Weekly diary #99: I’m back from my sustainable holiday

Hi there! Welcome into my weekly diary. The past weeks there hasn’t been one, since I’ve been on a holiday to Albufeira. Don’t worry, it was a sustainable holiday. I travelled there by train and you can read more about my outward journey here. Now I’m back and enjoying the last part of my holiday here in the Netherlands. In a sustainable way of course! The past week I handed in my thesis again, worked a lot at my part-time job and expanded Loose! Want to read along? Here’s weekly diary #99.


Yesterday was the first day back in Enschede for me and I worked at night at my part-time job. This morning I worked on my thesis the whole morning and worked again at my part-time job afterwards. I spend a lot of money on that holiday haha, now it’s time to earn some back! After work I had two orders for my package free webshop Loose. Due to my holiday I could not deliver them, so today I did that. Feels good to make some positive impact again! After that I went bowling with my family and I won! Ha.



Today was my goal to finish my thesis, and I did! I think I am quite happy with the end result but I just can’t say. I’ll have to see what school thinks about it. From now on all I can do is wait. At night I worked at my part-time job again.



Another day working at my part-time job. I feel boring writing this down, but for this week my life is basically kind of boring. And that’s okay. It feels good to be back in the Netherlands and to pick up normal life again. I like the flow of it. At night I watched a lot of episodes from MTV Are You The One?. I love that show! I missed some episodes in my holiday so my Saturday night contained of binge watching in my bed.


I woke up with a text that someone from my part-time job could not work and since I was free today I texted back that I would work. Before I went off I prepared an order for Loose. Once back from work I picked up the order and delivered it. Ah, that feels good! I wrote about my outward journey to Albufeira that night and made some time to visit grandma. I hadn’t seen her in a while and I think family is important, so. What a day!

Weekly diary #99


Today is the day! Again. I went to school to hand in my thesis. Last time I failed but this time a lot depends on it. If I fail again, I won’t be able to go to the University of Amsterdam I got accepted for. I want this so bad! They’ll call me within the next 10 days and so I’m just patiently waiting and having a mini-holiday from all this thesis work. Since I was free the rest of the day I decided to go to a secondhand store. I bought some things for Loose. Also, today I heard that I couldn’t join the introduction days for the University of Amsterdam because I was too late with signing up. It’s a long story but it turns out they didn’t include me in the e-mails to inform new students so I didn’t know about it at all. Now I’ll miss it and that really sucks. Bummer. At night, I went to my grandpa to help him with his computer. He got a new one but couldn’t figure some things out. I consider this positive impact too, helping others. It always feels good to help out someone, whether that’s family or not.

Weekly diary #99


After I worked at my part-time job in the morning I went to pick up my drivers license! I hadn’t shared it here just yet but I had passed my exam the day before I went on a holiday to Albufeira! You can read about why I made the decision to get a drivers license here. I passed it at my first try and I am so happy about that. I have freedom now! To go wherever, whenever. Today I picked up the drivers license and my mom and I went for a drive to a secondhand shop. It was a bit difficult since I was in another car, but it ended up being fine. I shopped some new things at the secondhand store and I’ll show you these things later! Also, I have some more exiting news today, which I haven’t shared with anyone just yet. I have expanded my webshop Loose so that everybody in The Netherlands can order package free groceries online! Woohoo! I have been working on that a long time, I’ve told you about a ‘secret project’ a few times. It comes with a price tag, the delivery costs are 10 euros. But I am working on that! At least now the option is available for anyone and that makes me very happy! Now that it is there the coming weeks are about promoting it and sharing it with as many people. If you’d like to help, you could share the Loose website with anyone. I would really appreciate it. Now that I deliver in all of The Netherlands the concept has changed a bit and you can read all about this concept on the website. Anyway, I am so exited! But I am far from done. I have more plans for the webshop and I will continue to work on those. Let’s make this thing even more beautiful 🙂

Weekly diary #99


Yes, I’ve worked every day except Monday this week. So today I am working again. For now (before work) I am doing some chores at home and at night my boyfriend is coming over! Yes! It’s been a great week with many ups!

How has your week been?

Yours sincerely,

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