What I wear in a random week

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I’ve written a lot about secondhand fashion already. Whether I think it’s the solution to the fashion crises we’re facing, what clothes I got rid of or bought and even a guide on how you can create a sustainable wardrobe. I always say that I am well on my way to a sustainable wardrobe and that secondhand fashion is fun! But I’ve never really showed you what my wardrobe looks like. Soon I want to document the entire thing and count how many pieces I own right now. But today I want to show you my daily outfits for the period of one week. To show you what secondhand fashion looks like on a daily basis. Here’s what I wear in a random week.

My life at the moment

I have finished my premaster in Januari and will start a master this September. So, currently I am working 50 hours a week to save money for my master year. This means my outfits these days a little bit more comfy than usual because I work at a production company. I start at 7 am and so I never put on make-up or dress up real fancy during the workdays. In the weekend I tend to dress up a little because I am free. So, here’s what I wear in a random week:

Monday & Tuesday

I wore a simple shirt with jeans. Underneath I wore another t-shirt. The shirt and jeans are both secondhand. The shirt is a hand-me-down from my mom and I bought the jeans at my favorite second hand store in Enschede called Vindiets. The t-shirt I wore underneath is secondhand as well I think, but I can’t remember since I feel like I’ve had it forever. The shoes are new, I bought those new about 4 years ago I think.

I wore this outfit for two days, which is the most I can wear outfits on warm days when I work. If I have a really inactive day I can stretch it up to four days, but this time I couldn’t. I did wear another t-shirt underneath on the second day. I do that a lot to wear clothes more often, I just change a shirt underneath. What I also did was change my hair to mix it up a little bit. The first day  I wore a braid and the second say I had a donut in my hair. Same outfit, but different hair.

Wednesday & Thursday

I wore a shirt and jeans on Wednesday, it was really warm day. However, Thursday it got a little colder and so I wore another plain t-shirt underneath. The t-shirt I am wearing is secondhand from Episode and I think I got the jeans secondhand from a friend (I know for sure that it’s secondhand). On the picture you see my working shoes instead of my own shoes, because I have to work these every day at work. But once at home I wore no shoes. Again, I changed my hair on the second day with the same outfit to mix it up a little bit. The first day I had the upper part of my hair up and the second day I wore a pony tail.


Another day with jeans and a shirt haha! I like things practical at work. The jeans are another hand-me-down item from my mom and the shirt I got secondhand from a friend. The shoes you see here are my work shoes which I lend from the company. Today I realized that I do not want to keep the grey shirt I am working. I have a similar one and I think this one is less pretty and I don’t feel like I need two similar shirts. I once again wore the top of my hair up and the rest down.

what I wear in a random week


Weekend! Time to dress up a little more. I wore my boots, which my mom bought new for me (and I now see that I wasn’t wearing them on this picture haha, but they are included on the picture of my outfit of Sunday!), a pair of tights from Swedish Stockings (a sustainable brand) which I bought new and a hand-me-down dress from my mom (jeez, this really makes me realize I have a lot of items from my mom!). I did nothing special with my hair.

what I wear in a random week


Another day to dress up, also because my dad is turning 50 today! I wore again my black boots (these literally go with every outfit, I love them), together with the same tights from Swedish Stockings, a dress from Primark which I bought in my pre-sustainable days but still like a lot and a suit jacket which is a hand-me-down from a friend. Again, I just wore my hair loose.

what I wear in a random week


So, that’s what I wear in a random week! I am getting close to loving my outfits every single day, I feel good in my clothes! I wear a lot of secondhand clothes aready, I’d say 80% is secondhand or new but sustainable and 20% is bought in the days before I cared about the environment or fair trade. So, these were the items I wore in a random week!

What did you think of this ‘what I wear in a random week’ post? Would you like to see it more often?

Yours sincerely,

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