What I eat in a week as a vegan

I am really trying to make this blog more personal, because I think it is easier to relate to and I love reading more personal things about other bloggers myself. Also, I get a lot of questions about myself. ‘How do you do this?’ or ‘What do you do there?’ and so I think this blogpost will answer one of those questions. This question is ‘But, what do you eat?’ since I am vegan.

I’ve stopped eating meat about three years ago. After that, I realized that that wasn’t just right for me just yet. About 1,5 years ago I went vegan, because I felt like that was the best thing to do. In some of my blogposts you can read why I am again the consumption of animal products, like this onethis one and this one. I might even write a full blogpost soon on why I went vegan.

But, that’s not what this blogpost is about. This blogpost is about how that choice is translated into my daily life. It’s not spectacular, but you know, I thought it might be fun to share it. So here it is: what I eat in a week as a vegan.

Breakfast: Three kaiser rolls with vegan filet American. 
Lunch: A vegan ‘grilled cheese’ sandwich, with mustard, mayonaise, soy cream, cumin and noble yeast flakes.
Dinner: Potatoes slices out of the oven, with thyme and rosemary, with some curry sauce and vegan mayonaise.
Snack: a cup of paprika potato chips.

Breakfast: Two crackers with muhammara hummus.
Lunch: Two vegan pancakes with raisins and agave syrup.
Snacks at a birthday: some cucumber, potato chips, paprika and cashew nuts.
Dinner: Gazpacho soup with a slice of bread and another vegan ‘grilled cheese’ sandwich.

Breakfast: Two crackers with peanut butter and cucumber and a pickle (I eat pickles at very random times, I know).
Brunch: A smoothie made from kale, banana, a kiwi, lemon juice and acaï powder.
Lunch: Two ‘grilled cheese’ sandwiches with ketchup.
Dinner: Two slices of bread with some veggies and a portobello and sweet potato fries out of the oven.

Breakfast: Three rusks with peanut butter and muhammara hummus.
Lunch: A pot of asperges, kidneybeans and some corn snacks.
Snack: a hand full of nuts.
Dinner: Rice with mushrooms, haricot verts and a bean sauce.

Breakfast: Four crackers with avocado, a golden kiwi and an Alpro soy dessert.
Snack: Four mandarins and 250 grams of grapes.
Lunch: Four crackers with avocado.
Dinner: red cabbage ‘tagliatelle’ with mushrooms, onions and homemade pesto.

Breakfast: Two slices of bread with peanut butter and sprinkles.
Snack: Four mandarins, grapes and some leftovers from yesterdays dinner.
Lunch: A sandwich with apple syrup and Good Noodles.
Dinner: One Lebanese bread with vegan mayonaise, pickles and tomatoes.

Breakfast: Two Lebanese bread slices with muhammara hummus, cucumber and cress.
Lunch: Two soft buns with vegetarian ‘chicken’ slices.
Dinner: Gazpacho soup with soft buns and some potato slices out of the oven.

I did this a while ago too, you can read that week here. If I compare it my conclusion would be that I eat less highly processed food, so that’s good. But, this week was a week with a lot of potatoes (and carbs in general), twice in one week. I could do better I think, healthier. But, I am pretty content. I don’t do most of the groceries since I live with my parents, so just eat what’s there. I am really excited to do this in a few years, when I live by myself. Then it will be all on me. But, for now, I want to eat more veggies and nuts, so that’s a goal for now. Also, this diary is not entirely vegan. On Friday I ate a bun and vegetarian ‘chicken’ filets. Both were not vegan, but vegetarian. I ate it at the Food Bank, the lady there knows I don’t eat meat, but the whole concept of ‘vegan’ wasn’t clear yet, I had a hard time explaining it somehow. But, she made a lot of effort for the vegetarian things and the bun, so I ate it. This is quite extraordinary. I am content though! I didn’t always talk about the drinks, but I drink mostly water.

Yours sincerely,



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