend (in Dutch): you can watch that video here.


Back to reality. Today I slept quite long since I had gotten up early this past week quite often. I really felt my body needed some rest. Once I got up I went to the gym and worked on my thesis. I also had some driving lessons. If you are curious about why I’ve decided to get my drivers license even though it’s not sustainable, you can read that¬†here. I had a special delivery for Loose, my package free webshop, today. Normally I don’t deliver things on Monday but I made an exception. From now on there’s also a big change to my concept. I used to deliver every product in glass mason jars. But it turned out to be very heavy on my bike (and back). So from now on I have organic cotton bags for products who don’t necessarily need to be stored in jars (like rice, pasta etc.). This is a huge step! It might not look so pretty any longer, but it’s efficient. Once back home I went to the library to lend some books for my upcoming holiday. I lend all my book, since that’s more sustainable than buying them. At night I ate that same vegan pizza as Friday again haha! This time I watched The Handmaid’s Tale instead of Grey’s Anatomy. I think The Handmaid’s Tale is my number one series, it’s honestly so good.


It’s the same story again. Thesis work and then working at my part-time job from 12 till 9 pm. I am privileged since I can go to college and I have a part-time job. I basically have an easy life. But sometimes I do have a hard time trying not to complain. It’s all normal to me, all these privileges. Sometimes I just need to take a break and look at all the things I have and not worry about a stupid resit.


It’s all over the news, there’s a heat wave. Today the heat record in our country has been broken, it’s 39,3 degrees Celsius. Now, that makes me want to scream CLIMATE CHANGE to all the meat-eaters, the new stuff buyers, the people who go on holiday by plane and the list goes on. But you can’t force anyone to do anything. I have a hard time trying not to be sceptic today. Hello? Am I the only one seeing this? We need to act. Now. At least I know that I did everything in my power to stop climate change. Today I started the day in the gym, attended some driving lessons (the last time before my exam), worked on my thesis, did some chores and went to Het Rutbeek. Yes, despite the immense heat I went to a local lake to sunbathe (in the shadow) and swim with friends. I have a hard time trying to find time for my friends these busy weeks. But today I really felt like I needed some relaxing with them again. So, I woke up at 7 am to do all the things above quite early and made some time. It was lovely! I also got a delivery today, make-up! Past Monday I shared my entire make-up stash. I said I wanted a blending brush and so I bought one from Zao, it’s made out of bamboo. And I also needed a concealer refill, from the same brand. But, I was quite disappointed by the delivery. The items were packed in plastic (the brush has a plastic bag around it) and the concealer refill is entirely made out of plastic. And the package they came in was plastic. I try to order make-up in bamboo so that there’s no waste and now I get all this plastic. The brush was a one-time order, but still. The concealer is the best thing I can find, it’s vegan, organic and low in packaging. But still plastic. If you have a better brand, let me know! Last time I ordered powder and foundation from Zao and those were plasticfree, but today was a real bummer. Hopefully I can find a better replacement for the concealer.

How was your week?

Yours sincerely,

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