Why I think going vegan + ditching fast fashion makes you happier

Why I think going vegan + ditching fast fashion makes you happier

I think I’ve make it pretty clear already, but let met highlight it again. Going vegan and ditching fast fashion has made me happier. Everybody wants to be happy, and so today I want to share my opinion and story on this subject. Happiness is everything to me, so how has it grown for me the past years?

A burden

Sooner or later people always find out about my lifestyle. And to be honest: the response is always very positive. But yet, they usually think in limitations. When I pass on non-vegan food for instance, people say: ‘Oh that’s right, you can’t eat this’. Or when I don’t have a snack because it’s wrapped in plastic: ‘Ah, I get it, you can’t buy fast fashion’. People see it as a burden, and that’s why I want to write this blogpost as well. It’s a matter of perspective. I can eat it, it won’t make me sick or anything. I just choose not to. So, it’s not that I can’t buy fast fashion. Of course I can, nobody is checking me or something. I just don’t want to. 

Goals and values

I’ve just decided I want my actions to align with my values. I can say I’m against animal cruelty, but as long as I eat animal products, I feel like I am supporting it. I can say I am sick and tired of modern slavery, but when I buy fast fashion I am part of the problem. And I don’t want to be part of the problem, I want to be part of the solution. And you know what? That feels so damn good.

I suggest you try doing something that will make things change. Helping out poor people by volunteering for example, if you want to do something about poverty. We can all complain about something (I used to be that person), but acting to make something change feels so much better! Seriously! Whenever I come home from a clean-up, I feel so good! Or when I enjoy an amazing vegan meal, that feels so good! Contributing to a better world, I believe that makes anyone happy.

‘The world is changes by your example, not by your opinion‘ –  Paulo Coulho


Even though all environmental subjects kind of relate (that’s why this blog is so broad), I chose veganism and ditching fast fashion for this blogpost and this subject. Why? Compassion! When you go vegan or ditch fast fashion you partly do this for someone or something else. Veganism for the animals for example, and ditching fast fashion for the workers (and sometimes for the animals too). Of course there are so many other things you help when going vegan or ditch fast fashion. But, because you’re helping others, you’re compassionate. You care about other humans and acknowledge that they deserve happiness, just like you.

And as I’ve come to learn, compassion makes you happier. When thriving for happiness, we usually look for something in ourselves, but looking at others helps more, studies have shown that. Compassion will make you happier! Doing good for others and sustainablility go hand in hand to me, and so also with compassion and happiness. And yes, studies have shown that, great, but I’m writing this blogpost because I feel that! A sustainable lifestyle has brought me so many things, and I can say for sure it has made me happier.


I try live in alignment with my values. Everyday I make choices, hard choices sometimes. I feel like I am doing well, and I am happy. But that doesn’t make me perfect! And as I’ve said before, perfection is not the only option. It is a goal, I strive to make good decisions. But, when everything turns out different, I am not sad because I’m not perfect, never! It is good to thrive, but never beat yourself up if it isn’t perfect. That’s okay!

Do you agree that going vegan + ditching fast fashion makes you happier?

Yours sincerely,

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